How to Make Video Server on Linux/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Kali Linux

Many peoples want to share his content to others. Specially hosteler students, They want to share his movies collection to other friends.There is two way to share your content with others.
First way is
How to share File/Folder in Linux
Second way is, Make a video server on your Linux Machine.

So today we learn how to make video server on Linux. 
Minimum requirement of video server

  1. Apache server (httpd service) [service apache2 start]
  2. php 5 & Above
  3. My Sql [service mysql start]

If you want to make video server on your machine then must be above three software installed in your system.

How to make video server:

Step 1: First download the source code from Below Link
Click here to download video server script
Step 2: After download the script unzip the folder and move to /var/www/ directory.
Step 3: open your terminal and type following commands

service apache2 start
service mysql start

Step 4: Open php My Admin and import ‘media_server.sql‘ (which exists in extracted Media server directory )file in database.

Step 5: Edit ‘ file & change according to your machine configuration. Like my sql username, password etc.

Step 6: Edit ‘logincheck.php file & change according to your machine configuration. Like my sql username, password etc.

Your work almost done. Check your system ip address via “ifconfig” command.

Step 7: Open your browser and type your ip Address and Navigate to video server directory.

For Example

 here is system ip. (you can use your system ip)

How To use Video server script:

When you enter above address in browser address bar image look like this:
Here you see all media list which added by administrator. with category like Bollywood, Hollywood & serials. To see video click on “Click here to see video“. image look like this:

How to Add videos on server:

First copy your video on your Linux Machine. Then click on Admin Login  Button which exists on Right side top in the browser. After click Login Button you see a Log in page Appear on screen. Image look like this:
Default Username: admin
Default Password: admin 

After submit user name password , a new screen appear where all media list appear in table here you can able to delete any video from here. image look like this:
To add more video, click on Add video link which exists Right side top in browser.when you click on Add video button, A page appear which look like this:
Here you fill the all text fields which ask for 
  • media file name
  • media photo path
  • media video path
  • media category etc

And click on submit button. After submit you see your video are added li videos list with category.

To see your video please click on log out button.
We use flow Player  GPL version for media streaming.This is  G Media .001 Beta release. We update as soon as with more features.

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