How to Root Xiaomi Redmi 3S / Prime in Simple Steps MIUI 8/7

Redmi 3S Prime ROOT Process in Easy Way Xiaomi TWRP Flash Super user.pngHello MIUIers, Hope you are doing well. Today we talk about Rooting process in Redmi 3S. Redmi 3S Prime is an awesome mobile which gives us a flagship feeling in budget price. to know more about Xiaomi’s Redmi 3S details click here. Here we talk about Root process in an easy way. If you are not the advance user then please don’t root your phone. Xiaomi MIUI gives many features in our mobile without rooting. You can read all MIUI features from here. In the MIUI 8 unbelievable features added by MIUI team in the OS.  You can read MIUI 8 features from here. If you still want to root your Redmi 3S / Prime then we help you in this matter. Many ways available for Redmi 3S rooting. We talk about all ways which are available for rooting. No matter which version of MIUI installed in your Redmi 3S / Prime. These ways perfectly working on all MIUI versions like MIUI 8 or MIUI 7.

You can easily root your Redmi 3S Prime via an app. and you can also root your Xiaomi mobile via the help of TWRP recovery and SuperSU app.

First Easiest Way – Root Redmi 3S Prime :

You can root your Redmi 3S Prime in just two steps. Install KingoRoot App. and launch the App. After some process, your mobile is rooted. After that restart your phone.

KingoRoot App Download link 

Second Way – Flash TWRP Recovery to Root Redmi 3S Prime :

In this way, we flash TWRP recovery in our Redmi 3S Prime Mobile. For this purpose, we need some drivers. But before all steps, you need to unlock Redmi 3S bootloader. Because nowadays all Xiaomi phones come with locked bootloader. you can easily unlock the bootloader.

Click here to UnlockBootloader Redmi 3S Prime

After unlocking the bootloader. you can easily flash custom recovery images in your Xiaomi devices. Here not compulsory to flash TWRP recovery. you can flash any other recovery like CWM. But normally peoples always flash TWRP recovery because its support is too good. So we prepare some things before going to start.

  • A Windows 7 Computer
  • Working USB Cable
  • TWRP Recovery image file with Installer. Download from here. Please Don’t see the preview just click on Download Icon.
  • SuperSu APK zip file. Download from herePlease Don’t see the preview just click on Download Icon .
  • Phone must be charge above 70%.


Root Redmi 3S Prime steps :

There are no complicated steps for rooting. Just follow below instructions.

Follow below steps to Flash TWRP recovery in your Redmi 3s Prime :

  1. Extract TWRP installer which you download from above given link.
  2. First, click on the fastboot.exe file and install drivers.
  3. Switch off your phone and connect to the computer via USB cable.
  4. ON your phone via pressing Volume down + Power button .
  5. Now your phone in Fastboot Mode.
  6. After that, double click on twrp-installer.bat
  7. Press any key and some commands runs automatically in cmd.
  8. After successfully, your phone automatically boot in Recovery Mode.
  9. Now mobile ask for Allowing system modifications Allow that via swipe the screen.
  10. Go to Advanced Setting >> and choose “Disable dm-verity“.
  11. Reboot your device.

Follow below steps to root your Redmi 3S Prime after TWRP flash :

  1. Download SuperSu zip file which link already shared above. store in your phone’s internal memory.
  2. Reboot your phone via pressing Volume up + Power button.
  3. Enter in Recovery.
  4. Choose “Install” from TWRP main menu.
  5. Give the path file.
  6. Do “Swipe to confirm flash” and the flashing process shall begin.
  7. Some process started.
  8. After that. Reboot option appears.
  9. Reboot your Phone.

After following above steps your Redmi 3S Prime is rooted. you can check via root checker app. Many root checker app available on playstore for this purpose.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I want to know Can in update my MI 3s prime to the latest MIUI8….?
    I have updated it to MIUI 7.5.9 .0 stable, i got this update in my mobile updater only, and now itz saying your Mobile is updated to the latest one.
    please help me as soon as possible and mail me please if possible (

  2. Hi Sarjan,

    I´m really satisfied with my redmi 3S… but, I don´t like that being consulted to join to a Mi Account. That my reason for trying to root my smartphone… i.e.: When I try to watch my pics from cam, default gallery app ask me about login on Xiomi … I´m unable to uninstall that cam and replaced with the google app… teh same with Calendar… Contacts… I use to keep my notes on Google Keep.. but I´m unable to uninstall Notes Mi have by default… and same with facebook apps and modules…

    My question is, if finally I follow this procedure using TPRW … will a being able to download OTA as usual??

    do you have any tutorila explaining it??

    1. Hi Rafael,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. There is not mandatory to use Mi account in Mi devices. But if you don’t use Mi account then you can’t able to access Mi cloud, Mi message, Mi sync service,Mi notes, Mi find phone service, themes, Mi forum services and much more.
      If you still want to not use mi services then full wipe reset your phone. and when system ask for Mi account skip this step. now you enjoy your Xiaomi device without Mi services.
      For sync you can use google sync services. You can also import your google calendar.
      Kind Regards

  3. hi,
    i am using mi 3s prime.i update my phone last 3 days ago.but after the update my gallery is not was automatically closed & reason i shown NO REQUIRED PERMISSION….CAN U PLS HELP ME FOR THIS….I SUFFER THIS FROM LAST FEW DAYS,…

    1. Hi Ankit Rathod,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Go to settings ->installed apps ->
      tap on Gallery. then tap on permission manager. and give all permissions.
      Kind Regards

  4. Sir my redmi 3s prime phone has locked. i forgot my pattern and when i recover my phone in above steps. Phone show a charger connect figure. What i do please help me

  5. hi! 2 questions:
    Do I have to keep the KingoRoot app installed after rooting my device?

    If I choose the 2nd Way, can I just flash the Supersu.apk without changing my global ROM?
    Will I still get OTA’s once rooted?


  6. Hi,

    I have redmi 3s prime updated to MIUI 8. I have forgotton the unlock pattern. When my pattern is found to be incorrecct it shows 120 mins waiting time for another attempt. Can u please help me to resolve this as it doesnt even show forget patten prompt.
    Kindly help.

  7. Hi ,I have done follwoing step:
    Extract TWRP installer which you download from above given link.
    First, click on the fastboot.exe file and install drivers.
    Switch off your phone and connect to the computer via USB cable.
    ON your phone via pressing Volume down + Power button .
    Now your phone in Fastboot Mode.
    After that, double click on twrp-installer.bat
    Press any key and some commands runs automatically in cmd.
    After successfully, your phone automatically boot in Recovery Mode.
    But downloading ‘boot.img’…
    OKAY [ 1.059s]
    FAILED (remote: unlock device to use this command)
    finished. total time: 1.068s

    Thank for using tool!

    It’s stuk ,This command is faild.Please help us next step.

  8. i purchased new redmi 3s prime phone by researching best phone under approx 9k. I feel very good about it now.Thanks xiomi for this phone BUT….
    I want to enable root access for this phone now. And thats what troubling me very much.
    Its very confusing rooting this phone. I tried all easy ways like iroot/kingroot/frameroot but they are not capable.
    1] First thing i understand that i have to take UNLOCK PERMISSION from xiomi to root my device. OK. I did that and i received confirmation also from xiomi.
    2] After doing unlock in MIFlash tool its showing “couldn’t verify device ” …..WHAT THIS MEAN????

  9. Do I need to unlock bootloader to root Xiaomi Redmi 3s prime using KingoRoot app? And if the process becomes fail then will it brick my phone? If it happens then what should I do to get my phone back normal?

    1. Hi Bdas,
      Root and recovery, these are two different things. You can root your device without installing TWRP recovery. You can try with Kingo root. here less chances without bootloader unlocking.
      If you face bootloop or brick situation then you can flash fastboot ROM in your device. Before doing anything please first unlock bootloader. So if you face any panic situation then easily handled by you.
      Kind Regards

  10. Hello dear Sir
    My mobile is red mi note 3s prime I am download super su zip file after power off my phone and enter fassboot mod and load time try but not opening Twrp mod .Please re play how root my phone.

  11. In my Redmi 3S MIUI V8.0.5.0 VoLTE problem I am clearing cache and also reset but problem is still that VoLTE not workin please sir give me proper solution I am using Jio 4G sim.

  12. Hi, My redmi 3S doesn’t reboot into recovery after process is finished. I’m running Global Stabil official ROM, My bootloader is unlocked which I’ve confirmed. I have tried switching to another PC, however it didn’t work? Any ideas?

    Note: Kingoroot is not succesful as well.

  13. Hello ,Thanks for sharing this article …my Redmi 3s prime stuck at mi logo after flashing twrp recovery image..please help …i think it soft bricked. device is not booting …

  14. sir is it compulsory to unlock boot loader for mi 3s prime and is it ok to do that will there be any problems regarding that and how many days it take to get official permission plz help me

  15. Please tell that flashing a new recovery like twrp would void my warranty. And after flashing the twrp recovery would I be able to get ota updates?
    If not than how to update the phone with those incremental updates?

  16. I have a redmi 3s device. I have installed custom recovery and after that whenever i try to boot in twrp recovery it gets stuck on the mi logo and doesnt get past it.

  17. what features of current MIUI 8 features shall i lag after rooting my redmi 3s mobile??
    my 2nd question is that can i use my sd card as my default storage instead of internal storage ?? interal memory as default storage sucks……
    3rd ques: since i have little knwledge abt rroting shall my installed apps and games will be deleted from my redmi 3s mobile after rooting??
    shall kingroot app be suitable for my device REDMI 3S and its nt REDMI 3s prime.??

    i knw i have asked a lot of questions .. u may take time to ans me .
    thanking u
    waiting for ur valuable reply.

  18. I have king root new version but my phone not root by king root again and again he show failed rooting phone can you tell what the solution

  19. whenever i try to my phone in recovery mode there are some options and from there as u just did in video click on recovery then further there aslo two options come one in green box and other one in blue box ….so which one we have to press can anyone please tell me ????

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