What is Mi Account (Xiaomi Mobiles)

How to create Mi account- Xiaomi Mi account password resetMi Account service provided by Xiaomi Inc. China. If you want to use Xiaomi services like syncing data with Mi Cloud, your phone finder service,phone lock, their flash sales offers,Mi F codes,Mi games , Mi themes etc etc. Then you must have a Mi account. Normally you can understand that in a normal android you must need a Gmail account same procedure in Mi mobiles you should have a Mi account in order to use their services.

How to create Mi account:

Creating of Mi account is quite simple. You just follow below steps to do that.
  1. Open you browser and go to Mi Account Registration.
  2. Here you have two options, first you can create your account with email id and second one is Without email via using your mobile number.
  3. Fill the form and confirm your details After that Xaiomi send a code/link on your mobile/email.
  4. If you register through your email Then you receive a verification link on email. Else while you can receive a OTP on your phone.
  5. Confirm your Identity. After that your account is created. Enjoy !
Xiaomi Mi Account sign up process

Why we need Mi account:

All Xiaomi services accessed via a Mi account. Means you can’t use any Mi service without the Mi account. Yeah But you can visit Mi Website without any Mi account. Xiaomi gives various services for their fans and users some are given below:
  • You can Sync your all data with Mi cloud. Like your photos,call details, phone book contacts, recorded audio, call recordings , notes, messages etc.
  • You can purchase any item from Mi store.
  • You can find your lost phone, delete phone data remotely, give order to your phone for continuously alarm ringing .
  • You can recover your deleted data (photo,notes,messages etc) from Mi trash.
  • You can get all your previous phone data in new phone in just few minutes.
  • You can eligible for all mi game festivals which is held at Mi website.
  • You can post your threads at Mi forum.
  • You can request a new feature and also Post a bug on MIUI bug center.

How to edit Mi account:

You can easily change your details like your name ,mobile number, recovery email, security questions,Change Mi account password etc.  For change your account details Go to Mi account page. and change your details according to your need. Yeah you get a verification message again in order to changing in your details, Without phone verification you can not change any details even you have password no matter. So please set a recovery phone number in your Mi account. In future if you need and you don’t have your phone then you can easily change details through verify your recovery phone number. Make sure you have 100 Points in security check up sections. Its not necessary to get 100 points but you can do for  any future calamity.

Edit user details in Xiaomi Mi account

How to recover Mi account password:

Yes, This is a common thing peoples always forgot their passwords. No one can remember his all passwords. So Xiaomi Mi account password recovery is also important. Xiaomi provide a very user friendly environment where user reset Mi account password in few steps. Just open https://account.xiaomi.com  and click on Forgot Password OR Click here .  Then system ask for your registered email id or Mobile number. Enter your details if you retrieve with email id then you receive a email in your mailbox. And oif you retrieve with Phone number then you receive a OTP on your mobile number. If you are using mobile then make sure you entered with correct country code, without country code system not accept your Forgot password request. After entering OTP you can Successfully Reset Mi account Password.
Xiaomi Mi account password recovery- Reset Mi Password

Is Xiaomi Mi account secure ?:

This is the question which is come in mind during Mi account creation. Some peoples always says that Mi phones get user details and send them to Chinese server. No Xiaomi not take your information if you don’t want to share them. Simply Xiaomi receive your data in only those case when you submit a bug on bug center then your device activity goes to Xiaomi server for better understanding of bug report. One more option where xiaomi retrive your information if you join MIUI improvement program. If the above service you don’t use then  relax Xiaomi not take your details in any case.
Note: If you are using Mi cloud service of Xiaomi then definitely your data goes to Xiaomi server. But don’t worry they don’t access your data.
You can read Xiaomi Privacy Policy for more details .
Enjoy Xiaomi Mi account services and keep smiling  because

 Something wonderful is about to happen.

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  1. after re-loading the os by the service peple, my MI 4i is not getting started and asking Mi account password which i forgot .even after the password is reset, the phone is not getting set. Pl advise

    1. Hi Pradeep
      thanks for writing here. Make sure your phone connected to the internet during the login process. If you forgot your password then reset it via mi cloud official site
      After reset enter your valid password. its working normal without any problem.
      Kind regards

    1. Hi Muhammad Ali,
      Please visit below link and select forgot password and enter your email address.
      After that, you receive a password reset link in your email id inbox from Xiaomi. Click on that link and reset your Xiaomi mi Password. Let me know if you face any trouble during Xaiomi account password recovery procedure.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Hira Krishna,
      We are sorry for the delay in the response. For call history details :
      1. When you open dialer here you see all calls. In the top you have option All calls, All Missed calls, All Received calls etc.
      2. If you want to individual person call details then open contacts and select him. in the options, you see “Call detail history” option. Choose this option. now you can see all call history of this person.
      Hope it helps. Enjoy Xiaomi services.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Deepak,
      Thanks for writing here. When you save your contacts in Mi account then you can access your contacts anytime from anywhere. Suppose Your Xiaomi phone accidently damaged and won’t turn ON. in this case, you lost your important contacts. If you buy new Mi Phone then no need to copy your old contacts to new Mi phone. just login in Mi account in your new phone. and it automatically manages all things like contacts, photos,notes etc.
      It also helps if you lost your Mi phone.
      Hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

  2. i formatted my red mi 2… now it is showing that the device is looked and showing 157****765.
    i m forgeted my redmi id and password plz help

    1. Hi Nayasbaig,
      Thanks for writing here. Open below link in another mobile or laptop
      Enter your email or mobile number with country code. and reset your password.
      After that turn on your Xiaomi mobile and enter your Mi account password.
      Hope it helps.
      Revert back if you face any problem.
      Kind Regards

      1. I bought new redmi note 3 today.i got an update for it .after i updated it it asked me to reboot .then after switching it on it asks me pasword for activation.i dint even create an mi account .
        Now i dont know the password and id how to unlock my mobile?pls help

        1. Hi Akash,
          Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Mi Account is mandatory in MIUI ROM for various Xiaomi services.
          If you don’t have mi account then create Mi account via following above article. After that enter your Mi account details on your Phone.

          1. I tried using registered mobile number , but it is showing massage as you have exceeded allowed attempts in 24 hours. It has been three days now even after that when I try to recover password by clicking on forgot password it takes me to same massage as you have exceeded maximum numbers of allowed attempts. MI must resolve such problems. It not affordable for people to go to service center for such petty things. MI should make some provision where people can get access to their own mobile phones only if they have original INVOICE and IMEI number of associated mobile. This will decrease inconvinience caused due to less number of service centers available and it will also decrease unnecessary rush at service centers. I hope MI will do something about that.

  3. I created a new password for my xiomi . But still i cannot login to my device. I can login from my laptop . But the device is not accepting the new password .and i dont remember the old password .can u help

  4. i forgot my MI account id so how can i reset or find it from IMEI number.
    please do the needful as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Rikesh Prajapat,
      Click on below URL on another mobile or computer
      enter your mobile number and forgot your password. Once you log in through your new password then yu can check your mi account id. after that you can easily cross check with your mobile mi id.
      Hope it helps.
      Please revert us if you still face any problem.
      Kind Regards

  5. i forgot my mi4i screenlock pattern.tried putting different patterns many times but not getting opened.not even showing any forgot passwordlink pls help me how shal i recover though i have regd miaccount but dont remember the details as it is inside thephone pattern lock without any dtaloss

    1. Hi Nisha,
      Make sure your phone connected to the Internet. then try with wrong patterns after some time you see a forgot password link on pattern screen follow this link and reset your pattern.
      Revert back if you face any problem.
      Don’t worry about data. your all data is safe.
      Kind Regards

        1. also kindly guide me in case i reset or format my phone wil i be able to recover my data later as i have created mi account but not synchronised any data with it.

      1. also kindly guide me in case i reset or format my phone wil i be able to recover my data later as i have created mi account but not synchronised any data with it.

  6. Hey iam just upgraded my mi5 to MIUI 8 and after reboot I’m notable to recover my mi account password and I’m forgotten my mi account id also and now I’m notable to use my phone iam just receiving a call but notable to use my mobile please give me some suggestions for this

    1. Hi Sachin,
      Forgot your password through another mobile or computer. then enter Mi account details in your mobile. you can use your mobile number for forgot password process.
      Kind Regards

  7. I deleted mi account. But it exist in my redmi 2 prime. It shows signin error for 1624635123. Then when I sign in. It shows user name and password invalid. When I recover password. It shows that this account does not exist. Plz help me

    1. Hi Ravi Ranjan,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please also include a special symbol and a numeric digit in your password. like
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Guddu,
      just login Mi account in your mobile and turn on Sync. All photos come in your gallery automatically from mi cloud.
      Kind Regards

  8. Hi,

    I’m getting siginin error in mi account. Even after reset mi password it doesn’t recognize. My RN 3 is connected to the internet. Seems mi account deleted from the server but not in my device. I tried 100 times but problem still exists. I tried to factory reset that time also ask mi account password but it doesn’t work even after reset.
    How can resolve this?

    1. Hi Lasantha,
      Please once login into your mi account in another laptop or device to ensure that your mi account is working. After that confirm Mi account id which is stored in your device and your actual mi account is same. If the Mi account id same then please ensure you enable the data access permission to all basic android services and Mi account app.
      If all things are right, and you still unable to login into your account. then Wipe reset is last option. But before reset please ensure all above things. you can contact us via following link for further instructions.
      Kind Regards

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for the quick reply.
        Ids different. Id in my device is 162xxxxxxx. But when login using laptop is displaying 163xxxxxxxx. Seems my old account which deleted in my laptop not sync with the device.
        RN3 dosn’t allow me to factory reset without signing out from the Mi account.
        Please help me.

  9. Mi account problem
    the mobile number which i used for Mi account it was a chinese mobile number but now i am in Pakistan,now problem is that i am in Pakistan and here china mobile number is not working please me how to recover my Mi account ?
    i have entered email id but not accepting it


    1. Hi Muhammad Tariq,
      Is your email id updated on Mi account ?
      if yes, then you can recover.
      What about Mi account security questions? If you fill security questions then you also have a chance to recover it.
      Kind Regards

  10. my mobile was locked & asking for mi account password,i forgot the password and the mobile number associted to this mi account also lost, there is no email id for this account, plz tell me how do i unlock my phone,However there is a unlock number showing on the lock screen of the mobile.

  11. Halp mi my I’d & password looks how I’m open my Mobil my mobile not open halp mi merepas PC nahi he to may appna mobile kayce kholu

  12. Mera radmi Mobil ki I’d our password loss to mere pas PC nahihe mujko yaad nahihe ki I’d password Kay he boos call mi 7276758076

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