How to Change Font Style in Xiaomi MIUI 8 without Root

Font change in Xiamoi MIUI 8 MobilesHello MIUIers, Hope you doing well and enjoying MIUI 8 services. After MIUI 8 update you have many new features in your Xiaomi mobile. Mostly Second Space and dual app are awesome features which i personally love them. If you face any trouble in toggle interface then you can easily switch old toggle interface. Today we talk about Font style in MIUI 8. Font style changes option available in China Developer ROM but we don’t receive in MIUI 8 Global Stable. However, you can easily change Font Style in your Xiaomi Mobile.
There is two way to change font style in your Xiaomi device. First one is required rooted device and second one don’t need any root condition. So simply we can say, You can easily change a custom font in your Xiaomi mobile which is based on MIUI 8. You don’t need a root condition.

This font change procedure work on all Xiaomi devices no matter which is Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3S / Prime, Redmi note 3, Redmi note 4G, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5 etc.

In the whole process, you need two apps for custom font Style.

Click here to Download QuickShortcutMaker App
Click here to Download iFont App

Steps to change Font in Xiaomi Mobile without Root :

it’s not too hard to change the font in MIUI 8. Just follow below simple steps to change the font in Xiaomi. we do all steps in three phase.

Follow below steps to change Font in Xiaomi Mobile :
Phase 1 :

  1. Install QuickShortcutMaker App (link given in above para).
  2. Launch QuickShortcutMaker App and choosing settings.

    setting option in Quick shortcut maker
    setting option in Quick shortcut maker
  3. Scroll more & tap Settings w/ Font

    font option in setting quick shortcut maker MIUI font change
    font option in setting quick shortcut make
  4. Click on Tap to change label

    change label option miui font change
    change label option
  5. Rename Settings to Fonts in Text Box

    Rename settings to font
    Rename settings to font
  6. Press OK. Now Tap on Create Button.

    change label option miui font change
    change label option
  7. Now you can see a new App name “Font” appears in your launcher.

    app icon in menu font change miui
    font app icon in menu

Phase 2 :

  1. Install iFont App (link given in above para)
  2. Launch iFont App
  3. Choose any font you want from list

    font choose in iFont app
    font choose option
  4. Click Download Button
  5. Now A new THEME Button is Started Showing On theTop Right Corner of the screen.

    theme option in ifont app
    theme option in ifont app
  6. Tap it > OK > OK.

    font apk file path option in ifont app
    font apk file path option in ifont app

Phase 3 :

  1. Open theme app.  go to offline section.

    offline option in theme
    offline option in theme
  2. Click Import

    import option in theme app
    import option in theme app
  3. Navigate to the Location Internal Storage/MIUI/theme

    path of custom font apk
    path of custom font apk
  4. Tick The Font File & Press OK

    tip the font
    tip the font
  5. Launch the Fonts App which appears in app menu after phase 1.
  6. Tap on System Fonts

    system font option in font app
    system font option in font app
  7. Choose Your Font.

    choose font in miui 8
    choose font style
  8. Click Apply.

    click apply option in app
    click apply option in app
  9. Tap on Reboot.

    reboot option in font change
    reboot option in font change
  10. All set, Done.

After reboot, you experienced your favorite font style in your Xiaomi mobile. Above font change steps work in all Xiaomi phones including Redmi & Mi series which is based on MIUI 8.

You can also change font style via root. But this process too easy then others.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.

Image Credit : MIUI Forum

EDIT 1 :

Third-party sources are not supported 
error: download|auth rejected 402   Solution

This third party error solved easily just follow below steps.

  1. Open and login with your Mi account.
  2. Select Bounding Account Type As Individual Designers
  3. Fill the form.
  4. Upload your real pic.
  5. When system asks for bank details skip it.
  6. choose Registration (Please ensure username is consistent with company name)
  7. Accept agreement and register.
  8. All set.
  9. wait for 24 hours, you receive confirmation mail when verification was done.


    1. Hi Surendra,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please recheck the article we update third party error solution.
      Kind Regards

      1. Will it really work? I’m on miui7 and trying this step just says 3rd party error in miui 7.5,also on miui 8! So I’ve decided to xiaomi designers…… I’ve given my details but gave wrong address it’s saying they’ll comfirm soon! If it’s confirmed I’ll be able to change font?

  1. I have problem for error: download|auth rejected 402. Then, i follow your steps and login MI account to Individual Designers and fill of the blanks. In this bank details, i was skip it, just follow what do you say. And then, how long i will receive a confirmation mail from mailbox? heeee 😀

  2. I have problem for error: download|auth rejected 402.
    Then, i follow your steps and login MI account to Individual Designers and fill of the blanks. In this bank details, i was skip it, just follow what do you say. And then, how long i will receive a confirmation mail from mailbox?

    1. Hi Han,
      There is no specific time for this task. Soon you receive mail in your inbox. Please also check Spam folder.
      Kind Regards

  3. This trick is not working in my Redmi 3s Prime Miui 8…

    When I go to change the font in ‘Font’ folder created by Quick shortcut app there is an error “Can’t apply theme” and I already fill the form on…
    So, please help me…

    1. Hi Ashish,
      Thanks for writing here. Please check your mailbox. you receive a mail in 48 working hours. after that, you can try.
      Kind Regards

    2. Exactly same thing happened, not working even if registered n approved on dev site. “Can’t apply theme” everytime

      Kindly help

      1. hi Shrikant,
        This is working. make sure you are on MIUI 8.
        And following same steps which is given in the article.
        Kind Regards

  4. Yesterday I updated my mi max to miui 8 and was pleased to see that above mentioned method works perfectly and I am able to change fonts on my phone. On old miui version 7 that came originally installed with phone I wasn’t able to do.
    Thanks for above detailed work

  5. Heyyyy grp… .. I am really happy bcz I got the fonts again on my mi4i(miui7.5). I lost dat feature wen I update into miui 7.5 and I also didn’t get that in miui 8 too. Now I’ve downgraded to miui 7.5 to root my device. However, I miss the miui font pack in both versions. Your idea works great this time. I’ve given the registration request alrdy. Even if I will not get that approval, I 2ill be very happy bcz I can use my miui fonts again….. .. Rellay happy to say this. N thnx again.

    1. One request friend,
      Can u help me to root my device if u have time?
      I tried many methods but nothing worked. The actual problem is with the drivers. I can’t install the drivers properly and I tried many methods n I don’t know the proper reason for dat. If u know, can u please help me.? I just want the root access

  6. hi
    I am using mi4i, and its on miui 8.0.1..
    I did register as theme designer, got the confirmation mail, then i loged in again..
    However, even after following the steps, its showing error 402, that themes from third party sources cannot be applied..
    please help!!

  7. “choose Registration (Please ensure username is consistent with company name”
    What exactly does this mean?
    What company?

  8. When fill detail on individual designer then picture is not uploading says fake path then what should i do plz suggest me

  9. Hi,
    Mr parjapat tnxxx for ur effort sir the second aap is nt dnlding by side what shoud i do? Is there ny other link regarding this if yes plz do let me knw ill be very thankfull to u.

  10. I’ve received the confirmation mail from, but still getting the ‘third party app’ error. any fix to this?? currently using miui stable).

  11. Hi. Can u tell me, is it mandatory to upload real pic, actually i uploaded wallpaper, and their is no option to edit details and upload another pic . Plz help.


  13. Hi, my my mobile is Redmi 2 prime and my MIUI version is stable
    I am also eager to change fonts in my mobile. For that I do all the above process which u tell in this article i created my designer account and got approval from Xiaomi all is done but when I do all the process and click apply they shows can’t apply theme and applying 0% then I wait for 15 mins but font can’t apply what I do please help me

  14. Hi Govind

    I really appreciate you educating we non-so-in-depth-technical-guys for MIUI 8.

    I have bought Mi Max just a week back. Really liked few features and some of them not. I was really annoyed with their double-lining-hollow-in-between font, which is generally used for selected one and for displaying numbers in text messages as well. It is not too much readable. I hate this font from the time, I first saw them on my wife’s phone Lenovo K3 Note.

    Browsing for changing font, reached your this website and got to learn some useful things. But on my phone FONT SETTING was not there.

    I just want to change double-lining-hollow-in-between font. Please guide.

  15. I Didn’t receive confirmation mail of verification done after applying for individual designer 3 Days Gone…
    what to do now…?

  16. Wow thanks for this good information.. i did it and also i got a mail regarding d issue .. successfully applied my best font..

  17. Hi Abhinav I tried all the options above. 402 error is not coming but when i click on apply it says cant apply theme and stucks at “applying 0%”

  18. OMG, thank you so much for your detailed explanation. Really appreciate. I just changed my font!!!! Im using Xiaomi Note 3!! Thank you once again..

    1. Hi Anjan,
      Thanks for writing here. Now you don’t need to apply for Xiaomi designer account. Just open theme manager in your Mi phone. and tap on fonts option and download your desired font and apply on system.
      Kind Regards

  19. I followed the step accordingly. I already register for Xiaomi Designer account. Until now, i didn’t receive any confirmation mail for verification. Almost one week.
    Please help.

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