Redmi 2 mic Problem Solved

Redmi 2 Mic Problem Solution XiaomiRedmi 2 a budget phone delivered by Xiaomi. If you want all basic services of smartphone then you can get this awesome device. The main thing is that its come with pocket friendly budget. Its have 8 MP backside illuminated (BSI) camera and 2 MP front camera for your craziest selfie. Redmi 2 is a light weight device with 1/2 GB RAM according to version. Redmi 2 have 1 GB RAM and Redmi 2 Prime have 2 GB RAM.

Mic Problem in Redmi 2:

Xiaomi ships their devices with high end components. So their is less chance for misbehave of hardware parts. Some users always Complaint about Redmi 2 mic problem. Their  complain is that “Whenever they call some one their voice not heard properly on the other end“.We don’t say all handset  working properly. Might be a defected piece delivered to you by the seller. But most of the time mic problem in Redmi 2 occured by software reasons . So before go to service center please try some steps by your self. So you can save your time because you know hows the mi service center support.
Firstly go to settings and tap on “About Phone”. After that Continuously tap on ” kernel version”.
After continuously tap you see an Engineering Mode window open in your phone. Now you can test your mic here. If your mic testing result is success here then your mic is in good condition. there is no need to go for service center . One thing you can do please submit a bug report to MIUI developers. So they do something for next release. Now come on the topic how to solve Mic problem in Redmi 2. You can also test your mic performance with audio recorder through Recorder app.

How to solve Redmi 2 mic Problem:

As the above discussion make sure you tested your Redmi 2 Mic performance. To solve your Redmi 2 Mic Issue please follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to Google settings (Not phone setting)

Xiaomi MIUI Home LauncherXiaomi MIUI Google Apps

Step 2: Tap on Search & Now

Search now Google setting in Xiaomi MIUI 7-Red mi 2 mic problem

Step 3: Tap on voice . After that  tap on “Ok Googledetection 

Voice option in google apps -xiaomi miui redmi 2 mic problemok google detection in redmi2 mic problem

Step 4: off the “Ok Google” detection .
Ok google option in redmi2 -Xiaomi redmi2 mic problem

Congratulation. Your Redmi 2 mic Problem is solved. Its happening because of “Ok Google” service. Now your friends easily listen to you without any disturbance. So stay happy and keep smiling  because

 Something wonderful is about to happen.

Edit 1 :

After so many comments on “Ok google not responding” topic. We check with latest ROM and find this option Really not working.

Why Ok Google not Responding : In the Latest MIUI release Google Voice Search disabled by default, So you can’t access Ok Google Settings. You can enable Google Voice search for accessing ok google settings.
Here an another way also available for your Mic issue. Follow Bellow steps:

  1. Root your phone
  2. Install Root Browser from the Play store or other…
  3. Navigate to /system and open the file “build.prop” in “RB Text Editor”
  4. Find the line that says:
  5. and change it to “false” so it reads
  6. Reboot your phone

Note : In both of the ways make sure you clear all cache from your phone memory.

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    1. Hii Srivatsa GY
      Thanks for telling your MIUI version.
      In this release google voice search disabled by default. So “Ok Google won’t work”.
      You can enable “Google voice search” then try.
      We also update another way to solving Mis Issue in your Xiaomi phone. Please look back our Post.

      1. i have the same problem that Vatsa is mentioning including the version number.

        I have gone to Google Voice Search and i can only see the message

        “Ok Google” or tap mic

  1. “Firstly go to settings and tap on “About Phone”. After that Continuously tap on ” kernel version”.
    After continuously tap you see an Engineering Mode window open in your phone. Now you can test your mic here”.

    I have followed this process and Engineering Mode window opened, but didn’t find the option for mic test, can you explain how to test for mic.

    1. Hi Deepak Patidar,
      Thanks for writing here. In the latest ROM mic testing option removed by MIUI developers. Don’t worry you have another option for Mic test in Xiaomi Redmi.
      Follow below step:
      1. Open Recorder App.
      2.Record an Audio (Make sure you have a proper distance from your mouth and phone).
      3. After that. Play it. If you hear your voice clearly then your Mic is Ok else you have an issue with Mic.
      Hope it help.

      Kind Regards

  2. Thanks a lot, it worked for me. I got stuck with this problem when I updated my Redmi 2 with stable MIUI , had these screeching noise when I try to call which was very irritating. I also tried wiping the cache from recovery. one more thing is that battery is draining too fast after the update, please post the link for that also. thanks in advance

    1. Hi Shringar,
      Thanks for writing here. MIUI 8 release soon in August. Please wait for OTA update. In MIUI 8 battery drain issue solved.
      Thanks for choosing Xiaomi.
      Kind Regards

  3. I have follow this instruction, even I instal google app search first. but it still didn’t work. Google voice and recording can hear my voice, but not for calling. Please help, i am using MIUI

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