How To Check Your Xiaomi Mi5,Mi4, Mi3, Redmi 1s is Fake or Real

Xiaomi Mi5,Mi4, Mi3, Redmi 1s is Fake or RealXiaomi is a well known brand in smartphone industry. Peoples always in queue to get their flagship devices.Why? you know better then me. Popularity also have disadvantage. Peoples copy you if you are more popular. Mi official site always have hug traffic in flash sales. So only few peoples get their mi phones during the flash sale. Many peoples buy from third party sellers.They buy but always in confusion Is Xiaomi phone original or not. Might be Fake mi Phone.
Most of the fake mi phone have custom MIUI roms so you can easily check whether it is original or fake. But this method is not enough to check Mi Phone originality. So Xiaomi launch a Mi verification app to check their devices.

How to download Mi Verification App:

Mi verification app not uploaded on Google Play store yet . So you can’t download from Google play store. You can download from official miui form

How to Check Xiaomi Mobile Fake or Real:

Method 1:

Step 1: First Download the Mi Verificationapp from above given links and install in your xiaomi mobile.
Step 2: After installation launch the verification app, make sure you have a working internet connection.
Step 3: Click on ‘Turn on Performance mode’,and activate Performance mode.
Turn on Performance mode-Mi Verification App
Step 4: Open any browser in your computer/Laptop. and type in address bar
Brower address bar for QR Scan-Mi Verification App
Step 5:Scan the QR code which is appear in your computer screen.
Brower address bar for QR Scan-Mi Verification App
Verify Process-Mi Verification App
If your Xiaomi Mobile is original then you see your device details in green background. if your xiaomi mobile is fake then you receive a error message which says “Your product is not genuine“.
Verified product-Mi Verification App
Note: Mi verification app not able to verify redmi phones, Mi Pad, Mi TV, and other accessories. 

Method 2:

This method is only work if you buy mi product from its official store. Xiaomi always send a 20 digit code in authentication label,Find authentication label on your product box.Scratch the authentication label to obtain the 20-digit security code.
Authentication label on Xiaomi product box
After that open your browser window and type
A webpage is open in above link. here you type your 20 digits secret code and system give response about you product originality.
Success Message after verification-Xiaomi fake or real

Method 3:

This way is too risky. in this way we install custom rom in our mi phone. If our phone is fake then this process might be brick the phone. Because there are many requirements for custom MIUI OS like hardware,device code name,hardware coordination and many more. and this is fix that fake Xiaomi phone don’t full fill all requirements of custom ROM. So there is  more chances of brick the phone. So Please if you are doing then do on your own risk.
Here we discuss some ways where we can easily find out that our Xiaomi mobile is fake or not. Xiaomi always with their fans because

Something wonderful is about to happen.

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  1. This is a best phone in 7000. But the heating problem & its overdraining battery drawns its all goodness. If it can be improved!!!

  2. Hi…thanks for these methods..i just got one from a company that imports these phones from china..but it didn’t have any security code on it…I checked the s/n and the imue code in mi website and it was recognized correctly..I asked the company and they said not all products have security codes on them..for now it is just for earphones abd powerbanks…though it seems original but I wanted to know is it a serious problem?I mean shall I return it?and it works well…will be thankful if someone help me

    1. Hi Shakiba,
      Thanks for writing here. If your phone’s IMEI verified by Xiaomi website then don’t need to worry. Security codes depend on the country by country. So Enjoy Xiaomi services.
      Kind Regards

      1. Thanks a lot for ur quick reply…’s such a relief for me…though I have to send it back anyway…the back icon doesn’t have light actually it works but it doesn’t light up like home icon and the other one..

        1. Hi Shakiba,
          make sure icons are in red color. it will be good if you check phone dimensions with other Xiaomi phone which is purchased from Xiaomi official seller.
          Kind Regards

  3. Im afraid u didn’t get me right…there’s no red light…when u tap on back or home icon,it’s lit up with white light…but for my phone the back icon doesn’t light up…though it works..
    If u mean that the option for lighting icons is enabled,I checked’s ok…sorry if I confused u…
    Unfortunately there’s no xiaomi phone around me…I just can check with images
    Thanks for ur reply

    1. Hi Shakiba,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. touch button’s color is red. they not light up. Please capture some pics of your mobile and send us via contact us page.
      Kind Regards

  4. Hi,

    I have purchased Mi 3 Redmi Prime mobile, but I am getting this message while doing any activity in application. A message is coming randomly with few applications. E.g. Launcher, Contacts, Messaging, Setting.

    It is very irritating and not able to do any activity in mobile with this error.

    Message shows:

    “Unfortunately, Launcher has been stopped”.

    “Cancel” or “Report”

    Request you to advise on the same.

    For your information, I have updated MIUI 7 yesterday itself.

          1. Hi grprajapat,

            Can you mention the steps which are to be followed to clear the data??

            What does wipe reset means?? If I have done this, then will my phone reset with all my data??

            FYI…… I have already done “cleaner” and “deep cleaner” in my phone by using “Security”.

  5. Hi grprajapat,

    Can you mention the steps which are to be followed to clear the data??

    What does wipe reset means?? If I have done this, then will my phone reset with all my data??

    FYI…… I have already done “cleaner” and “deep cleaner” in my phone by using “Security”.

  6. i purchase xiomi 3s prime(32gb) on 27th aug 2016 evening 7 pm via flip cart and ime no is 861112033351967 i lost on 29th aug 2016 within 2 days with out creat mi account how to find lost mobile 8am pl z help

    1. Hi Hardik Thakar,
      Sorry to say you but you can’t find your mobile on your level. You must be filed FIR in your nearest Police station with Phone’s invoice copy.
      Are you signed in your Gmail account when you set up your phone ??
      Kind Regards

  7. i do not find my mobile is original or fake in verify xiaomi site. Message showing imei is incorrect. Please let me know another option to find my mobile for the same. i have purchased my mobile through site. i have received only invoice copy with the phone

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