How to Change font in Xiaomi Mi A1 (root/without root)

Hello Xiaomi users, today we talk about font style in Xiaomi Mi A1 which based on Stock Android. As you know in normal Xiaomi phone which based on MIUI can easily able to change fonts via theme manager But here in stock android, this task is a little bit different. So here we learn how to change font style in Xiaomi Mi A1 mobile. If you want to change fonts in Mi A1 mobile then you need to root access, You can also change or use customs fonts in Mi A1 without rooting your mobile. So here we talk both ways which are useful to changing font style in Xiaomi Mi A1 mobile. You can change font style in Mi A1 via root access or also can change without root access.

Why we use custom fonts in Xiaomi Mi A1:

As you know every person has a different mindset, as well as their choices, also are different. So naturally, they like different fonts and one thing more. Everyone wants to do something extra creative which shows different from others. So here are many reasons for using a custom font in Mi A1 mobile.
If your Xiaomi mobile is based on MIUI then you can easily change font style via going in theme center and choose to font subsection and download the required font from available font list and apply them on your mobile.

Change font in Xiaomi Mi A1 without root:

As you know Root is required to change the font in our Android-based device, No matter which is Marshmallow, Nougat or Oreo device.  But here we can change the font in Mi A1 mobile without rooting the device via helping a third party app. Here we can change font via two way, In the first way we use third party app and in a second way, we use a custom launcher to change fonts without root access.

Ways to use custom fonts on Xiaomi Mi A1 Stock Android mobile
All Possible ways to use custom font on Mi A1 Android mobile

First Way – Third Party Apps:

Here you can download IFont App which is freely available on google play store.

Click here to download iFont App from Google play store

  • Install this app in your Mi A1 device and use it.
  • Support to modify the font size, support for custom fonts
  • Easy to operate,eliminate the tedious steps.
  • Automatic backup fonts easily restore the factory font
  • Change font size,make size from small to big.

Second Way – Third Party Launcher Apps:

If you don’t like stock Android launcher then you can use third party launcher apps which also give font change facility by default. So, in this case, you don’t need to root your device for the font change.

Nova Launcher: You can use this launcher which is famous on Play Store and can easily able to change fonts without root.

Click here to Download Nova Launcher from Google Play store

Change Font Style in Xiaomi Mi A1 with Root Access:

If you have root access in your mobile then don’t need to worry. You can use font changer app from playstore and can able to change fonts easily. Make sure and read reviews before installing any third party app for font changing purpose.

Soon we share a step by step guide for font changing in Xiaomi Mi A1 with root access and also share a guide without root access.

Above third party apps works on all Android version like Font change in Android Marshmallow, Font change in Nougat, Font change in Oreo, Font change in Xioami latest Mi A1 mobile.

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