Make Money via Mi Live streaming App Xiaomi Mobiles

earn-money-via-mi-live-streamingHello MIUIers, hope you doing well. Today we talk about Mi Live which is introduced by Xiaomi Inc., Mi live also available for global users so you can enjoy Mi live. I am sure you heard about FB live, the same thing happen in Mi live but here you can also make money with the help of coins.

Mi Live app basically designed for users who want to become famous like a singer. In the App user can start live streaming, other users join this room and see the user live. other users can like this video session. they can comment on that video streaming and talk with a particular person which started this session. They also send coins to that user.  Everyone can start their own video session because you are awesome, show your talent to the world.

Features of Mi live streaming App :

  • Red envelope
  • Amazing filters
  • Fancy live streaming
  • Meaningful interaction
  • Private live streaming
  • Perfect sound effects
  • On-screen comments
  • Tons of perks

How to Download Mi Live App ?

Mi live publically available on Google Play store. You can download from there.  Here we also share play store link.
Click here to Download Mi Live App From Play store

Is Mi Live App only for Xiaomi users ?

No, Anyone can enjoy Mi live services. Just download the App from play store and signup.

How to Get Coins in Mi Live App ?

If you want to get coins then start your video session. try to connect with more n more peoples.

How to make money through Mi Live streaming App ?

This is the easiest way to earn money from your Xiaomi Android mobile. you just start your own video sessions and collect coins. After that, you can redeem these coins in your bank account through the help of Paypal.

Can I show nude content on Mi live streaming ?

No, Don’t do that. Every session which you start is recorded on Xiaomi servers for Replay. If you show nudity in your live shows then result is a permanent ban from Mi live service. So be careful and don’t do it.

Is Mi Live fake ? Do they give money ?

If you don’t do any fraud. your all coins ae genuine then definitely they paid you.

Can I save my video sessions on Mi live ?
Yes, All video session which you start is saved on Xiaomi servers. So your followers see your sessions after live streaming but you can delete them if you wany.

Are Indian users use Mi Live ?
Yes, Many Indian users suing Mi live streaming App including girls. Especially if you see mainly Indian girls are more active on Mi live rather than boys.

FB live gives the same service why I use Mi Live ?
Just try once Mi live. I am sure you don’t regret. Many features extra added in Mi live streaming app.

Is Mi live App in the Chinese language ?
No, Mi live is also available for global users in the English language.

Can I delete my account from Mi live ?
Yes, as usual, service agreement you can delete your account anytime from Mi live app.

Can I submit a complaint of users on Mi live ?
Yes, you can ban users from your account and also submit a report of a particular user to Mi live support center. They review your report and banned the user account.

You can enjoy this Mi live app in all Android mobiles including Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Yureka, LeEco, Micromax, Moto g etc. If you using Xiaomi device then don’t worry you won’t face any compatibility issue. Mi live app supported by all phones including Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3S / Prime, Redmi note 3, Redmi note 4G, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi 5s plus etc.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

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