“Mobile Data Connection Problem in Xiaomi” Solved

Mobile data connection Problem SolutionHello MIUIers, Hope you enjoying MIUI services. Today we discuss a common problem related to Mobile data connection. When you want to connect to the Internet then you have two options either connect with WiFi OR Establish a connection through mobile data. Sometimes you see, you can’t connect to the Internet using Mobile data in your Xiaomi Mobile.
This problem can occur in any mobile no matter which phone you are using like Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3 ,3S, Redmi note 3, Redmi Pro, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 5 etc. Means mobile data connection error problem happen in any phone no matter which is Redmi series or Mi series. Update your MIUI 7 to MIUI 8 is not your solution. you can solve this connection problem in MIUI 7 also.

Reasons of Mobile Data Connection Problem in Xiaomi:

This is not a big problem even when it happens you can easily connect your WiFi. This Mobile data error mainly happens because of two reasons.

  • If you upgrade your MIUI versions then chances are high for data connection establish error.
  • If you change your SIM card or do something in APN settings then also chances are high.
  • Sometimes you don’t know what you do but you just faced this problem.

Steps for Solving Mobile data problem in Xiaomi :

It’s too easy to solve. this is a Minor problem you can solve easily.  As i above described why this happen so here we try both options.

First Way :

This way helpful to you if you update your MIUI version. Like if you update MIUI 7 to MIUI 8. then you face this problem. So if you recently update your Xiaomi mobile then follow first way else follow second way.

Follow below steps to Solve Mobile internet problem :

  1. Open Security App.
  2. tap on Cleaner option.
  3. Here you choose deep clean.
  4. Restart your device and try.
  5. if still not working then try with Wipe cache data .

Second Way :

This way helpful to you if the problem occurred through APN settings. if first way is not useful to you then you can follow below steps to solve your problem.

Follow below steps to Solve Mobile data connection problem in Xiaomi :

  1. Go to Settings ->SIM cards & mobile networks .
  2. Choose your SIM card under SIM CARD SETTINGS.
  3. Tap on Access Point Names under CELLULAR NETWORK.
  4. Here you Get APN lists in GENERAL and MMS section.
  5. Tap on Reset option from the bottom.
  6. All Set. Done.
APN Setting in Xioami Mobiles and Mobile data Problem
APN Setting in Xioami Mobiles

After above steps your data connection problem solved. If you still facing connection problem then Please contact your network service provider and ask them for APN( Access Point Name). Once you receive APN then choose New APN option .and fill the entries according to your network service provider. then your problem definitely solved. Here you solved your problem now you connect the internet using Mobile Data in your Xiaomi Mobile.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because

Something wonderful is about to happen.


  1. I am using a Redmi 3s Prime. I have a 2G data pack currently which is yet to expire. But, whenever I turn my mobile data on, the ‘E’ at the top shows but I cannot open any website or use the internet. I have resetted my APN too. The problem still persists.

    Please send me the solution to this problem as soon as possible. It is urgent.

    1. Hi Aadrik Das,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please tell me which network operator you use for the internet. Then I will tell you the whole process.
      Kind Regards

  2. Yesterday I got red MI 3s prime but internate is not working so what I do and I also call to customer care for my SIM card so vaddafone say to me this is problem for device not use so reply and guide me

    1. Hi Hn patel,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please go to APN settings via Above given instructions in the article. After that follow below steps.
      1. tap on New APN
      2. Edit Name and set name like “Myvoda”
      3. Edit APN “www”
      4.Tap on More button from bottom and save this Profile.
      5. Active this APN.
      All set. If you still have problem then please revert us with details.

      hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

  3. I have internet issue with Redmi3s Prime,m using idea NWT its qorking in other handset (samsung) but showing no internet connection when i m using same idea sim in Redmi 3S Prime.
    I tried all things of new APN and all things i tried and not working in any way. I hv done smartchk qith flipkart too thwy were saying no issue with phone and idea say issue is with ur handset now what I do pls help.

    1. Hi Rajat,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please call the customer care and ask them for APN name.
      After receive APN name revert back here. we will help you in APN setup.
      Kind Regards

  4. I just got 3s prime and having No service issue , i try to search network manually it says couldnt search network , when i tried the *#*#43636# thing , it shows gsm service – radio off ,

    And tried all but cant get the phone working

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Make sure you insert sim card properly in sim tray. Try with single sim.
      Try same sim card in another phone. There is no issue in software. please confirm you insert sim in the proper way. If you still face problem then try with reset option.
      After above don’t work then please go for a replacement.
      Kind Regards

  5. Hi, i bought the redmi mi note 3. The internet connection is very bad.. VPN settings are fine.. have already cleared cache in security as suggested above and no the version is not updated to 8 and i am getting good data connection when sim is used in other devices so please suggest what needs to be done to get proper network.

  6. Hi sir

    I recently updated to miui 8.. but I still have a problem with Vo LTE calling. Volte emblem not shown in my notification bar..and can’t calling directly from my Jio sim. It’s disconnected with in seconds..volte enabled option is on..but I don’t know why…pls help me sir

  7. The above solutions do not work for me, however, i found a solution that works for me.
    I turn on mobile data and if the internet doesn’t turn on, then I simply turn on the Airplane mode and turn it off after 5 seconds.
    This mostly works if any of the above solution doesn’t work for you.

    A MIUI lover.

  8. Since I updated to MIUI 8 for Redmi Note 3, at first mobile data was working but now mobile data is not working. I have tried everything such as using security to clean the phone, resetting the APN, switching on and off the mobile data even in Aeroplane Mode. All came to nothing. Should I factory reset it? Please help me out…….I can connect easily and browse with my WIFI but not on Mobile data.

    1. Hi Yubi,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please clear the wipe cache data. if not solved then please manually add APN and try. if still not work then the factory reset is the last option.
      Kind Regards

  9. Mobile data problem still persists in redmi note 3. I have tried cache wipe, works for only one day or so, then problem starts again. Tried apn settings, also talked with network subscribers, still doesnt work. I also restore my pjone after every Miui update and clear cache, try all methods i can find on net. But this problem is persistant with my phone. Mobile data with same sim works well in my lenovo k3 note and nexus 5.

  10. Hi recently I updated to miui8 but I m not getting internet connection..tried all the options like apn settings n clear cache but still not working..suggest me if any solution..

  11. I can’t on the mobile data of idea network while I try to use data at my home. But at the same time I can browse everything on samsung handsets. And the wiered fact is if I go near of the tower, data automatically turns on. Please help. I tried wiping cache data. And also did change on APN setting. But still I’m facing the problem. This is my first xiaomi device. Network provider told me that the problem could be on the device.

    1. Hi Diganta Das,
      Sorry for the Inconvenience you faced.
      Without changing any setting when you go to near the tower. Then Phone automatically connect the data. Right ?
      Kind Regards

      1. Yeah. But at home the problem still persists. Network coverage also remaims full inside home and I can browse anything on samsung devices using idea network. The problem I found only with idea sim.

          1. Hi Diganta Das,
            Your problem is different, we don’t face any issue till date. Maybe the internal antenna of your phone is not working properly.
            Please try the same another model on your location. if you connect with the internet then please visit nearest Mi service center.
            Kind Regards

  12. I found the way to solve this problem temporary. After update to miui 8.
    1. Power off your phone
    2. Remove sim card from the phone, do not plug in.
    3. Power on the phone and let it start up until it show lock screen
    4. Plug back the sim card. It will detect mobile network and data is back on.
    It works for me, hope will work for others

        1. Please check may be you enable updates via Mobile data. So when turn ON your data then your mobile system consume more data than your WhatsApp/browser.
          Please check data usages stats which app consume your data.
          Kind Regards

  13. I Buy Redmi 3s mobile but since beginning i face problem with internet while using mobile data , i send the same to MI service center and they upgrade any software and return the same to me that now it is working fine . But i felt there is no any improvement in the same . Please advice what to do ?

  14. Hi
    i have a redmi note2.at first there was no problems but since one of miui updates i got my phone doesnt browse internet and some apps like instagram or coc doesnt work like i have no connection…but i have high speed connection and some apps like telegram work properly.i’ve tries many network types such as g, E, H+, 4g…and two provider (MTNirancell an IR-tci) in iran…theres a point that by encrypting data(with psiphon and such) problem solves but whithout it i cant browse.i’ve tried apn but didnt help…please help

  15. Hi, I’m using redmi note 2,my credit often being deducted even though I got my data plan on. I’ve already reported to the network operator but seems that they found out that I’ve browse the internet without having any data plan but I did have a data plan and it still available. Is it the phone or the sim card problem? thanks.

    1. Hi Keluangman,
      Sorry to hear that. This is surely operator issue.If data plan active on your connection then data should be deducted from your data plan.
      Please raise a complaint in customer service of your network operator.
      Kind Regards

  16. hi im from Malaysia, ive buy xiaomi redmi 3s which miui 7 and upgraged to miui8 . after that i cant enter playstore, change theme, connect to mobile data, mi browser and so on. how can i slove this problem? is it because i upgrade my phone to miui8 global. need a help. thank you.

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