What’s new in MIUI 9 – Features and Release date in India

Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well.  As you know MIUI 9 is already launched in China. They are ready for Global launch. So today we talk about MIUI 9 Features Pros Cons etc. Is MIUI 9 better tham MIUI 8. How its optimize apps. What about the speed of MIUI 9. Is MIUI 9 also a RAM hungry ROM. We talk all above topics also discuss MIUI 9 release date in India and download links of MIUI 9.

MIUI 9, Suerly a light weight ROM than MIUI 8. Here you can experience many things which are too good.

Features of MIUI 9 ROM:

Accelerated Startup of Apps – MIUI 9 Features Explained:

In MIUI 9, Apps launch time decrease. now you can experience less launch time than MIUI 8. Here MIUI teams work on many things like intelligent CPU acceleration, optimized thread scheduling and Optimized haptic feedback.

Brand new theme with new icons – MIUI 9 Features Explained:

In MIUI 9, you can enjoy Xiaomi’s new icons which are specially designed for MIUI 9. Here you can experience all new icons with good designs. However, if you don’t like them then you can switch previous default theme to get back all old icons which are available in MIUI 8. MIUI 9 new theme name is Limitless. you can download this official MIUI 9 theme from here.

MIUI 9 themes intro and download link with features
All Themes – MIUI 9 Features

Smart Assistant – MIUI 9 Features Explained:

This is the biggest update in MIUI 9. You can say this is alternative for Google voice assistant. Through the help of Smart Assistant, you can found any details from your phone. contains contain Mi fit app data. The smart assistant feature helps you to do create notes, book rides, set reminders like Siri. Don’t Smart Assistant feature shift with Global ROM or not. You can also search your device files which are stored locally with the help of Smart Assistant.

MIUI 9 Smart Assistant Feature full details with review
Smart Assistant – MIUI 9 Features

MIUI 9 Smart App Launcher – MIUI 9 Features Explained:

This is an awesome feature. in this MIUI Lab feature, you can details of anything during using your phone. For example, if you are reading some news on your phone and you see an awesome phone or car or a device which you want to know more about that. Then what you do. You copy the name minimize the tab and open browser then read the details. But now in MIUI 9, there is no need to follow all these tasks. You can get all the details through the help of MIUI 9 Smart App Launcher feature.

MIUI 9 Smart App Launcher user guide with full details step by step
Smart App Launcher – MIUI 9 Features

Easy Home Screen Editing – MIUI 9 Features Explained:

In the home screen, you experience major changes. In MIUI 8, We need to do more efforts to move an app to another page. Now in MIUI 9, just select the app in choose the page where you want to move. all pages come in the bottom and also your changes live visible in the bottom of the screen. So you can clearly see how the home screen looks like after moving this app to another page. In the Widget setting now you see all widget comes in the full-screen mode like Stock Android. So you can set any Widget on your home screen easily. You can easily set home screen from all pages easily.

MIUI 9 home screen feature with user guide
Home Screen Function – MIUI 9 Features

Split Screen – MIUI 9 Features Explained:

This is the new feature in MIUI 9. You can enjoy two screens on your Xiaomi phone at a time. like you want to watch Youtube videos on the same time you also want to chat some one on WhatsApp. Then Split screen surely helpful for you. Set a Split mode in both apps and enjoy both two apps on your screen. For more details about Split Screen Click here to know how to activate Split screen in Xiaomi devices.

MIUI 9 split screen feature with user guide and instructions
Split Screen – MIUI 9 Features

Release date of MIUI 9 in India:

If you are waiting for MIUI 9 Global launch then please wait some more time. Soon you hear a news about MIUI 9 Global launch.
If you are thinking when you device get MIUI 9 stable update then don’t think about that because there is no chance to get MIUI 9 stable release in your mobile before December 2017. even you can think it goes March 2017.
As you know they still don’t launch Global ROM, Once they launch Global ROM then That ROM only available for only a few devices like MI 6, Mi Max 2 etc. That ROM only available for Developers. Once developers tested the ROM then you get Stable Release.
Click here to know about Developer ROM / Stable ROM/ Recovery ROM/ Fastboot ROM

Once they release the Stable version then they rolled out the OTA updates. Even some users get Stable OTA updates after launching 3-4 months of stable release. So please don’t hope you get MIUI 9 global stable ROM in your device before December 2017.

Eligible Device list for MIUI 9 update:

Here we share all device details which are eligible to get MIUI 9 updates. Here are few chances to not receive all features in MIUI 9 for device comfortability. As you already seen in MIUI 8 second space and dual app feature not available in Redmi 1s, Redmi 2 and Redmi Note 4G. So here probably you won’t get all features in your Xiaomi devices.

List of Eligible Devices which get MIUI 9 updates:

Model Name MIUI 9 Update Availabilty
Xiaomi Redmi 1s Yes
Xiaomi Redmi 2/Prime Yes
Xiaomi Redmi 3s/Prime Yes
Xiaomi Redmi 4/Prime Yes
Xiaomi Redmi 4A Yes
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Yes
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Yes
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Yes
Xiaomi Mi Max / Mi Max 2 Yes
Xiaomi Mi 3 Yes
Xiaomi Mi 4 Yes
Xiaomi Mi 5 Yes
Xiaomi Mi 6 Yes
Xiaomi Mi Pad 1 Yes
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Yes
Xiaomi Mi Note/Pro Yes

Android version of MIUI 9 for Xiaomi devices:

There is not the same Android version on all MIUI 9 ROMs. MI Max 2 and Mi 6 both get Android 7.0 Nougat update. Others also get Nougat, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 4.0 KitKat etc.
Android version totally depends on device hardware. So you can assume Redmi 1s & Redmi 2 surely based on Android KitKat. Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4 surely get Nougat update on MIUI 9. Mi 5 surely get Nougat update.

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