Buy ChampOne C1 4G Online Booking Flash sale start at 11 November Register now (Maybe Scam)

Champone C1 Online booking registration 501Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. ChampOne C1 4G Another Siyapaa from an Indian company. Don’t know why they peoples want. First Freedom251 then ChampOne. Specifications are too goo if we get this phone in this range.  The company delivers all these specifications in just Rupees 501.

New Flash sale : November 11, 2016

ChampOne C1 4G Specifications :

ChampOne C1 is comfortable for fast internet. it’s support 4G LTE. You got a Lolipop version in ChamOne C1 Phone. It’s come with HD display which is 5.0″ (1280*720). 8Mp camera is enough if you spend just Rs 501 amount from your pocket. ChamOne has 2 GB RAM and 16 internal storage. There is no surprise if you receive USB Type-C port in ChampOne. In India, everything is possible. But as of now, you can’t see USB Type-C port in ChampOne. 2500 mAh battery is enough to survive in a whole busy day.
Specifications are too good. I hope you receive this device as soon as.

How to Book ChampOne C1 4G Online :

ChampOne is available in the flash sale only. You must be registered before buying. Follow below procedure to book ChampOne in an easy way.
Follow below steps to book ChampOne C1 4G Mobile Online :

  1. Open this link in your browser.
  2. Click on the register button. Fill your name, Mobile no. & email id.
  3. Visit the same site on September 2. Book your order if you are lucky.
  4. Congrats… if you successfully booked. I pray for you, product delivered to you.

Is ChampOne C1 4G Scam ?

You have the mind and you know these type of specifications comes minimum to minimum Rs 1300/- . But in India Everything is possible. You can also claim “I am giving Brand new Phone in just 11/-” .
ChamOne c1 4G Fraud Possibilities :
You must pay Rupees 51/- for the registration only. and you know the flash sale method. and you know the flash sale method first come first server till stock empty then sorry we don’t have enough stock. You already see Xiaomi flash sales where many peoples want to buy but they can’t able to book because of product hike. Suppose the ChampOne C1 delivered the product to 10000 peoples but he receives the 500000 registrations. On every registration, he receives 51 rupees. you can calculate yourself. How much money he saves. In India, everyone can do this type of fraud no one ask you.  Best example in front of you “Freedom 251“.

Is ChampOne available on Amazon / Flipkart / Snapdeal / Paytm ?

No, These are trusted brands. they can’t afford ChampOne C1.

Can I Go for ChamOne ?
It’s your choice. No one can force you.

Can I book offline ChaomOne ?
No, It’s only available Online.

Disclaimer : ChampOne C1 4G Smartphone (ChampOne Communications India Pvt. Ltd.) Is New Company. If Any Thing Wrong Occurs We Will Not Be Responsible. Book And Register From Your WIT
The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own.


Edit :

New flash sale starts on November 11, 2016. Now you can easily book your Champ 1 mobile in flash sale. here you get the script to buy Champ 1 easily. So hurry on – Buy  your favorite phone in just 501/-.


    1. Hi Gorav,
      Thanks for writing here. You can buy this phone via following above steps which is described in the article.
      Obviously, you can’t get this phone in the flash sale. and your 51 Rupees , I don’t know what they do ?
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Vidya,
      Thanks for writing here. ChamOne C1 Mobile have a fingerprint sensor. How it perform, I can’t say.
      and About the Proximity sensor company does not share any details regarding this. Who cares if we receive all these things in just 501.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Thanks for writing here. This is the actual game played by Champ1India company. now everyone pays 51 rupees for just registration. this does not guarantee that you got a ChampOne C1 4G mobile in the flash sale. Suppose 10 lacs people register for ChampOne and they only give 10000 units of mobile then
      1000000 * 51 = 51000000
      10000 units * 2000 (per unit import from china ) = 20000000
      You see the profit. Everyone play this type of game. no one monitor in India. Freedom251 is the best example in front of you. You can say it is totally fraud.But you are lucky if you will receive 1 unit in the flash sale.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Tanmay,
      thanks for writing here. I can’t say anything right now. But you can analysis yourself. Can anyone give Rs 2000/- cost mobile in just Rs 501 ?
      If yes , then there is no fraud else possibilities of fraud is too high.
      Kind Regards

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