Xiaomi  The name is enough to make an image in your mind. Yes, We all are a fan of Xiaomi. Why…. There is no question why. Because we all know why. Here you can find all tutorial on Xiaomi, MIUI, Basic Problem in Mi phone and other MIUI stuff. As a mi fan, we want to do best for miui users because we believe you are awesome. Here we can discuss on All Xiaomi products. No matter its latest Mi phone or other  Mi gadgets. We equally treat  all Mi products.
Here you can also find new tricks of Xiaomi phones. We parallelly share features of MIUI 8. we also make a step by step guide of new features. We give you all latest MIUI 8 ROMs link (Developer & Stable).  Here you can find all tutorials on Messages, Contacts,Calls (Incoming blocks & Outgoing blocks), Data Usages manager, File hiding encryption in Xiaomi phones.

Redmi 2 Prime Marshmallow Update Android 6.0

Redmi 2 is a budget phone introduced by Xiaomi. This phone available in its two variant Redmi 2 & Redmi 2 Prime. Both phone have same design and look. the difference  is only in their RAM and internal storage capacity. Redmi 2 have only 1 GB RAM where Redmi 2 Prime have double RAM 2 GB. Same scenario in internal storage capacity Redmi 2 Prime have 16 GB internal storage where Redmi only have 8 GB internal. Rest of all configurations of both phones are same. They are full fill your all requirement in pocket friendly budget. Redmi phones currently […]

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What is Mi Account (Xiaomi Mobiles)

Mi Account service provided by Xiaomi Inc. China. If you want to use Xiaomi services like syncing data with Mi Cloud, your phone finder service,phone lock, their flash sales offers,Mi F codes,Mi games , Mi themes etc etc. Then you must have a Mi account. Normally you can understand that in a normal android you must need a Gmail account same procedure in Mi mobiles you should have a Mi account in order to use their services. How to create Mi account: Creating of Mi account is quite simple. You just follow below steps to do that. Open you browser and go […]

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How to Manage Black list in Xiaomi phones MIUI 8/7 (Redmi 1s Redmi 2/Redmi 2 Prime/mi3/mi4/mi4i/mi5 )

Hello readers, Today we talk about black list function in Xiaomi phones. In the internet world other users always search for Call blocker for android,calls blacklist,call blocker app,blacklist app etc etc… But here we are again lucky because of Xiaomi MIUI 7 OS Blocker Function. There is no need to install any third party app for Call & message block because MIUI have already built in function for call blocking in our phone. No matter which phone support this function. All Xiaomi phones  support call blocker even its Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 ,Redmi2 Prime,Redmi Note 3, 4G, Mi Pad,Mi3,Mi4,Mi5. Why We […]

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Sleep Timer For FM & Music in Android (MIUI,Xiaomi)

Hello readers. A common need of our daily life is Sleep timer. We all love music no matter where its play. May be in our tv system or laptop or in our mobile. Because Music speaks to the heart in ways words cannot express Many peoples listen music on the bed in the night, when they are going to sleep. After some time peoples are sleeping and the music is continuously playing. So here we need a music timer for controlling music functions after certain time period. In a normal Android phone, user require a third party app through this he can use […]

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Redmi 2 mic Problem Solved

Redmi 2 a budget phone delivered by Xiaomi. If you want all basic services of smartphone then you can get this awesome device. The main thing is that its come with pocket friendly budget. Its have 8 MP backside illuminated (BSI) camera and 2 MP front camera for your craziest selfie. Redmi 2 is a light weight device with 1/2 GB RAM according to version. Redmi 2 have 1 GB RAM and Redmi 2 Prime have 2 GB RAM. Mic Problem in Redmi 2: Xiaomi ships their devices with high end components. So their is less chance for misbehave of hardware […]

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How To Check Your Xiaomi Mi5,Mi4, Mi3, Redmi 1s is Fake or Real

Xiaomi is a well known brand in smartphone industry. Peoples always in queue to get their flagship devices.Why? you know better then me. Popularity also have disadvantage. Peoples copy you if you are more popular. Mi official site always have hug traffic in flash sales. So only few peoples get their mi phones during the flash sale. Many peoples buy from third party sellers.They buy but always in confusion Is Xiaomi phone original or not. Might be Fake mi Phone. Most of the fake mi phone have custom MIUI roms so you can easily check whether it is original or […]

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Mi PC Suite English version released For Linux and Windows. Download from here (Xiaomi PC Suite)

‘MI’ every one love this word. Why, you already know. Recently Xiaomi launch MI PC Suite in global language (English) for windows users. MIUI gives more flexibility than other OS. How to install MI PC Suite: First Download the setup file from here. Make sure you have a account on mi website. after download the setup file double click on this, a set up process is start. image look like this: After successful installation you have a gateway to feel a live dragon in your system. connect your mi via usb to the system. Here you can manage your all […]

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