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One Plus Repeats Its Benchmark Tweaking Full details true or now with proofsEarlier this year, a report was published about the benchmarks scores of One Plus 5 which was claiming the highest scores ever achieved by a smartphone which according to the ‘geek bench’ was around 1963 Single Core and 6687 Multi-Core, which was even better than Samsung Galaxy S8+.

But today (after the launch of One Plus 5) the company has been again accused of inappropriately manipulating benchmark scores of One Plus 5. It has been accused that it has an inbuilt AI which manipulates the results and gives misleading benchmark scores.

This is an inexcusable move by the company because it is ultimately an attempt to mislead not just customers, but taint the work of reviewers and journalists with misleading data that many are not able to vet or verify. As a result, every OnePlus 5 review citing benchmark scores as an accolade of the phone’s success is misleading both customers and reviewers.

Well, this is not the first time something like this happened, last year when one plus 3T was launched, that time also the allegations surfaced on the internet that the phone was providing false benchmarks scores, which was later on confirmed by the company. Well, repeating the same mistake again One Plus is disappointing its fans by fake benchmark scores. Experts at the various big Tech-Media Giants are indicating that it might even affect the sale of the One Plus 5.

Let’s get a bit technical..!!

An XDA Developer saw the problem when he was testing his review unit. He wrote an article on his website stating this “It was a pre-production unit, and it was originally loaded with pre-production software which received an OTA Update. OnePlus forwarded reviewers instructions to enable the ability to download benchmark applications off the Play Store, and presumably, this was done so that there would be no benchmark score leaks ahead of time. It did clue me into the fact that OnePlus was referring to benchmark packages by name in their ROM. As for testing, the ROM had minimal background processes with no third-party applications and running Airplane Mode was applicable; CPU frequencies were logged only to determine the extent of the cheating and not in the tests that produced scores for this article. All temperatures were measured using an FLIR C2 Compact with each endurance run beginning at an outer temperature of 28.5°C | 83.3°F.

OnePlus 5 Actual benchmark

Indeed, this puts OnePlus in a tight spot. When contacted, OnePlus told XDA, “People use benchmark apps in order to ascertain the performance of their device, and we want users to see the true performance of the OnePlus 5. Therefore, we have allowed benchmark apps to run in a state similar to daily usage, including the running of resource intensive apps and games. Additionally, when launching apps the OnePlus 5 runs at a similar state in order to increase the speed in which apps open. We are not overclocking the device, rather we are displaying the performance potential of the OnePlus 5.”

Clearly, that’s not the answer anyone was looking for. OnePlus is not the first manufacturer to cheat when it comes to benchmarks cheating. In a piece put out earlier this year, XDA shamed a number of manufacturers including Samsung, HTC and Sony including the obvious One Plus on cheating the benchmark scores.

Well, the real benchmark scores are yet to be revealed but the overall performance of the phone is still way better when compared to the other high-end device.

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