Playstore Problem Solution in Xiaomi (Redmi & Mi) Mobiles MIUI 8/7

playstore-error-solution-in-xiaomi-mobilesHello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we discuss Google play services error in Xiaomi mobiles. If you are a global user I mean like from India, Singapur, USA etc then you can’t live without Google services. you mostly need playstore anyhow in your phone. Because Google services play an important role in our life. No matter which they are they may be Google Drive, Maybe Playstore, Gmail, Google +, Hangout and much more.

If you flash China ROM in your Xiaomi device then i am sure you face this error. Because china ROMs do not support Google services. No matter which is stable or developer both ROM versions do not support Google services. To know more about ROM versions like Fastboot ROM, Recovery ROM, Global ROM, Stable ROM, China ROM then Click here for the complete guide.

Steps to Solve Playstore error in Xiaomi MIUI 8 / MIUI 7 :

If you flash China ROM in your Xiaomi device then you don’t get Google Playstore by default. So you need to install Google installer which install google services in your device.

Follow below steps to enable Google services :

  1. Go to settings ->Additional settings.
  2. Tap on Privacy.
  3. Enable unknown sources.
  4. Download Google installer App from here.
  5. Install the downloaded Google installer file in your mi device.
  6. Make sure your device connected to internet.
  7. All set. done.

After following above steps. once restart your device. now you see all Google apps available in your phone.

Another Way :

You can also handle this situation via Mi store App. Open Mi Store app > type ‘Google Play’ > install 谷歌安装器_3.0 app

After installing google services you can access all google apps. This methos work on all Xiaomi mobiles no matter which you are using like Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3S / Prime, Redmi note 3, Redmi note 4G, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5, Mi 5s plus etc. This is comfortable with all MIUI version like MIUI 7, MIUI 8.
After this you don’t face any error like playstore not working in your Xiaomi mobiles. Few peoples says that Google services not enable in Xiaomi devices. No its not right. If you are using Global version of Mi devices then easily you can acccess all Google services. But if you use or Flash China version ROM then you can’t access.

Why Google Services not support in MIUI China version ?

China don’t need Google. They have own playstore, own social sites, own search engine. And some issue with China govt which are responsible to restrict enable playservice in China ROM.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.


  1. I have a problem while updating this 8 version.
    xender/ share it app not working in my device. an error message displayed after the selection of above mentioned apps ie ” couldn’t launch xender srvices. if another instance of xender is running close that and try again”
    can you please give me a solution.

    1. hi kochooosss,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please try below tricks
      => First clear the cache data.
      => If you are using second space then turn it off and try.
      =>Go to installed apps and clear all data of xender/share

      hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

      1. sir, I follow your instructions, but the same problem is still continue. and am also uninstall that apps and reinstalled, but no difference.(Terminal 1s is my device)

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