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should-we-not-buy-china-productsHello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Nowadays in India everyone talking about China products. Few people still confused buy or boycott because they still not found the logic. What will happen if Indians do not buy Chinese products in India.If China is so much against India why don’t Indians stop buying Chinese products? What would happen if Indians stop using Chinese products for a month? How’s Indian economy and Chinese economy is affected if it closes China product in Indian market? If you also confuse in buying  Xiaomi, oneplus, lenovo is good or not. then read below details which are shared by Anubhav Bhatnagar (AnooBav).

There could is long debate on this topic, ‘Chinese products should be banned‘ but there is no point of debating this with those who trust WhatsApp forwards or Facebook’s shares or with those who can easily be inspired by some fake patriotism post/content. And I am not here to debate on that but to make few thing clear, as we have been seeing lots of comments & posts by members, asking other members to boycott Chinese products.
So let’s begin,

1– The main reason behind boycotting Chinese products, is that there is some healthy politics happening between China & Pakistan which is directly affecting Indians & the other things where China keeps poking inside Indian boundaries.
Now if you think that not using Chinese products will crash Chinese economy then you are the dumbest person on this earth. Don’t think China as a country, think it as an economy & in this era of globalization each economy is interconnected with each other on various levels, which is why a sudden decision made in against/in favor, can affect the market by a huge margin & it might crash as well. (You can see the effect of Dow-Jones or Brixit decision, market faced a downfall) And our govt. know this very well, they are not stupid, else they could ban import & export, just after China’s interference.

2– ‘I am a ‘Desh Bhakt’, I’ll not use Chinese product.’
Wake up from this dreamy situation created by some useless fellows. Using Chinese product will make you a traitor? Then stop use a bike/card, buy a Bicycle; because you are using crude oil imported from middle east & it’s not ‘Swadeshi’. This is not 1947, no one is ruling us & no one ever could, without our approval. Swadeshi was a need then because we want to boycott British’s direct rule on us because they are inside our country using our land to feed themselves, but today’s situations are lot differ, China is doing simple business & that to under a common governing body.
Understand it this way, when it comes to trade relations between countries, then each country is considered as an Economy. In this era of Globalization, each economy has to work with other to get their work done. Not every country is capable of manufacturing/producing everything on there own, which is why they need collaborations with other countries, to outsource for cutting down the cost. Just like that India can’t do everything alone, due to which they have to make certain arrangements at global level be it China, USA, Germany, UK etc., every one is involved with each other. If one step back then it will affect others negatively. Same way, Electronic is dirt cheap in china, as compared to the world, which is why every economy has to depend upon China for it’s supply. OEMs like Apple have to setup their plants in Chine in order to ease the manufacturing process & to meet demand & supply efficiently. So the point is, You are still serving for the country, because you are directing the cash inflow & outflow, which is required for an economy to work well. Equilibrium between Import & Export is a must for every economy, however if the number of export is more than the import, then it means that other economies are very much interested in our economy, which will directly increase the cash flow & hence will increase the value of Rupee. (This topic is tad big to explain)

3– I am helping in minimizing black money by buying ‘Swadeshi Item’.
Seriously? Do you think that buying swadeshi will help in minimizing the over-hyped black money term, Just because Baba Ramdev is saying this in his Patanjali ad campaign or is written in some WA forwards by intellectual minds. Black money is simply that income, which is illegally obtained or is not shown for tax purposes. One can still generate black money by trick, it has nothing to do with buying Chines or other products. You are being tricked nothing else. If you are buying ‘Patanjali’ products, to make you feel patriot or to save black money, then ‘Hi Fool, How are you?’

4– I am not convinced, you are wrong; I’ll still boycott Chinese products.
Well, I am here to make a logical point & I am no where asking you to promote Chinese product, but boycotting them just because some like-wise mind has influenced you, then so sorry.
I hope things are clear, if you are still having doubts then use the comment section of this post to shoot your question, I’ll try to answer them, if they are in my knowledge boundaries.
Thanks for reading this crap.

This post is based on my views & what I have learned in my school/college & on internet; Other admins have nothing to do with this.
* I am personally against, Patanjali’s misguided ad campaign regarding their products, they are simply misguiding us on a mass, by playing blame game on other companies & giving themselves ‘We are pure as Ganges’ tag. No mean to offend Baba Ramdev’s followers or Patanjali product users. (just to play safe, even I am using like 1-2 Patanjali products) :3
* You can use this post to post your views or question on this topic, but in a genuine way.


Fuzian Singh View :
Actually we can’t boycoot chinese product, not only on the ground level but also on the govt. level. If we ban chinese product than they will put pressure on us by repeated intrusion in LAC (Incursion by PLA in Ladhak, A.P). Since indo-sino 1962 war India failed to operationalise its older military bases, ALGs on Eastern & northern front because of the deep fear that China will get angry. Our govt. or any country in this world can tolerate any kind pressure expect the military one. We started Operation falcon in 1980s (Inc. in no. of indian troops to counter China) but failed to recorganise it, Reason its known. In 2014, The COAS asked the govt. to accept the legitamcy of Operation falcon so that jawans can get compensation & operational cover just like the one involved in a war but it was denied (Reason its known). We are in trap, Our Western border is live (Pakistan one), In east & north we have pressure from the chinese. Russia is neutral when its about India & China. Actually this day Russia is more close to China to counter America, Chinese is pro Pakistani & anti-Indian. The quotient between the goods flow is totally imbalance still our govt. can’t afford to discomfort china. Its also a fact that if PRC sees no profit or business in India than there will be another 1962. Military conflict is must if china gets angry. The larger context is bitter….Its not about economy, Globalisation, liberalisatioetc. only.

AnooBav Reply : To be frank, it’s easy to start off with something that is easy to understand, what you have written must be true but not everyone is aware of this or is least interested in believing in this. So keeping this particular ideology in mind, I simply explained the basic stuff on this topic.
Else, would have to do some intense research to came up with some legit to the point reason. But this group ain’t for those stuffs.
And yes as you said, ‘The larger contest is bitter’ (Y).
Thanks for putting up your words to give more highlights on the hidden ‘why’ part of this scenario.


Source : Xiaomi India Fan Group


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