Basic Problems & Solutions – Faced By Xiaomi Mobile Users MIUI 8

Xiaomi Mobiles Redmi and Mi Basic Problems with Solutions TechsarjanHello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we talk about basic problems which faced by every new Xiaomi users. When new user use Xiaomi phones (Redmi & Mi) then they always confused in Mi services like Mi Cloud, Mi Hidden files, Mi hidden album/photos/messages/ notes etc. New user also faces problems to setup their mobile for first use. So here we talk about all steps which you want to follow to make ready your Xiaomi phone for day to day tasks.

No Matter which phone you are using These tips & tricks works on almost all Xiaomi phones like Redmi 1s, Redmi 2 /Prime, Redmi 3s / Prime, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, Redmi 4A, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi5, Mi 6, Mi Max etc.

  1. Why am I not able to see Bubbles for Facebook Messenger app on my Xiaomi Phone?

Solution: This is because Pop Up has been blocked for Messenger app and it can be enabled very easily. Go to Settings > Permissions > Permissions > Permissions > Display Pop Up Window and enable it for every app that wants to show pop ups.

  1. Why are there 3 different password options in my Xiaomi Phone?

Solution: There are 3 password options namely ‘Screen Lock’ ‘Privacy Protection Password’ and ‘App Lock Password’. The first two are mentioned under ‘Lock Screen & Password’ settings. The only password which creates confusion is ‘Privacy Protection Password’ and it’s to safeguard your Notes, Hidden Files, Messages and Photos. This is one of the most secured method to keep you data safe.

  1. What is Wallpaper Carousel and how to activate in Xiaomi Redmi Mobile?

Explanation: It’s a very attractive feature for MI Users where lock screen wallpapers change automatically every time you wake up the phone as long as Internet Connectivity is maintained. There is a very good collection of wallpapers which can lighten your mood! You can enable this feature from Wallpaper Settings.

  1. Why can’t I receive Google Duo calls when someone calls me until I open the app in my Xiaomi phone?

Solution: This is faced by all those Xiaomi users who haven’t enabled ‘Auto – Start’ option for Google Duo. You can enable it by going to Settings > Permissions > Auto – start and then enable it for Google Duo.

  1. How can I make my Xiaomi phone look fast?

Solution: If you already have limited applications like my Dad, and still you feel like your phone is taking too much time to perform a function, I may solve your problem to some extent. Go to Settings > Battery > System Animations and then select ‘Hide system animations’. Phone will reboot and you will feel that your phone has improved its speed.

Pro Tip: If you want more fast working, Go to Settings > About Phone. Click multiple times on ‘MIUI Version’ which will help you enter into Developer Mode. Now go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options. Now scroll down a bit where there will be 3 options of ‘Window animation scale’, ‘Transition animation scale’ and ‘Animator duration scale’. Change all of the above to .5x scale which will make your phone look a bit more fast..!!!

  1. Why am I not receiving any notification from Flipkart/Amazon/TVF Play/WhatsApp directly unless I open the app in my Xiaomi Phone?

Solution: It’s happening because of the same reason as that of 5th. Enable Auto – Start for all the necessary applications and then enjoy those (buggy) notifications.
Frank Advice: Auto – Start is one of the main reasons why battery optimization is brilliant in Xiaomi devices. So to keep your battery last longer, enable only those apps to Auto – Start which you really need in daily use.

  1. I am receiving a lot of useless notifications from various apps like UC Browser, Vidmate etc. What should I do to prevent them in my Xiaomi Phone?

Solution: Go to Settings > Notifications & status bar > App notifications. Here you will see the list of all the installed apps. You can change the settings as you want along with Sound, Notification Light, Priority and various other settings. This will surely help you keep your notification panel clean and clear.

  1. How to force ‘WCDMA/3G Only’ Network in Xiaomi Phones?

Solution: In Xiaomi devices, we can’t directly enable this feature. Many times we are in an area where WCDMA/3G connectivity is very weak and our phone directly converts the network to GSM. Although, we can forcefully use WCDMA mode by going to Settings > About Phone and then click 5 times on ‘Internal Memory’ option. This will take you to Testing section. Now go to ‘Phone Information 1 or 2’ and then change the network mode to ‘WCDMA’ only.

  1. When I clear RAM, my Music Player also stops in Xiaomi mobile. What should I do?

Solution: Press the Menu {} button. You will see the applications which are open. Drag down that app which you want not to get closed and lock it. This will stop the android system to forcefully close the app.

So here we discuss all major problems which you faced during mi phone usages. These common problems easily solved via following some easy steps. If you are still facing some issue in your Xiaomi phone no matter which is Redmi 4 or Redmi 4A or any other Xiaomi device. You can talk with us. Just drop out your query in comment section we respond as soon as.

I hope I have solved some of your problems that you might have faced while using Redmi Phones.

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