Second Space Features & Comfort-ability in Xiaomi MIUI 8 (Redmi & Mi Phones)

Second Space feature in Xiaomi MIUI 8Hello MIUIers, hope you enjoying MIUI 8 features. MIUI 8 have various features, “Second Space”  is famous features of MIUI 8.  You already know why it’s our favorite.  Thorugh the help of second space, we can carry two mobiles in our one Xiaomi Mobile.  So we can also call “Dual Space“.

What is Second Space Feature in MIUI 8 :

In second space feature, you can separate your all data within particular space. Here we have two space, Main Space & Second Space.  In short, your phone have 2 views first for you and second for your friends. you can hide everything from your friends.

How to Active Second Space in MIUI 8 :

Not too hard to active Second space feature in your Xiaomi phone.

Just follow below steps to active Second Space:

  1. Go to Settings -> Second Space.
  2. System asks for a new pattern.
  3. Set a new pattern for your second space.
  4. All set. done.
Second space feature activation process MIUI 8

After following above steps your Xiaomi phone comfortable with Second Space feature.

Second Space working :

Now you are thinking about Second Space. you already activate but how to use this feature. It’s too simple when your phone is locked and ask for pattern password. here depend on you which space you want to use if you want main space then enter your original pattern password. if you want second space then enter Second space pattern password.

Benefits of Second Space :

You have the various advantage because of this Second space feature. Like you want to hide pictures then you use hide function in MIUI but now you don’t need to encrypt your files. you directly use Second Space. where your all data hide by default. you experience a new phone in your hand. Suppose your friend want to use your mobile and you don’t want to share your messages and call history then you tell him your second space pattern password.
Guest mode also an option, but in this case, user know that guest mode is on and he asks for the password. But in Second Space he believes on you that you give the main password and you don’t have any suspected messages and images on your phone.

Second Space Comfort-ability with Xiaomi Phones :

MIUIers love this feature. But some Xiaomi models not support MIUI Second space feature.


Model Second Space Comfort-ability
Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 4G not support for now
other support

Some Xiaomi models Redmi1S, Redmi 2, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 4G not support Second space and dual app fetaure  for now. because of limitation of hardware platform. Soon you receive a good news for Second space comfortability in your Redmi phones.

How to Delete Second Space :

Follow below steps to delete second spcae in miui 8 :

  1. Open “Manage”, and scroll down to see the “delete” option and press delete.
  2. You will get a prompt and select “Continue”.
  3. Now system ask for data move in main space.
  4. Choose what you want to move.
  5. All set. done


Q. Any chances in future for Redmi phones Second space ?
Ans. Yes, soon you receive a good news for second space comfortability in redmi phones.

Q. Can i set fingerprint password for second space ?
Ans. No, as of now you can only set pattern password for second space.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.


    1. Hi Rushiraj Pagoti,
      Thanks for writing here. MIUI 8 Stable does not release by Xiaomi as of now (August 23, 2016 8:42 PM). Soon you receive OTA update of MIUI 8 Stable.
      Maybe your friend uses MIUI developer ROM. So he receives Developer ROM updates which are based on MIUI 8.

    1. Hi Nitesh,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. As I described in the article Second Space function not work in Redmi Note 4G. because of hardware limitation.
      But soon you enjoy Second space function when Xiaomi fixes this issue in next coming updates.
      As of now, you can’t use Dual space function in your Redmi Note 4G.
      Kind Regards

  1. hello
    i like to know that does the dual app and second space take the internal storage space when we use them
    and i dont have app invisible in my redmi note 3
    please help.

    1. Hi Amaan,
      Sorry for the delay in the response.
      Yes, Dual app and second space function use your internal storage.
      Ass of now MIUI 8 does not have App hidden function. you can use second space features for this purpose.
      Kind Regards

  2. Me and my friend both are using mi phone.. But my friend who has redmi 1s and I am using redmi 2 prime. He got the miui 8 updation notification but till now I did not get such notification regarding miui 8.

  3. All of the mi mobiles are getting miui 8 updates, why only redmi 2 prime and redmi 3s mobiles are not getting miui 8 updates, when will this phones are getting updates?

  4. i have already updated to miui 8 in redmi 1s but i have not got second space function even in developer version.when i will gwt second space option even guest mode is also missed in miui 8

    1. Hi Faiz Khan,
      Thanks for writing here. As of now Second space feature not available in Redmi 1S. There are fewer chances in future for second space in Redmi 1S. We can only wait if Xiaomi provides second Space feature in Redmi 1S too.
      Kind Regards

    1. hi Kishore,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. For main space please enter the main pattern which you set during pattern set.
      For second space, always use the second pattern which you set when you setting up second space functionality.
      Kind Regards

  5. 1-will I lose my datas on secondary space on system updations?
    2-i need my contacts,gallary and call logs in both primary and secondary it possible?
    3-i need my instagram only in secondary space… it possible to do so without get any notification on primary space…
    plz respond me to my email

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