How to Update MIUI 8 Marshmallow in Redmi 3S Prime Xiaomi

Redmi 3S Prime MIUi 8 Update officale OTA developer ROMHello MIUIers, Hope you enjoying Xiaomi services. Recently you received your favorite phone Redmi 3S Prime. An awesome budget phone with full of features. After Redmi Note 3, This phone is favorite of many peoples. All in one model  gives by our beloved Xiaomi. After the first use, you are happy with the performance. But now you are thinking to upgrade. Because no one wants to use an old software on a brand new mobile. So here we talk about MIUI official update of MIUI 8 which is based on Marshmallow. Your Redmi 3S Prime is fully comfortable for MIUI 8 updates.

MIUI 8 Free Download link for Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime :

If you are new in the Xioami World Then i want to share something with you. Here we use 2 ROMs in our Xiaomi phones. First one is Developer ROM which receives update in every week. that is the best part of MIUI. The second one is Stable ROM which is prebuilt come in your Redmi 3S.

As I above-described, If you want to MIUI 8 Developer ROM then it is available and you can download from below link.

Click Here to Download MIUI 8 Global Developer ROM for Redmi 3S Prime
Version : 6.9.22 (MIUI8) Global Developer ROM

Click here to Download MIUI 8 Global Stable ROM for Redmi 3S Prime
Click here to Download MIUI 8 Fastboot ROM for Redmi 3S Prime

MIUI 8 China Stable for Redmi 3S / Prime
MIUI 8 China Developer for Redmi 3S / Prime

If you don’t understand what is Global ROM,China ROM Recovery ROM Fastboot ROM, Mi Recovery then Please read below article for a complete guide on ROMs version.
MIUI ROM FAQs – Detailed guide

The above-given link is China Developer ROM which is based on MIUI 8. If you use this ROM then you must install play store manually.
We strongly recommend, if you are not friendly with rooting & flashing ROMs then please don’t flash this ROM. Please wait for official OTA update in your Redmi 3S Prime.

Official MIUI 8 OTA Update for Redmi 3S Prime :

If you don’t want to use MIUI 8 Developer ROM. then you can wait for official MIUI 8 OTA update. Which is based on Global Stable ROM. You can Receive OTA update of MIUI 8 in Second Week of August. So You can wait OR Flash a developer ROM which link is given above.

Update Procedure MIUI 8 in Redmi 3s Prime :

If you want to update with OTA. then you don’t need to do anything. Once the OTA release then you get a notification in your Redmi 3S and just click on it. after that MIUI 8 Downloading in your Redmi 3S. and after download, it asks for restart click ok. Make sure you have 45%+ battery in order to update MIUI 8.

If you can’t wait for OTA update then you can follow below steps for MIUI 8 :

  1. Download MIUI 8 from the above-given link.
  2. Store downloaded the zip file in your Phone Memory.
  3. Go to Update App.Tap on three dots which is exists on Right side top
  4. Tap on update package option.
  5. Give the MIUI 8 ROM path.
  6. Update process start.
  7. All Set, Done.

Now your Redmi 3S Prime is on MIUI 8.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.


  1. Hey dude, I’ve bought new Redmi 3s prime and clicked ‘enter recovery mode’ from the updater. The phone got stuck in bootloop. I tried everything to enter into recovery mode and reset,but it never goes into recovery screen. Please help me through email. I think it’s because of Marshmallow.

    1. Hi Sudhakar,
      Thanks for writing here. Try with Wipe reset option if not resolved then the only way is Fastboot ROM.
      Flash your phone through fastboot ROM.
      hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Akshay,
      Sorry for the delay in the response.
      1. If you update/flash MIUI 8 in your Redmi 3S then it’s not void warranty.
      2. Yes, you can perform these steps in your Redmi 3S for MIUI 8.

      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Chandan,
      thanks for writing here. Redmi 3S comes with MIUI 7. Soon you receive MIUI 8 through OTA update. When you receive an update notification on the phone. simply click on it and the system automatically downloads MIUI 8.

      Kind Regards

  2. Sir, I’ve flashes the rom so many times after it getting bricked every time. First it got bricked due to pressing boot into recovery, secondly, it got bricked while consuming media from external SD. Third, when clicked the lite mode. Every time it got stuck in boot loop.

    Every time it got bricked I observed one thing. I was disabling the system apps that I didn’t want. Like hangout, Google keyboard, YouTube, Google app etc.

    So this time I didn’t disable any app. I used phone for two days and it worked without a hassle but with some heating.

    So, is this a software issue? Or phone itself is damaged? Do you people ever used phone by disabling apps? Or should I wait for miui 8 or just return? Please help.

  3. Please tell me is there any disadvantage in installing the MIUI 8 using the above link and shall I get the stable MIUI OTA later? Please reply.

    1. Hi Shyam Kadian,
      What button that you’re pressing before to get into recovery mode..?, is it volume up + power button..or volume down + power button..?
      There’re two methods you can go into the recovery mode of Redmi 3S.

      Please try with Volume up + Power button.
      then revert us back if you still face the Chinese language.

  4. Please help me! I’m using Redmi 3S prime Android 6.0 Marshmallow! But still can’t have lollipop emojis! My system isn’t featuring the lollipop emojis why is it so? How could i get it fix! I’m provided by those yellow emojis kitkat version emojis!

  5. I bought this phone from Flipkart on 9th August and got it delivered on 10th August. Since then, 3G/4G is not working. I have opted for a refund from Flipkart. but my case is pending. Didnt expect this from Xiaomi. This is a major issue. My current version is MIUI7 (7.5.9 MALMIDE). I was a very big fan of Xiaomi and was using Redmi Note since 2 years. But now Xiaomi has disappointed me. Very poor. Does this MIUI8 update resolve the issue ? Please reply.

    1. Hi Swapnil,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please tell me the procedure how you are using 3G/4G in your Redmi 3S ?
      You can also solve your issue on current MIUI version. Just tell me the procedure how you use 3G/4G in your Xiaomi mobile ?

      1. Hi,
        I am facing the same problem. I have idea sim and as soon as I switch on the mobile data the network remains at 3g for 1 min, then automatically changes to 2g. This was not an issue with my old phone, so I know it’s not a sim problem. Please help out

      2. If 3G signal is not available then E is displayed on the screen. In my redmi 3S prime internet doesn’t work most of the time with 2G. Tried factory reset, but no luck. Should I try updating the ROM to MIUI8? will it erase the data on my mobile?

    1. Hi Rushiraj Pagoti,
      Thanks for writing here. If you are not friendly with flashing rooting in smartphones. then Developer ROM not for you. Xiaomi tests all new functions on Developer ROM. Sometimes is good but sometimes you face bugs in new updates. So ready for troubleshooting if you are planning to switch Developer ROM. The good thing is, you get weekly updates in developer ROM.
      Yes, This ROM developed by Xiaomi.
      Kind Regards

  6. Iam also facing this problem , iam using Idea network when turn on 4G network it easily turn on ,then im turn in to 2G network it not turn 2G its shows Idea 4G network after reboot my cell phone its connect2G date after few hours it convert in 4G network please tel me how to solve my issue

    1. Hi Nataraj,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please follow below instructions to set 2G network.
      => Go to settings
      =>SIM cards & mobile networks
      =>Choose your sim (like Idea, which you are currently used)
      =>Tap on preferred network type
      => select 2G only ( saves battery)

      After following above settings you are on 2G network. if your phone still switch 4G network then please check your battery profile settings.
      Kind Regards

  7. Sir, i have bought 5 redmi 3s phones for my office use to give to sales man …today i disabled apps like hangout google play store youtube weather gmail etc and i restarted the phone all my five phone have stuck on mi logo screen and very much worried . Can you help in resolving the issue…will the conpany service centre help in resolving this issue

    1. Hi Tarun Kumar,
      Please try wipe reset option.
      Volume down + Power button.
      Here you can choose wipe reset option. You can also visit nearest Mi service center they resolved your issue.
      Kind Regards

          1. Sir as you said i selected the recovery mode then screen vibrate and then it shows plug in charging screen and after some time the phone get switched off . And if you switch on the phone it is again stuck at mi logo screen

          2. Please flash your phone with Fastboot ROM.
            Else you can visit nearest Mi service center.
            Kind Regards

  8. i am a redmi 3s prime user and i am facing some problem like at some crowded places internet connection is not signal is good but still not able use Internet. the phone shows E symbol but not connected to internet..but i am able use net at other places please solve this issue.. thanks

    1. Hi Chauhan Santosh,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. If your phone internet working in a normal area and not connecting in a particular area then it should be a network operator fault. Please call your network operator customer care and discuss your problem with them.
      Kind Regards

  9. sir, i am uaing redimi 3s for just only 2 days.i t now become stick on mi logo.please post mi flash tool and miui 7 stable fastboot rom for redimi 3s device so that i can fastboot it.thanks.

    1. Hi Supreet,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please try Wipe Reset via Mi Recovery. Redmi 3S Prime fastboot ROM not released as of now. When Xiaomi releases the ROM we will share the link with you.
      Kind Regards

  10. Hi, Since MIUI 8 update I am having problems with network. After reboot I have 4G then after about an hour it goes to 2G. I Want 4G/3G, I have already treid the options “Prefere LTE” and “Prefere 3G”. This was workign before update.
    Redmi 3S

    Thank you for your assistance

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for your help on many subjects.
    I have a problem with the Bluetooth connection on my car ; after few seconds redmi 3s disconnect and all my attempts don’t correct this (this problem doesn’t exist with an other phone).
    Perhaps MIUI8 will change this, so I downloaded the pro ROM to my PC and then to the redmi but when I want to install it via “Choose update package” I have this message “connect to WLAN, to download this update, connect to a WLAN network”
    What is wrong ?

    1. Hi Chamarejc,
      Thanks for writing here. Make sure you download Recovery ROM (not fastboot ROM).
      If your ROM file in .zip format then ok.
      Now move your File in Phone’s internal memory.
      Go to Updater App and tap on “choose update package” give file path.
      All set . Now process start.
      If you still face problem then please contact us via below link with screenshots.
      Kind Regards

  12. After disabling and uninstalling unnecessary apps like flipkart, Amazon Shopping, Hangouts etc. when I reboot it stuck at MI Logo and no go after 4 hours also. I flashed my mobile 2 times with help of MI Service Center. I tried volume button+Power button, it provides 3 options :- Fastboot, Recovery and Downloads and won’t provide an option for Wipe Data to reset the settings. Every time, I need to depend on MI Service Center and losing all my data. My mobile is new branded Redmi 3S Prime (purchased 10 days ago). Is it a bug. The main disadvantage is I am losing all data after performing flash by MI Service Center. I really afraid to reboot my Xioami in life time. Please provide any suggestion to fix the issue.

    1. Hi Keshav Reddy,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please click on Recovery option then you get Wipe reset options.
      When you flash a new ROM then this is not mandatory to clear all data like (Storage and user settings). When you go to service center next time then say them you don’t want to loose your data. They flash new ROM without touching your personal data.
      Please use Mi Cloud to handle any unexpected situations.
      Kind Regards

  13. Hello sir,
    i have ordered redmi 3s prime,but it consist of MIUI7.But i need MIUI8 so can you please tell me the date when will be MIUI8 will be available via OTA?

  14. Hello guyz,
    Actully i am facing bootloop problem in redmi 3s and it is stuck on mi logo and i have also try fast boot and recovery but nothing happen . Fastboot mode make phone off and when restart same problem still comes and in recovery phone show mi mobile with charging cable logo and again restart and stuck on mi logo. what should i do ?? This device is 2 days old and i have not access internet from sim 1 and its shows some time no network and it is also not connected with my pc or laptop.
    I dont know why its happen. Is it system specific or all redmi 3s prime has this problem and should i replace this phone or not with new redmi 3s device ?because i afraid that same problem may raise again ? Or there is any solution for this bootloop problem?

    1. Hi Deepak,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please give us current situation detail. Are you facing bootloop right now or Network Problem. OR you are facing connection issue with your computer.
      You can raise a Replace request .
      Kind Regards

  15. Sir

    I m brought new redmi 3s
    I have problem in internet connection in sim 2, it’s change second by second that internet connect and internet not connect and notification flash for second when internet not connect for second and flash
    out when internet connect continuously each second i reboot device many time but problem can’t
    kindly help me

  16. hii
    i bought Redmi 3s and i want to update my ph to MIUI 8,
    But there is no any new update show in my phone.
    Please tell me how can i update my phone to MIUI 8 version.

    Thank you.

  17. Hi,
    Could you please let me know the any option in Redmi 3s prime to turn off vibration while typing message that is no option for turn off vibration on touch pad.Also the brightness varies after some after it has been set it changes frequently on its own.please let me know your answers

    1. Hi Venugopal,
      Thanks for writing here. Sorry for the delay in the response.
      For Keypad type vibration Off
      1. Go to settings -> Add. settings -> Language & Input
      2.tap on arrow which is next to Google keyboard.
      3. Now choose Preferences
      4. untick the ‘Vibrate on keypress’ option.

      For touch paid vibration :
      1. Go to settings -> Sound
      turn off vibrate on touch option.

      Brightness change frequently because you set to auto. please disable via
      1. Go to settings -> Display- > Brightness
      2. Automatic brightness off

      Kind Regards

        1. Hi Archan,
          As you know This is developer ROM. If you not friendly with flashing, rooting. Then we strongly recommended to you please don’t update. Wait for Stable OTA.
          If you still want to update then you do it. You Jio sim perfectly working on MIUI 8.
          Kind Regards

    1. Hi Raj,
      you can’t move apps to SD card in MIUI because of performance issues. Yes, you can remove some apps which come preinstalled in Xiaomi Redmi 3s like amazon, facebook, keyboards etc.
      Please don’t care about RAM you can enjoy your all games without removing any app.
      Kind Regards

  18. I have Redmi 3s Prime,My phone got password lock and its showing 119 minutes to re try,after 119 minutes iam trying to unlock my phone with my password or finger print.But again its showing wrong password.I tried to hard reset my phone through recovery mode but its showing connect cable and stuck there only.Please help

      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. You can recover this situation via below ways.
      First :
      If there any forgot password option then tap on that link and reset your password.
      Second :
      hard reset via Recovery mode. But for this way you need to unlock your device bootloader. For bootloader unlock follow below article
      Third :
      Flashing a new ROM but this way also required unlocked bootloader.

      Hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

  19. recovery mode is not working I want wipe my data .because my phone got password lock and I am trying to hard reset my phone through recovery mode.but when I am clicking on recovery its asking to connect data cable.when i am attaching cable nothing is happening

  20. Will u tel me how much ram is free in redmi 3s prime?? Can we remove pre dwnloded apps…. And if we card and receive movie through xender it wll go in phn storge or memory card pls tel ??

    1. Hi Raj,
      you can play any heavy game in Redmi 3S without lag issue.
      It depends on Xender App where its save content. In Xiaomi world we have Mi drop and Mi Mover inbuilt function. Which is too fast in comparison to any other third party app.
      Kind Regards

  21. Hello,

    Am not able to enter recovery mode in redmi 3s prime. Pressing volume up +power button as well as selecting ‘reboot to recovery mode’ via updater gives the same response where there is a picture telling to connect the charger. I have tried this with full battery but the result is same everytime. I am on
    Want to know if the problem is with model in general or specific to my phone.
    I have tried factory reset without any success.

  22. Hello friend i am
    using redmi 3s prime it is not work properly
    Sudden gallary is no show the photos
    What is solution of this .
    And when miui 8 launched in redmi 3s prime
    Plz… Reply

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