4 Ways to Take Screenshot in Xiaomi Mobiles MIUI 7/8 (Redmi & Mi)

4 Methods to take screenshot in Xiaomi MIUI 7-8Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. A Screenshot is a basic requirement of any smartphone user. Today we discuss on Screenshot function of MIUI. In the Xiaomi world, you have many ways to take a screenshot in an easy way. Here many options available in your Xiaomi mobile for screenshots.

Why We need Screenshot function :

You already know why we need this grateful function in our mobile. Its requirement depends on person to person. Some users don’t want to write their application id which they receive from a particular website then they take a screenshot and work finished. Some users want to share their referral code on social sites so instead of write they simply take a screenshot and finish their work smartly.
As above examples you see screenshot play an important role in our daily life. So we need it. And you know Xiaomi always better in customization options. So here we also have 4 ways to take a screenshot in our favorite Xiaomi device. All methods work on All Xiaomi Phones no matter which you are using like Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 /Prime, Redmi 3S / Prime, Redmi note 3, Note 4G, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5 etc.

Way 1 :  Volume Down + Menu Key Button

  • Simply Press Volume down button + Menu key Button
  • you can also choose Volume down button + Power Button
Screenshot using Volume down button + Menu key Button Image credit – MIUI Forum

Way 2 : Pull down Status Bar and Tap on the “Screenshot” Toggle

Here you can take a screenshot via using Screenshot toggle. Just Swipe down the status bar and tap on Screenshot toggle.

Screenshot procedure from status bar in Xiaomi Mobiles Image credit – MIUI Forum

Way 3 : Through the help of Quick ball

Quick ball is a new feature which you receive in MIUI updates. First, enable Quick ball through Settings. In settings you find Quick ball options in Shortcut menu section.
After enabling the Quick ball, set screenshot toggle in options. and now you can take a screenshot through Quick ball.

Way 4 : Three Fingers Swipe Down to Screenshot

This feature is only available in MIUI 8. If you are on MIUI 8 ROM then you can use this feature.

Just swipe 3 fingers at any screen to activate screenshot capturing.

Here you get 4 methods to take the screenshot. But you missed one thing long screenshot.  As you know Xiamomi introduces Full page screenshot where you take pic which is available on scroll also.

How to use long screenshot feature in Xiaomi MIUI 8 :

It is so simple. follow below steps to take long screenshot in your Xiaomi Mobile

  1. Go to the screen which you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Press Volume down button + Power Button
  3. Tap on the animation icon from top
  4. Scroll down the screen which you want to take in Screenshot pic.
  5. All Set, done.
Long screenshot in MIUI 8 Image credit- MIUI Forum

All above methods work with all Xiaomi phones, So now there is no question for is long screenshot work with Redmi 2 or Rredmi 1s etc etc. This is MIUI feature so all Xiaomi devices can able to take a screenshot via above described methods.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.



  1. New long Screenshot feature is not working I had send bug report to MI by feedback app but they do not reply or resolve my problem what to do if you know please tell me I am so worried how to use this feature thank you

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