Redmi Note 3 : Battery Drain Not Charge Heating Issue Solution

redmi-note-3-techsarjan-battery-problemRedmi note 3, Awesome product from Xiaomi. As we all know Xiaomi known for their amazing devices with the illustrious budget.  Redmi Note 3 full fill all wishes of Mi fans. No matter if you want fingerprint sensor, IR Blaster for your TV & AC, flamboyant camera etc etc.  All come in one pack Means Redmi Note 3.

Redmi Note 3 comes with two variants. First, one comes with 2 GB RAM & 16 GB internal and the other one come with 3 GB RAM & 32 GB internal. Redmi Note 3 have Snapdragon 650 processor with 4050mAh powerful battery. You can experience metal body with amazing light weight feelings Because Redmi note 3 in much light the only 164g.  The fingerprint sensor gives an ultimate power in your hands. So you can easily say Redmi note 3 a good choice in  this stunning price range.

Some users face a not charging problem in Redmi note 3 in the brand new phone.  Some other complaint of Battery drain fast in Redmi note 3.  All problem which you read above they are minor problems, There is no need to go for the service center. You can easily solve these small problems with doing some cool kinds of stuff.

Battery Not Charging Problem Solution in Redmi Note 3 :

This problem normal happens with brand new Redmi Note 3 phones. When you open the box, And set up your Mi phone with basic settings. Now you realise that your phone charging in working. Don’t worry its easily solved by some below tricks.

  • Use another Xiaomi charger for 2-3 times. After that, you see your own charger works.
  • Don’t charge your Xiaomi Redmi note 3 till then his battery goes to 3%, Then charge your phone. If not charge then use the phone till the power off. After that charge your mi phone.
  • Charge your phone in switch off condition.

This battery not charge problem also occur if you do not charge your Xiaomi phone  for 20-25 days. After following of above ways your phone’s battery definitely charged. If still not charging then you can go for Mi Service centre.

Fast Battery Drain Problem solution in Redmi Note 3 :

Redmi note 3 have 4050mAh Battery. And if you still complaining about Battery drain then you can do following steps for better results:

  • Check your GPS . Turn on only when you need.
  • Check All background Apps are off.
  • Turn off WIFI when you not use.
  • Frequently check you battery usage in Security App.
  • Follow low brightness when you don’t use.
  • Don’t use Vibration for Screen touch as well as the capacitive buttons.
  • Set preferred network 2G When you don’t need the internet.
  • Install all updates provided by Xiaomi.

So here are many tricks, Through help of these trick you can easily optimize your battery power in your Redmi note 3 Phone. You can also install developer ROM for Updates. As you know They get updates fast because they use Developer ROM. If you are not friendly with rooting and flashing mobiles , Then please don’t do it. There is no need to do it. Xiaomi gives all power to their normal users . You can easily customize everything in your MIUI. Now MIUI 8 Released. You can Download MIUI8 for Redmi note 3 From here.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.


    1. Hii Anymsx
      Thanks for writing here. You can check your battery usages status, So you easily know which app or Service consume your battery. Then take action according to them.

    1. Hii Bhargavi
      Thanks for writing here. May be some background apps are running in your Redmi note 3. Once the battery goes down 10%, Then check battery status. You definitely found which source is responsible for all these things.

      1. Mine also same problem, it is getting drain automatically..if its 100% in night time, when i see morning it is 60% or 70% without using it. Day time also same without using it is draining 30 to 40%. Please tell me whats the proble…i bought this just 10 days back only.

        1. i have redmi note 3at beginning phone use towork properly after a period of times since amonth i am facing problem of battery draining data is off wifi is off etc though battery drainseg; phone is charged to 50% at night time n when i wake up i becomes 9 or 10%this is happening since a month thus i wanted to know the reason

      2. i have redmi note 3
        at beginning phone use to work properly after a period of times since a month i am facing problem of battery draining data is off wifi is off etc though battery drains
        eg; phone is charged to 50% at night time n when i wake up i becomes 9 or 10%
        this is happening since a month thus i wanted to know the reason

        1. i do agree with Kritik Chavan..

          i am also facing the same problem, i tried everything uninstalling useless apps and clearing catch and doing all other R & D what i know but the problem is same….

          eg; phone is charged to 50% at night time n when i wake up i becomes 9 or 10%
          this is happening since 15 days thus i wanted to know the reason and solution tooo…

        2. I am also facing the same problem I have used my redmi note 3 for 3 days and after full charge at night around 95% the battery remains 65% in the morning

          1. Hey, im looking for a solution, im facing exact the same problem, battery is draining so fast that even with the charger on it doesnt go up 87%.

            I already try to change the ROM, and i experience a solution with a ROM called “EPIC ROM” from Xiaomi site, but after a week the problem came back, so, it is not a Hardware problem, we are facing a virus of something.

            Please if you know something post it here. have a nice day!

  1. I have Redmi Note 3, earlier days of purchase the battery lasted for around 2 days , but recently after the update getting to MIUI7 , the battery really drains very fast.
    I have noticed , even when phone is lying idle say when at night, i noticed battery grains by around 35% in just 6 hours of sleep, when there is no calling going on. wifi off, mobile data switched off.
    I don’t know what is happening,
    Even during day, it drains like anything, ,,,

    1. Hii Punit
      Thanks for writing your query here. In this MIUI update, this problem commonly faces by users. You can revert back to your previous MIUI version. OR Upgrade MIUI 8. You don’t face any problem in MIUI 8. However this bug reported to MIUI developers by many Xiaomi fans. So in the next update, your problem solved.

      1. Dear Bro
        I am using Redmi Note 2, and i also upgraded this version MIUI 8, but still now same condition. Battery draining so fast. I used two days without sim card, memory card, wifi, sync..Everything was switched off. But it also draining so fast as before. I already did everything as user comments from all site, but still same condition. When i was Version 7, that time if i use wifi mobile never be heat, but after upgraded now its heated also with data .
        So please if you know actually what can i do for this problem, please tell me..
        and please send me a mail.

        Thanks and Regards

        1. Hi Riyad,
          Thanks for writing here. Please revert us with battery stats. so we check what’s the actual problem.
          For more details please check your mail.
          Kind Regards

    2. I have a red mi Note 3 when my Phone remain in full charge it shows that it will last 2days but when i use my Phone the charge lasts only for 10 hours i dont know what may be the cause for low battery cervice.when i connect my phone to the charger it be comes hotter after few minutes. If you kindly inform me of How to come out of all these problems .???????

    1. Hii Dev
      Thanks for sharing your query here. Make sure during charge you have not enabled WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. Also, check your mobile data is turned off. After process above thing then charge your mobile. If it still heats. Then switch off your Redmi note 3 and Charge it. If your phone still heat during charging in switch off condition then you need to visit nearest Xiaomi Service center.

  2. Hi – I have Redmi Note 3. As Puneet mentioned i used to have lot of battery back up for first 1-2 months . However after recent updates – I am on MIU 7.3.6 – battery drains like fast. Even when in sleep mode despite data off wifi off etc and even closing all bg apps. I have checked battery usage and most of it is form android and Google Play services. So not sure what the issue is.My Battery saver profile is on too and brightness is minimal and screen is auto lock in some 20 seconds

    Please guide

    1. Hii Hari
      Thanks for writing here. We understand your problem which you face during phone usages. This battery drain problem happening on all devices because of new MIUI update. This bug already reported on MIUI forum. Hope this will fix in new MIUI update. You can go back to your Previous MIUI version. OR wait for some time to get new updates from MIUI. You can do some small things to get better results however these are not advisable ways:
      => Use 2G Network.
      => Make sure your GPS and Bluetooth are off.
      =>Auto Brightness off.
      If you have Home WiFi , Then always connect your phone to WiFi. One of moderator suggests this thing on MIUI Forum.
      Hope this help.

      1. Reboot your phone.
        Its a bug in android due to which the phone remain awake.
        Whenever you use too much multimedia reboot the phone once. Only solution till now

    1. Hii Sudhakar
      You can Go back via flashing Previous MIUI Rom. Download the ROM from MIUI Website, Then Flash via updater OR Mi Flash tool.

  3. Hello,

    Recently I bought Redmi note 3 phone just one month back. Untill now it was working well. But from this morning its not charging. I tried with different charger (not xiomi one) and also with connecting to the PC. But nothing worked. The phone also become bit warm. Kindly suggest any solution.

    1. Hi Ajay
      Thanks for writing here. Please try below solutions.
      => Switch off your Redmi note 3 and charge with official charger.
      => Try using another charger in switch off mode.
      => Make sure your data cable working perfectly (Try with another data cable).
      If all above tricks not work then please visit nearest Mi Service center.

      Kind Regards

  4. Hi,

    I bought Redmi note 3 pro about 2 months ago. At the beginning charging time
    tooks about 1,5/2h, but now it is about 4/5h 🙁 what should i do? Why fast charging doesnt work now?

    1. Hi Piszczyk
      Thanks for writing here. Please try different Xiaomi charger to charge your Redmi note 3. Currently, there is no bug in charging process. Maybe you have an issue in your Charger. Please confirm your charger productivity.

      Kind Regards

  5. hello
    I brought my Redmi note3 in April..battery was good till May but then it has started draining in 1 day.Battery usage shows 90% used by apps and that too mainly – Android 47%
    and Android System 33% Rest of the apps are using merely 12%. Even Hardware is using only 10% battery.
    What should i do now?

    1. Hi Ashima Agarwal
      Thanks for writing here. We are sorry to say, Currently MIUI has a battery drain bug in latest ROM. This bug is already reported to MIUI developers. Hope it resolves in next update. however, you can try some of the tips which are described in the article to extend your note 3 battery life.

      Kind Regards

  6. As Hari and Puneet said, I am also facing this battery draining problem on my Redmi Note 3 for last 4-5 days. I bought it on 26th june. But I have a different problem. Whenever I charge my mobile to 100% it starts draining and reaches to around 75% within an hour even on standby mode without using wifi or 4g and after getting drained to 75% it gives the performance as it should. I am very much confused what to do. Coz I face this only after charging. Please help. I have tried factory reset so many times and ROM is also updated.

    1. Hi Deepak avasthy
      Thanks for writing here. Maybe a battery threshold condition occurs in your Redmi note 3. Please, full discharge your Redmi note 3 and after that press power button (9-10 seconds ) without charging , Then charge your phone. hope its works for you.

      Kind Regards

  7. The battery of my redmi note 2 is stucked in 64% . i use a battery charger kit when charging and it get stucked in 64%. Another is it keeps on heating everytime i charge directly to my phone.

    1. Hi Nikki
      Thanks for writing here. Fully discharge your phone then charge again. Please always use original Xiaomi charger for charging.

      Kind Regards

  8. Hi there,

    I am facing a very strange problem. there is something wrong either with mobile or battery. mobile is showing battery percentage -2% and it gets turned off whenever i unplug it from charger.. please help.

  9. I have a xiaomi redmi note 3 and till yesterday it was perfectly fine and it took only 1 hour and 10 minutes to charge fully. Today morning i used the phone till 2% of charge and then i switched off the phone and put it on charge for 30 minutes . But red led light was blinking continuously . And it didn’t power up with the normal duration of power button press . So i pressed and held the button for 10 seconds and the phone switched on . The percentage was now at 18% and now its charging really slowly . it takes about 5 minutes to charge 1 more % . It’s just been only 20 days i got this phone ! Please help ! 🙁

    1. Hi Arvind
      Thanks for writing here. Use your phone till the battery goes zero percentage. Then charge your phone in switch off condition for 5 Minutes. And start your phone. hope it will help.

      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Saiteja
      Thanks for writing here. Minor heat is ok but if heats too much then maybe some issue. You can try some below trick to less heat during Redmi note 3 charge
      ->Disable the GPS during charge.
      -> Don’t play games during charge.
      ->check how many apps working on back end.
      ->Clear the Cache memory through cleaner.
      ->check virus through security app.

  10. I have purchased redmi note3 about 1 month ago .when my phone plugin to charge from the real charger it idicate connect, disconnect many times its happen sometimes it note indicate any thing even when charging plugin also .
    Then what i have to do now?
    Goes to service center?

    1. Hi Babul
      Thanks for writing here. Make sure your data cable working perfect. Try with another charger. if you still face problem then please visit nearest Mi service center in your city.

    1. Hi Tanmoy
      Please submit your Redmi note 3 to service center. They guys repair according to need. If they think Battery is damaged then they replace the battery.

  11. hi…this is ajay i bought mi note 3 on july 2nd …..for a week the mobile has decent battery Performance but now the mobile was discharging very fast even though iam using two or three apps….so please fix this problem

  12. Hi.. my mi note 3 phone’s battery drained out and isn’t charging now. The phone is just off and when phone is kept in charging just the red light keeps blinking. Its off for last 2 days. Can u please help me with this

    1. Hi Jyoti,
      Thanks for writing here. Plug in your charger in Mobile. after 30 minutes try with
      Volume up key + Power button
      Let me know if any menu appear. if not then try with another charger. If still not boot then please visit nearest Mi service center.
      Kind Regards

      1. this is ajay……i already reported my problem to you but no response……i bought mi note3 on july2nd and my phone is charging fast and discharging is also in same way even though preferred network is 2g..fix this problem

        1. Hi Ajay Kumar,
          Thanks for writing here. Sorry for the delay in response. Please go to battery status and check which app consuming more power. So we can react according to the situation.

  13. Battery getting charged only when put in switch off mode, but Once charging starts , if mobile is switched on then also charging continues. But charging starts only in switch off mode

    1. Hi Kritik Chavan,
      For the previous version, you can download old ROM from MIUI Download page. Store this ROM in your Phone storage and open updater app and choose manual update then give the ROM path. The system warns for your downgrade. tap on the Ok button. Now some process goes on and phone reboot automatically after reboot you are on the Previous version of MIUI. Clear the Wipe cache data.

      And if you want MIUI 8, if you friendly with Flashing, rooting then go for Global developer ROM for more details read from below link
      Else please wait, In August you get Stable MIUI 8. you receive the update via OTA.

      kind Regards

        1. Hi Ajay,
          Sorry for the delay in response. This is happing because MIUI bug. This is already reported to MIUI developers. Hope it resolves in next update.
          Kind Regards

  14. Hi,
    I bought redmi note 3 in May ’16. The phone was working well but yesterday suddenly it stopped charging, when i plug the charger it shows charging indication but suddenly it stops charging.This process of charging and dropping power goes on and whenever i connect it to the earphones or aux cable the volume automatically goes on decreasing and when i increase it again it decreases again. Should i go to the service centre or is there any other solution.

    Please guide


    1. Hi Rajat Choudhary,
      Thanks for writing here. Sorry for the delay in response. Please take a backup of your data. and try a factory reset. After that, if you still face the same problem then please visit nearest Mi service center.

      Kind regards

    1. Hi Pabitra,
      Sorry for the delay in response. Please explain your query.
      What happen when you off display light manually through power button ?

      Kind Regards

  15. Bought redmi note 3 today, but unable to charge it. Battery is stuck at 20% . Even the charging indiacator shows that charging is on but battery is at 20% only

    1. Hi Aman Kumar,
      Don’t worry, It is normal. Use your phone till the battery goes to 2-3% then switch off your phone and charge it for 10-15 Minutes after that, Turn on your phone its working like a champ.
      If still not charge then please try with another Mi charger.
      Kind Regards

  16. IS miui 8 better than previous version . because android system is consuming more battery and my battery is getting drained faster as previous . 30-40% drains every night
    please fix this issue

    1. Hi Kritik Chavan,
      MIUI 8 is better in all sections. however, it is in developer mode so might me some bugs here. In the stable ROM, you don’t face any problem in your phone.
      Battery drain bug is already reported to MIUI developers. Hope it resolves in Next update.

      Kind Regards

  17. Hi – my Redmi was on 7.37 and got upgraded to 7.5.3. Looks like the battery drain has reduced. Not been 24 hours yet the signs are ecnouraging

    1. Hi Hari,
      As you know this bug already reported to MIUI developers. So hopefully it’s resolved in this update. Thanks for choosing Xiaomi.
      Kind Regards

  18. Iam using redmi note 3since mobile but redmi is not taking charge by the charger which i got inside the box.. I dun know its a fake or a real charger.. But its working fine on other mobile.. But not on my mobile.. Bt when i use any other charger of any brand mobile it works perfect with redmi mobile… Why dis problem occuring want to know… And yes after 50% of charge when i use the charger it works fine..

    1. Hi Subhasis,
      Thanks for choosing Xiaomi. This is common in Redmi Note 3. use your phone till the battery goes to 3-4% and after that shutdown the phone. Then charge with Your original charger for 15-20 Minutes. After that, Turn on your phone and you see your charger working.
      Please always charge your phone through the original charger.

      Kind Regards

  19. Hallo.

    Just bought the Redmi note 3 pro and the battery is stuck at 2%.

    When charging, the battery charges but the phone does not get this input so the indication always remains at 2% with the red led flashing continuously and low brightness mode on.

    Can you please help.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Pantelis Chrys,
      We are sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please charge your Redmi note 3 through another charger. when phones charged 50-55% charged. Then try with your original charger.
      Kind Regards

      1. Dear grprajapat,

        Thank you for your response.

        I have already tried:
        – A number of different chargers
        – Letting the device to fully discharge and then charging it at power off mode with original charger (that is working with no issues)
        – Pressing the on/off button for 10 seconds when fully discharged and then charging

        The issue is tha the battery works fine (it charges and discharges normally) but the device does not receive any input from the battery status. Even if the battery is at 100% charge, the ui shows -2 percent and the red led is continously flashing.

        Any other fixes?

        Thank you in advance.

        Best regards.

        1. Hi Pantelis Chrys,
          Sorry for the delay in the response. Please reset your phone. After the reset, you still face problem then please visit nearest Xiaomi service center.
          Kind Regards

  20. Hi,
    My redmi note 3 is not getting charged. Battery has been drained out completely and phone has been switched off. After inserting the charger red LED is blinking continuously.

    Please help

  21. At night at keep my phone at 30%but at morning when i look into it it is about 10%. I think it is by the temperature. Normally we should keep our mobile in cool place but i kept in hot place. Will u agree this?

    1. Hi Sanjai,
      Nowadays hardware designed for both of the conditions. there is no effect where you use. But yes, a very high temperature surely effects the phone performance.

      Kind Regards

  22. Hi, recently I bought a Redmi Note 3, after the about one week, I kept phone for charging when it was at 40% and forgot about it, two hours later I removed it from charging, as it was 100%, so clearly battery was overcharged for 1 to 1-1/2 hours, does it affect the battery, as the battery is non-removable.

    1. Hi Jairaj,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. In your case, there are no things to worry. Nowadays phones are too smart when your phone full charged then the system automatically off the power connection.
      Enjoy Xiaomi services without these small worries.
      Kind Regards

  23. Hi I bought a Redmi3 pro on 27/07/2016 it is very good one but they are few problems like charge is not longer and phone set is always heating up. And when I talked through skype or mobile operator network is heating up more. So, I’m really facing problem if I have got good solution then I stop using your brand. Please give me a better suggestion.

    1. Hi ikbal,
      We are sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please update your Redmi with latest ROM. after that follow below things to control heating in your phone.
      =>Make sure your GPS and Bluetooth are off.
      =>Auto Brightness off.
      =>Check background Apps.

      Kind Regards

  24. Hi, Prajapat,
    Another query! I am unable to transfer files from my phone USB to PC , PC does not recognize my phone USB. This is regarding Redmi Note 3, this is the first time after I purchased mobile I tried connecting it through USB to my PC. Do I need to install any drivers or are there any apps to be installed for drivers? Please advise.

    Kind Regards

  25. Hi …
    I want to buy MI Note 3
    But I’m scared to be the part of this page after purchasing
    As i hv gone through all the problems and feedbacks..
    I’m frankly saying now i may change my decision to buy this.
    Actually i m really impressed by the features but now my mind taking it wrong..
    I want ur advice Mr. Prajapat ji
    Should i buy it or not ?
    If yes than u will be solving my problems tooooothnx
    Doesn’t it sound funny??
    Not at all
    Plzzz help me … Wht to do ?
    Buy it or leave it….????
    Be fare and honest…


    1. Hi Ashwani,
      Thanks for writing here. As you know 6 lacs units of Redmi note 3 sells by Xiaomi till May 2016. Here you see only 400-500 complaints. means 0.083%
      Redmi note 3 is an awesome handset with full of features. In my opinion, you can buy this phone but one condition if your phone damage in future then please don’t expect anything from Mi service center.
      For my help, you can contact me via the contact us page. I always here for you.
      Hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

      1. Well thnx a lot ..
        I agree i cant expect anything on damage MI phone
        Thnx for ur opinion…
        It helped me a lot
        I’m gonna buy this redme note 3…
        Thanx for being so fair and calm on repling me
        Thnx a lot dear…

        God bless u…

  26. Hi Prajapat,

    I installed the app you mentioned, but still I am not able to connect my phone through USB to my computer. I am using XP, any other solution?

    Kind Regards

  27. i have bought a Redmi note 3 3days before and the battery drain so fast 100% will decrease to 20% in 3 hrs of use
    suggest me something to improve my phones battery life

    1. Hi Sukumar,
      Thanks for writing here. make sure your another charger have the same configuration like amp, Volt output. Quick charge version etc. If all configuration same then don’t worry else please use original charger.
      Kind Regards

  28. hi
    my note 3 got battery drained and switched off.after i connect the charger the phone is not getting on and no red light blinking ,i had tried several other chargers but nothing got better,even i had put in carge for 1 hour then also its like dead

    1. Hi Nabeel,
      Thanks for writing here. As you know battery goes in zero mode and battery is non-removable. So you can’t do anything. Please visit nearest Mi service center.
      Kind Regards

  29. hi
    my note 3 got when i connect the charger the phone is get fully charged and then phone off . only red light blinking when i connect the charger so what can i do sir or mam please ans me phone is switched off .

    1. Hi Richa Yadav,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. Please try with
      power button + Volume down key
      If anything happens then please revert back.

      Kind Regards

  30. i brought redmi note 3 just 3 days before battery drains very fast without usinging but i put charge for 100%but drain is very very fast what too doo??tell me …

  31. Battery fastly draining while using my Redmi note prime.also heating upto 48-50 digree celcius.Even using, it will show battery low and turning switch off while it’s battery having charge5-30℅…Really disappointing this…. 🙁

    1. Hi Prajil,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please take back and Wipe reset your phone. after that user your phone. If the problem still there then Revert us with battery stats.
      Kind Regards

  32. Hello there! I have found your solutions very applicable and useful. I hope my problem gets a solution as well. Problem is when I go to sleep, my phone is generally charged 82-85 %. Now when after waking up I see my battery at 50 % . Provide a solution for this. NOTE: I do turn off the WiFi and all the apps. Also, the brightness is at its lowest. Still I am facing this problem.

    1. Hi Nirmal,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Make sure you are using latest MIUI version. Please share battery stats with us. Then we coordinate according to stats.
      Kind Regards

  33. New MIUi 8 update for Redme note 3 does battery drain issue solved can we get answer this?
    I do see that on mi site they have not mentioned issue about battery fix in new fix i do see only below point
    New – Animation for successful Wi-Fi connection (07-07)
    Optimization – Floating notification format for incoming calls (06-22)
    Optimization – Separeter sound and vibration permissions for notifications (07-07)
    Fix – Repetitions in Settings (06-22)
    Fix – Errors on Wi-Fi details page (06-22)
    Fix – An error whe tapping the white area of the Notification shade (07-07)
    Fix – Couldn’t enter Mi Home from lock screen with Second space on (07-07)Home screen
    Optimization – Hid the switch icon when there are no current tasks (06-27)
    Optimization – Fixed sound effect for deleting apps (07-07)
    Fix – Wrong app was opened after long-pressing the app in Task manager (07-07)
    Fix – The button for switching modes didn’t work in Task Manager in some cases (07-07)

    Can anyone has answer ?

    1. Hi Andy,
      These are weekly updates which received on developer ROM. So if they fix battery issues, then don’t include in every update log.
      Hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

      1. Thanks Andy bringing this .Grprajapt Do you suggest go ahead and install miui 8 on our phone. Did Xiaomi launched officially Miui 8 ? will battery drain issue fix post upgrade ? stil we are not clear on these questions.if not then Xiaomi loosing trust of the users.

        1. Xiaomi officially launched MIUI 8 Global developer ROM. battery issue also solved in MIUI 8. Xiaomi will launch MIUI 8 Stable in the 3rd week of August 2016.

  34. hi i have a xiaomi phone and it was perfectly workin’ fine then i think i used the phone way too much and drained it, i charged it and left it, the led light was blinking red so i thought everything was fine, after 30 minutes when i got back i tried to open the phone and remove the charger but when i opened the phone, it does not work and even if the charger was removed it was still blinking like, im so nervous, how do i fix it? ive been struggling to fix my phone i tried every tricks ik but still it does not work, how’d i fix this?

    1. Hi Phoebe,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. Please try with another charger. If still not work then try with
      Power button + Volume Up button

      If above all not work then please visit nearest Mi service center.

  35. At night i clear the ram and moring the battery drowns about 20% and when night it is 20% it switch off’s by moring although i don’t use it.. solution please

  36. Hi,
    I bought Redemi note 3 20 days back, in 2 days of usage i found bettry drain problem, and visited MI service station, they updated my MUIU version to for a week it work properly and now again i am facing bettry drain problem, specially at night it drain to 30-35%, when wifi is off, mobile data is off, all apps are off. I found max usage of bettry is Android @ 47% and Android system @ 35 %.

    Please help me.


  37. I have MIUI global 7.3 7.3.6 version and battery drains little faster when its idle. Updater app says update available for MIUI7 7.3.7 stable. Should i wait for 7.8 ? and also let me know when 7.8 is available

    1. Hi Sudhir,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. Please update MIUI version which you received through updater app. Don’t wait for 7.8, Soon you receive MIUI 8 Stable via updater App.
      Enjoy Xioami Services.
      Kind Regards

  38. Hi I bought redmi note 3 last week after I bought I put that in charge but it was stuck in 62% ..after that I drained the battery and I charge the mobile in off condition …and after that the mobile was good and today I having the same problem…pls rply me asap..

    1. Hi Pavithran,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. You are doing the right thing. do same process 5-6 times. use your phone till 0% then charge.

      Kind Regards

  39. I hope my problem
    gets a solution as well. Problem is when I go
    to sleep, my phone is generally charged
    50-60 percent. Now when after waking up I
    Found my phone in switched off condition due to low battery . Provide a solution for
    this. NOTE: I do turn off the WiFi and all the
    apps. Also, the brightness is at its lowest.
    Still I am facing this problem.plz help me.

  40. I have a Redmi note 3 pro and my Android and Android System use 35%and 31% respectively of my battery. Please help me as my battery is draining very fast.

    1. Hi Kirthan,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. This battery drain bug already reported to MIUI developers. You can downgrade your MIUI version OR upgrade with MIUI 8.
      Kind Regards

  41. I brought mi note 3 8days ago and now my phone is not charging on switching it on but it is charging on switching the phone off please tell me how to solve it

    1. Hi Pragnesh pratap singh,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please try with another charger in switch on condition.
      and revert here with charging status .

      Kind Regards

  42. Hello

    I bought my Redmi Note3 in mid of May 2016. It was working great till June after a auto software upgarde. But after that the battery drain very fast. Even if I keep GPS, Wifi and mobile data off and fully charge the battery, it drains down to 20% in 3-4 hours. Current version of MIUI is Global 7.5 stable ( Now the phone gets very heated up on charging.
    Please suggest should I approach service center or something can be done by myself?

  43. I’m using Redmi Note 2 and my battery is draining even when still charging. So I have to switch off my phone while charging and when I switch it on the battery level keep on draining even while charging. I also can’t connect to any Wi-Fi as the Wi-fi will automatically disconnected and unable to detect any Wi-Fi available. Can you advice me what should I do?

  44. Hello

    I bought my Redmi Note3 on 19th Aug 2016. I could see that battery drains very fast even when the phone is idle during the day or night. My MIUI version is I saw your earlier reply, so do I want to upgrade to MIUI8?. When is the MIUI8 Stable version is released for Redmi Note3. If the release date is not very soon, I would like to update myself to MIUI8.

    Below mentioned link is the valid one for Redmi Note3?. Do I need to download both the files?

    Download MIUI 8 Global ROM For Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm (Recovery ROM)
    Download MIUI 8 Global ROM For Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm (Fastboot ROM)

  45. HI MYSELF BASAVA KIRAN , i purchased a new redmi note 3 mobile, but the problem is with my battery. battery is not charging
    so give a solution for it

    1. Hi Ranjan,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Make sure you off all background apps and don’t use your phone during charge. Turn off GPS and WiFi when you don’t use them. and follow above article instructions.

  46. Hi I purchased Xiaomi redmi note 3 18 days ago. Phone was charging slowly today with the original charger like 3% in 45 mins . Then I charged my phone with a different charger( moto x style turbocharger) it charged till 43% and then the charging stopped. From then I am not able to charge my phone. Currently the battery is 0% and the phone is starting. Earlier i tried different chargers and even factory reseted the phone from settings. That still didn’t work.
    Help me . what should I do..?

    1. Hi Bhavik Ramnani,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. Please charge your phone in switch off condition with another charger. When phone turn on use this phone till 0% and again charge with another charger. same process for 3-4 times. then try original charger, if not work then please visit nearest Mi service center.
      Kind Regards

  47. Hi Prajapat,

    Recently I updated some features on MiUi when the updater asked me about updates. After that I am unable to make outgoing calls, of course I am able to receive calls fairly well. I am having Vodafone sim. I checked proximal sensor test, it showed 5. Is it possible to go back to previous non-updated settings, if the problem is caused updating or if not, any solutions?

    Kind Regards,

    Jairaj Kyadasi

    1. Hi Jairaj,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. Yes, you can go for the previous version via recovery mode through pressing
      Volume up + Power key
      before this please reset your mobile and check your problem still exists. Please also share what happen when you make a call ?
      Kind Reards

      1. Hi Prajapat,

        Thanks for the help. Before doing this, I just cleaned up around the sensor. Bingo, now it is working fine. Thanks again for your kind help.

        Kind Regards,


  48. My charging at night is 50 and i see morning battery percentage is 15 percent
    I cleared all background at and check it the security icant understand what is promblem

  49. I have a Redmi note 3 and i upgrade with MIUI 8 but still my Android and Android System use 41%and 35% respectively of my battery. Please help me as my battery is draining very fast.

  50. Hi sir, I purchased mi Redmi note 3 on Aug. 13 but , it get overheated in normal position and again battery draining is faster than normal one at on net and off-net . My set updated to MIUI 7.3.7 but it is not solution. Please help me….

  51. Hi sir, I have Redmi mi note 3 purchased 15 days ago but,it is more heated up at switched on condition as compared other phone and also battery draining ratio is more than another one. I want solution for this problem please help me…

  52. I bought a Redmi note 3 and I find that the battery drain pretty fast. The battery usage statistics indicate that Android and Android System use 37%and 32% respectively of the battery.

    Initially, the phone was on MIUI 7.3 ? Based on some comments on the web forums, I upgraded to MIUI Global (LHOMIDG). However, the problem still persist.
    Any suggestions to fix the problem?

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply.

        Will ‘wipe cache data’ have any impact on my phone data (like contacts, SMS, music, photos etc?)
        Do I need to take backup of my data before clearing the cache?

        1. Sorry, I have one more question:
          How to clear the wipe cache data?

          a) Through security app
          b) A hard reset by choosing Wipe & Reset and then Wipe Cache (I haven’t tried this option yet)

          1. Hi Sagar,
            Cler the wipe cache data option does not impact your storage (like contacts, SMS, music, photos etc). But if you choose wipe and reset option then all personal data surely deleted by the system.
            For Wipe reset please switch off your phone. then on with Volume up button means
            Volume up + Power button
            Now you are in Mi Recovery. Choose your options here.
            Kind Regards

  53. I had purchased Redmi Note 3 (32gb gold) variant on 14 aug 2016 . But when I am charging my phone , both the charger and the phone is heating too much and the temp is around 45 degrees.
    Is there any problem in the handset or the charger ?
    Should i visit the service center ?
    Please suggest me some tips and solutions .

    1. Hi Pramod,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. Please switch off your phone. then
      Start via pressing volume up + Power button.
      Now you are in Mi recovery. Choose your language. and do wipe cache clear.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Ashok Kumar Verma,
      Please switch off your phone. Then try with other another charger. After 6-7 minutes. Start your phone. if still shows -2% then please visit nearest Mi Service center.
      Kind Regards

  54. Hello,

    Just bought 2 Redmi note 3 Pro’s and upgraded them to the latest global Rom from the website.
    I noticed that at least one of them went down around 25-30% during the night while the phone was inactive.

    I have read a bit about this and there is quite a few that say that this is a bug in the latest MIU 8 version?
    Is there some tips that i can try besides downgrade to the 7 version of the MIU OS?

    I have enabled battery saving mode and some other things, but this feels like something with the kernel and some rogue process or services that does not go into sleepmode.


      1. Thanks for the tip.

        But i am unable to get the phone into recovery mode if that is what it’s called.
        I am trying to press the volume up and the power button but i allways end up at the black screen that show the outlines of the phone with a disconnected cable at the bottom. i can connect the cable to the pc and then the image will show that the cable is connected?

        I have tried to hold both buttons until the screen show up, i have released the power button after the phone starts up, while keeping the volume up pressed.

        But just seem to end up on the same screen, i think this is called the fast boot screen where you can enter commands from the computer?

        Any help would be great.

  55. Hey I’m currently using Redmi 3s prime which has equivalent featured to that if Redmi note 3. Recently I have noticed that my battery drains a lot over night. Yesterday I charged it to a complete 100% used it until it turned 96% and made sure I closed all the apps running in the background and switched off all the extra activities like WiFi, GPS etc and also reduced the brightness.
    But as I checked my battery in the morning it has drained almost upto 12%. It was 84%.
    I bought this phone due to this special feature of battery if 4100 mah and didn’t expect this issue happening.
    Can you tell me a remedy?

  56. I use xender on my mi note 3
    After some time phone is automatically switch off,after than i try to it switch on then so far time its on ..
    Why…..? Can anybody help

  57. Redmi note 3 battery drains quickly (overnight or otherwise) with MIUI8 or probably even earlier versions.
    This problem troubled me for days together. I have seen a lot of people complaining about it, but with no satisfactory response.

    Here are few things which worked for me (after trying out different combinations and permutations)
    Besides the usual suggestion (disable GPS, Wifi when not in use), try the following:
    With moderate use, the battery now works for more than a day.

    Disable the following
    1. Battery -> Power Saver > Clear cache when device is locked . Set this option to Never
    2. Vibration on keypad entry
    3. Do not apply custom themes

    Enable the following
    1. Battery -> Turn off mobile data when device is locked . Set this option to 5 min or 10 min as needed
    2. Enable 2G (instead of 3G) as phone network. It helps in saving battery
    3. Enable the option ‘Save power when device is locked’

    Also, I will suggest use google keyboard rather than any custom keyboard

  58. HI,
    I have a redimi note 3, 32GB variant. After using it for 7 days, at the 8th day the phone suddenly gets turned off though I had used it only for 1 hour after almost fully charging it. And from that time, the phone is not getting turned on. Each time while I am plugging it with the charger, the red led light keeps blinking for some time and then led also gets disappeared. But The phone is not getting turned on. I have tried with other charger also. But the result remains the same. I had tried for Volume+ and Power also. But no result.
    Please let me know if there is any solution for that.

  59. I have bought red mi note 3 from mi site two months ago.Since then I am facing issue of battery draining in my phone. I have already contact mi service center and they had updated MIUI version. I have tried MIUI ,MIUI and recently updated MIUI 8 also. I went second time to MI service center & they have updated MIUI 8 & said problem will be resolved but yesterday battery drains 30% in just 6 hours in idle mode only(without GPS,WIFI,Internet). I have already done all tricks to avoid draining but issue still persist. It’s quite frustrating that no solution is delivered by MI team. Kindly help me out from this issue.

    1. I have faced similar issues.
      I guess your phone too remains awake even when its not in any active use.
      Please see my suggestions on this forum dated 6th Sep. It may help you as well.

      1. Disable the following
        1. Battery -> Power Saver > Clear cache when device is locked . Set this option to Never
        Ans : Not able to find this in MIUI 8.
        2. Vibration on keypad entry
        Ans : Already disabled.
        3. Do not apply custom themes
        Ans : Only default theme in use.

        Enable the following
        1. Battery -> Turn off mobile data when device is locked . Set this option to 5 min or 10 min as needed
        Ans : Not able to find this in MIUI 8.
        2. Enable 2G (instead of 3G) as phone network. It helps in saving battery
        Ans : Already done.
        3. Enable the option ‘Save power when device is locked’
        Ans : Not able to find this in MIUI 8.

  60. My Redmi Note 3 worked well for initial 2 months and battery used to last for about 4-5 days. Gradually the performance declined and now sometimes my battery lasts less than a day. I have done multiple factory resets and phone goes back to normal performance, just once, after every factory resets. And eventually performance degrades agains. I also upgraded to MIUI8 but the problem persists.

    Android is keeping the phone awake in night hours even when I dont use it. Other things such as wifi, gps, bluetooth are are turned off. I even installed the Doze app but the situation has not changed. I ma using the Ultimate mode of batter saver. Please help

    1. Hi JK,
      Please follow above instructions which are shared in articles and comments. We also submit a bug in MIUI forum. Hope resolve in next updates.
      Kind Regards

  61. Hey there! Ok since the battery drain issue is a common thing now i wont speak about that.
    But i am facing another problem here. Since the update, my phone is taking like 10 hours to charge itself. During the old days, the phone used to heat a bit while charging and it would charge in no time but now the charge increases by 1 percent after charging it for like 20 minutes. 🙁
    Also, I have been putting my phone on charge at night and sleeping since two weeks and in d morning i would see it would be full and it was working fine. But since last week even if i am putting it on charge at night, after 6 hours or more it the charge will go up to like 80 percent from 30 percent. I mentioned the putting it on charge and sleeping for i want to know if putting it on charge for a very long time ruined my charger or battery or both. But as far as i remember, it was working fine and the day i updated my phone, it started behaving weird. Also: If m putting my phone on charge and surfing or chatting the battery light goes off within 3-4 minutes. But if i remove the charger cable then it makes a sound also( of removing). On the other hand, before sleeping if i put it on charge, at morning my phone still keeps charging, the charging light remains on and it reaches 70 or 75. I bought the phone 5 months ago. I just want to know if it is the update or my battery. Plus: I tried to charge my friends phone with my charger and it was working fine and quick. Please help 🙁

    1. Hi Sangeet Chakraborty,
      We are sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please clear the Wipe cache data.
      If you still face the problem then please visit nearest Mi service center.
      Kind Regards

  62. Hi i have battery issue in my Redmi note3 phone… when i use phone the battery back up is good.. before i going to stop working in my phone i stop all running apps and clean all backround memory… and going to sleep and i saw my phone in early mrng i have lose my battery percentage upto 40%… fridends please give
    some idea to me

  63. i bought the redmi note 3 impressed and after using got fedup
    merits : excellent mobile with wide range of features like finger print sensor, IR blaster, huge battery
    probs :1. flash light white can be changed instead of yellow flash coz this creates eye pain & also this the flashing & snapping sequence mismatches this has to be corrected in all modes for better quality of snapping unable to use the torch headache and eyepain makes us fedup why the other brands of smart phones gives the white flash why the mi manufacturers doesnt look in to this
    2. why most of the smart phones are heating and irritating
    the user why doesn’t the manufacturers look in this part instead they are busy in competition with other brands, the charge drains also when the mobile is idle with out sim wifi & apps are closed is this fair. The level of battery given is 4000 mah if it is around 2500 or 3000mah what will happen ??? critically confused

  64. After crossing the various complaint forums the old redmi phones and the new redmi phones maximum complaints persists on battery life why the redmi doesnt look in to this serious issue to cheerup mi users

    1. Hi Suren,
      Xiaomi always liable to give better products to MI fans. MIUI developers continuously working on it. You can see better performance in MIUI 8.
      Kind Regards

  65. Hi Prajapat,

    I tried many times transferring files from my computer to Redmi Note 3 using USB cable to no avail. There is a feature in the phone of FTP, can I transfer files from my computer to Redmi Note 3 using this feature and from Redmi Note 3 to computer. I understand it uses WIFI for FTP protocol to transfer files.



  66. Hi
    My redmi note 3 32gb work properly during first week. But after some days now it’s restart 2 or 3 times in a day some times and battery decrised fast in a day I need to change 3 times in a day. Update miui8. What to do. I have no time to go for service centre because of job. Help me. Thanks

  67. Hi,
    I got a new redmi note 3 32gb. Out of the box the phone had 36 percent charge instead of usual storage charge of 50%. I fully charged it. Generally most phones stay at 100% for some time and come down to 99. This phone came down to 99 in under 1 minute. Now after 45 minutes screen usage and 4 hours stand by. Battery at 78%. Wi-Fi scanning, GPS, Bluetooth are all off. Is this a defective piece? Version is 7360. This is not my first mi phone. I own mi3 and mi 5. There is no process that’s eating up the battery in particular. Everything seems normal. Just the battery going down fast. Any suggestions? Am moving abroad next week, don’t know what to do.

  68. i have redmi note prime ,at beginning phone use to work properly after a period of times since amonth i am facing problem of battery draining fast…after using internet at 1 hour it drained fastly… pls help me…and give solution about its….and its mainly problem of mkv file….after include a movie of mkv format it drained very fast….so pls give some solution…..can i change the baterry at mi centre…my phone is 5 month old…or kya replace battry original hoti h ya…nhi

    1. Hi Sachin,
      Please update your phone with MIUI 8.
      If you get the battery from Mi Store then definitely it is original. Please don’t buy from Ebay or any other third party eCommerce site. Always buy from Mi Official website.
      Kind Regards

  69. Hi,

    I have updated my Redmi Note 3 to MIUI 8 2 weeks back. But now my battery drains very fast. Especially during nights it drains about 30%. Before MIUI8 I had Developer ROM of MIUI8, but did not face any issue that time.

    When I see the battery usage,45% is used by Android and 39% is used by Android System.

    Please let me know if there is any Solution for this?

      1. I have tried to clear the cache data as suggested in the above post in the recovery mode. But whenever I go to recovery mode, it shows a picture to plugin the USB to the mobile.

        I am not sure what is that. I am not getting any other options.

        Please suggest if any other options are there.

        And I have also tried Security-> Cleaner Options. But still the same issue. This is really frustrating and not at all satisfied with this phone.

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