Xiaomi Millet Plug In Panel Full Specification

Xiaomi is known for its high specification products at lower price. That’s why all mi fans love Xiaomi products. Xiaomi gives a luxury feel with awesome designs. In this sequence, Xiaomi introduced Millet plug in panel. This is the first device in Plug board series.  When you think about Plug board then what things come in my mind. Yes, a device which has 4-5 slots for power supply. But we know Xiaomi gives always extra, So in this plug board you get 3 Extra USB charge port. It Means there is no need to carry your Mi charger. All things make easier by Xiaomi.

Features of Xiaomi Millet Plug In Panel :

Yes, you are right. This product introduced by Xiaomi Then definitely its have extra cool features. So here are the all features of Millet Plug in Panel.

Do like to do a work of art strip, make life a little better

  • 3 x USB jack
  • 3 × new national standard combination hole
  • Overload
  • 5000 quality certification plug
  • 750 ℃ flame retardant grade

USB port is secure as well as mobile charger port. No matter what are you using in the port, Its adjust according to your device need. you can use Mobile, tab or digital camera. It supports Fast charging. Provide as secure as the original charger charging power, does not damage the battery life. 20uA threshold leakage protection, effective protection of personal safety. Power conversion rate of 82%, compared to the original charger more power, more energy, more efficient.

Full Specification of Xiaomi Millet Plug In Panel :

  • Product Name millet strip (including three USB 2A fast charge) converter
  • Model XMCXB01QM
  • Implementation of standards Q / DXQMK0001-2015
  • Housing material high strength high-temperature flame retardant PC engineering plastics
  • Block Size L × B × H = 225 × 41 × 26 (mm)
  • Length full-length 1.8m
  • Weight 300g (including cable)
  • Rated input 10A, 250V ~
  • Rated output 10A, 250V (power jack)
  • Rated power 2500W
  • USB module input 100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz, 0.5A
  • USB module outputs a single USB, 5V — 2.1A (TYP)
  •   Three USB, 5V — 3.1A (TYP)
  • Use of the environment -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

Price of Xiaomi Millet Plug In Panel :

Xiaomi Millet Plug In Panel currently available in Mainland China only with $7.50 Price tag only. There are fewer chances of launch in India. However if Millet Plug In Panel launched in India, Then Approx price of Xiaomi Millet is Rs. 500/- .

Gallery of Xiaomi Millet Plug In Panel :

Image source: Mi Official Website 

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