My Laptop Battery Not Charging After 60% Solved

Plug In Not Charging This is the word you hear many times from many peoples. Now a days this problem is common in new laptops specially in Lenovo & Dell Laptops.If  we see technically then we found this is not a problem, this is a utility to save our Lithium-ion battery life.Battery firmware setting updated by system during our usages with AC adaptor. Why Not Charging After 60% Your laptop battery not charging after 60% because many of reasons like as You use any power management utility in your system. You use AC adaptor all the time. You Switch Linux[…]

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How to Solve “the ‘grub-pc’ package failed to install into /target/” Error

This grub-pc package error normally occur while installing Ubuntu or Elemenatry OS. This error occurred because we cannot boot a UEFI system through grub-pc.So UEFI system needs grub-efi package to boot our system. in order to load grub-efi package during installation just connects your system with internet and see all things done automatically. Don’t compulsory to download third party updates during installation. Behind The Scene: We can use both UEFI & legacy BIOS mode for installation purpose. which we select, it’s depends on several factors like: If other system (win7, 8 or GNU Linux) install in UEFI mode, then Linux[…]

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Linux interview questions Part 1

Q 1. Tell me the ways to see the process that listens a specific TCP port ? Ans. We can use  lsof & netstat  to listens a specific TCP port.  lsof : list open files including ports. netstat : The netstat command symbolically displays the contents of various network-related data and information. Q 2. What is a run level ? Ans. A run level is a state of init and the whole system that defines what system services are operating. Run levels are identified by numbers. Some system administrators use run levels to define which subsystems are working, e.g., whether X is running, whether the[…]

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