How to Reset Mi Account Password – Password Recovery Easy Way

Xiaomi is a large-scale company with millions of active users, the number of followers of Xiaomi has been constantly increasing due to the gadgets they manufacture with a complete organization possessing new technology, Redmi has excelled especially in the field of phones. The Redmi phones cover all the latest aspects, upgraded features and also are pocket-friendly. To enjoy the features and experience of the Redmi phones, it is mandatory for the user to have Mi account accessibility. If you are looking for a solution to Reset Mi Account password used in Redmi mobiles then you are at the right palace. Here we share a working step by step guide to reset Mi Account password. Here we share both way which can be used to Reset the Mi account password.  If you don’t have your registered mobile number then still you can reset your Mi account password

Steps to Reset Mi Account Password:

Now, what if you are a verified Redmi phone user and forget or lose your Mi account password, then what shall be your appropriate step? Now no need to worry more about this issue as today I will try to cover all the possibilities to recover your account’s password, to start with the procedure the user has to initiate via surfing once the page is loaded then you have to select the option of account there you find the choice saying Mi Account, click on that, the very next page that loads which shows the sign-in bar where you have to insert your Mi account or phone number, enter your id or phone no. as registered then you will spot a small sign in form of a question mark indicating about the answerable questions by the customers, once the page loads you will find the option of Reset password in the service sector, go to that and enter your registered mobile no. then it will send the OTP on your registered mobile no. and reset the password.

Screens – Enter Mobile Number to Reset Mi Account Password

Mi Account Password Recovery Easy Way Working Solution:

In case you don’t receive the OTP then visit the link “Can’t receive verification code” which will display the guidelines which the user has to follow to complete the procedure. The guidelines include that firstly install the latest update in your mobile, check internal storage of your phone due to which you might not get the SMS, make sure your mobile is in the network range, confirm if your phone was switched on at the time of getting the SMS, one shall again go through the registered mobile number properly, the phone balance should be sufficient to receive the message, sim card should be properly inserted, do not request for more than one number of varication code at a time. After going through all the guidelines the user has to go to next and follow the instructions.

If Mobile OTP not received – Mi Account Password Recovery

If you are unable to recover the password then try via the alternate method of getting a verification code at your registered account. To do the same go to the link saying “Can’t receive verification email” in the FAQ section, after selecting the link certain steps will be displayed like check the spam folder of your inbox, confirm that you haven’t blocked if yes, then unblock it, make sure that the account you registered comes under the validity; if all these guidelines fail then the user shall contact the system administrator.

If Email OTP not received – Mi Account Password Recovery

If anyhow you still face issues while resetting your Mi account password then one should register a complaint in the support section on the same website or ask for online help in the customer care forum, this will definitely help you with a positive response.

If you don’t have your mobile access then still you can reset your mi account password with the help of your registered email id. Through the help of Email verification, you can easily reset your Mi account Password. So here we solve your biggest issue how to reset Mi Account password without Mobile number.

How to Check Assosisate mobile number with Mi Account id?

Many times you see the login screen show your Mi account id’s last digits and ask for the Mi account password. Now the biggest challenge is how to check which mobile number we use during registration.  You can open in your mobile browser and try to forget passwords via all your mobile numbers. Possibly you get your correct mobile number which associate with that Mi account id.

While coming to the end of the article I hope that all the details and steps were simplified and clear leading to adding up to your bottom line and results in resolving this issue.