How to Access Blocked Sites on Redmi Mobiles Xiaomi – Easy Guide

Access blocked sites in Redmi MobilesWe all like to surf various websites for purposes like watching movies, playing games, editing photographs, binge watching a certain type of videos, online shopping, gain knowledge from different websites, etc. all of which is bounded due to the area restriction and blockage of some sites and all these sites can give us maximum output if we do it via the best available brand Xiaomi which does best Redmi mobiles that gives us best experience of online surfing via enhancing the quality by providing superior led display and screen size evident in the Xiaomi Redmi mobiles. So what can be the possible ways to access blocked websites from which the users can extract so much productivity.

Xiaomi has always set a high bar by resolving all the issues and one such problem faced by the Redmi mobile users is that how to access blocked websites as a lot of people may like to view the content available without any geographic restrictions, to overcome such confinement the Redmi mobile user can use the following step by step guide to accessing blocked sites. Here I have tried to enlist all the possible ways to access blocked sites.

Best Way to access blocked sites in Android Mobiles


it is one of the most used methods, this allows the Xiaomi Redmi mobile user to stay anonymous and access blocked sites, to implement this method the Redmi user needs to go to chrome, go to the customize, then go to google menu, then open settings, go to system and open proxy settings now change the server properties via establishing link according to your network, after incorporating these settings the Xiaomi Redmi user has to use the address provided by the proxy server and surf blocked contents and accessing blocked sites.


for application of this method of accessing sites via VPN the Redmi user needs to install any of the VPN applications from the Play Store like turbo VPN lite, this is optimized especially to access the blocked websites, it is a very fast method to link for using this, once the Xiaomi user downloads the VPN, they get an anonymous identity, after that the Xiaomi user can switch it on and connect it, once it gets connected the user can access the blocked sites. While accessing sites via VPN the users are advised to surf via an incognito tab to avoid any kind of problem while accessing the blocked sites.


while this method the address of your server is not revealed that is the web address, it does not specify the location making it open for accessing blocked sites.

All these above methods make it easy to access blocked sites and blocked content. These methods are completely safe and verified in all terms. But the users should keep certain things in mind while accessing these possible ways to access blocked sites are, the user should not access websites that are blocked by the Indian government as they may contain inappropriate data that is not suitable for the public, on accessing the websites blocked by Indian government may land you in criminal offense also, the user should never fall in a practice of plagiarism that is copying data and posting it by your name, never indulge in any kind of malpractices, accessing some blocked websites can also lead in virus in your systems so, always access the safe websites with security checks. On following the step by step guide to access blocked sites the user can have a glance at blocked websites without any constraint to gain knowledge without facing any barrier.

There are also some internet hacks to access blocked sites that allow accessing sites without VPN installation or any other third party app, like using google translate which will reflect your system address as some other URL, using bypass censorship through extensions, etc. these are also some possible ways to access blocked sites, this allows you to access sites without VPN installation.

At last I hope that all the above mentioned detailed guide to access blocked sites and some tricks to access blocked websites are proven helpful.