Latest MIUI Features – Xiaomi Redmi Mobiles (MIUI 12.5)

All the Xiaomi users out there are familiar with the fact that Redmi always marks up to the level in terms of technology and the latest features. the most recent and updated feature launched by Xiaomi is MIUI 12 it is based on android 11 technology and almost reached all the latest Redmi phones like Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro, Poco X2, Mi 10etc. it covers a wide range of Redmi mobile phones except Redmi note 7, Redmi note 7S, and Redmi Note 8 series. This has come up with several new variations including the virtual graphics quality, visual diagrams, the storage capacity, the enhanced battery life, with the new interface that is aesthetically more pleasing with wider spacing provided between the apps and the texts, wallpaper dimming, different font sizes, etc. the overall compatibility and the ability to perform virtual tasks has accelerated to a great extent. All the demerits found in the previous versions have been improvised in this new version of MIUI 12.

Now comes the question of how to download MIUI 12 if it is not enrolled in your phone, this update is installed through OTA (over the air). The compatible devices of Redmi phones will already get notified with the latest update and in case you missed the latest installation update then follow the given steps; firstly go to the settings then go to the software update page and secondly download MIUI 12 latest update available.

Go to Settings. Now choose the About Phone option. Here you get the update option. Just check if you receive the latest MIUI update via OTA.  If you see an option for MIUI 12.5 then tap on the update now button and now you see download starts.

Now all the Xiaomi users must be thinking about the merits that they offer and why shall we prefer this over other versions? So let me elaborate in detail that what are the advantages of MIUI 12 over others.

Latest MIUI Features – Xiaomi Redmi Mobiles

Features of MIUI 12.5

NEW DESIGN- This has been designed in a much more aesthetically pleasing manner with high-quality virtual graphics and design when it comes to aspects like storage capacity, battery life, visual forms, and figures. That ultimately makes it more superior and extraordinary.

DYNAMIC DARK MODE- this feature is proved efficient who like dark and dim themes with keeping the environment low in light. MIUI 12 comes up with 2.0 dark mode with a scheduling option, additionally, it also offers a toggle for making adjustments in contrast which is automatically based on brightness levels. It also offers a sunlight mode that brightens up the display to make it much more readable and clear in terms of visibility in outdoor conditions.

IOS LIKE CONTROL PANEL- it offers a new way to view the control panel which can be accessed by swiping down from the top right corner. The icon designs look like IOS with options like switching on various modes of Bluetooth, wifi, cellular data, hotspot, auto-rotate, brightness bar, location, flashlight, dark theme, etc. 


APP DRAWER- the apps in your Redmi phone can be organized in this app drawer as seen in the POCO launcher, but this feature has to be accustomed manually in a customized manner according to the requirements.

FLOATING WINDOWS, ULTRA BETTER SAVER MODE, FOCUS MODE- this provides us features like an ultra-battery saver, floating windows, focus mode. Floating windows are preferred for multi-tasking. This allows the user to set up the screen in a new type of arrangement that is anywhere around the screen to provide an easy experience

FOCUS MODE- this feature helps in adapting beaks and gives a disturbance-free environment, this is set up to fulfill the requirements on a daily basis or weekly increments for uninterrupted usage.

MIUI 12 LIVE WALLPAPER- it also offers a vast range of static and live wallpapers to apply. The wallpapers are categorized as natural texture, geometry, dynamic nebula, minimalist scenery, black, white, and mars whereas the live wallpapers are categorized into two types super wallpaper earth and super wallpaper mars.


ULTRA POWER SAVING MODE- enabling this feature increases the battery life in a more efficient way by analyzing the battery consumption.

CUSTOMISED GESTURE- this is a very new and interesting feature that makes the usage of functions much easier like taking screenshots using three fingers, etc.

All these top-notch functions provided by Xiaomi MIUI 12 make the environment more user-friendly and convenient. At last, I hope this information makes you fully aware of the latest MIUI 12.