How to Reset Pattern in Redmi Mobiles Xiaomi Android

We all know that how much safety counts, it is very important to have a check on the security of your phone and procure all the Redmi mobile data that contains so many details like links, media, conversations, applications, etc. and Xiaomi makes sure to satisfy its Redmi mobile users demands in every possible aspect, one of the majorly highlighted astonishing feature covered by Xiaomi is about their strong security provided by them. Xiaomi allows the Redmi mobile user to lock their Xiaomi phones in several ways like setting a PIN, passwords, pattern, fingerprint, and face unlocking. If you don’t know the current pattern password of your Redmi mobile and want to reset your Pattern then this article will help you. Here we share a working step by step guide to reset your pattern password in a very easy way. 

The lock can be put on various apps depending on the Xiaomi Redmi mobile user and the data type, it can be put on the main home screen also. One of the most used methods for data and Redmi mobile preservation is using a pattern as they are difficult to guess by anyone and easy to remember but the matter of concern is that what if the Xiaomi Redmi mobile users forget or misplace their pattern, what if your Xiaomi Redmi mobile is not getting unlocked, how to reset the pattern lock for your Xiaomi Redmi mobile?

Now let us have a view at the closer picture of how to reset pattern lock in your Xiaomi Redmi mobile, so here are the guidelines to reset the pattern lock. The Xiaomi Redmi mobile user can follow some third party apps to serve this purpose.

Steps to Reset Pattern in Xiaomi Redmi Mobiles:

Steps to Reset Pattern Password – Xiaomi Redmi Mobiles

To fix the issue of resetting your pattern firstly switch off your Xiaomi Redmi mobile then press the power key along with the volume key, you will notice that your phone is restarting then smoothly release the power key, you will observe that a charger like a figure appears on your Xiaomi Redmi mobile’s screen. If you don’t remember your pattern and take a trial to unlock your phone so due to the security check provided by Xiaomi in Redmi mobile the phone will freeze for 30 seconds, on consecutive attempts after 30 seconds the Redmi mobile will be temporarily locked for the next 60 seconds, despite that id the Xiaomi user continues with different patterns the Redmi mobile will be locked for 10 to 15 minutes and will display the option to reset pattern lock by showing forgot password in your Redmi mobile, the Xiaomi user shall select that option via which the Xiaomi user can reset the pattern lock through logging in to their registered Mi account and password, once the verification steps get completed the Xiaomi user will be able to reset the pattern lock again successfully.

Through your authenticated Mi id and password the Xiaomi user can easily reset the pattern lock and carefully keep a note of it. The above-listed procedure is also valid if the Xiaomi user has to reset the pattern or pin in Redmi mobile, via using this method the Xiaomi user can reset the pattern lock without any data loss.

One should also go through some preventive measures to avoid any kind of data loss or damage while implementing on the above guide to reset the pattern in Redmi mobile, the user should not try to dismantle the phone via muscular force or any other tool, the user shall not keep on trying excessively as this can lead in permanent locking of your phone, the user should never give their phones in any sort of local and unauthenticated store as they may take out the original parts from your phone or copy the data for misuse. The correct step taken by the user is to visit the authenticated Redmi customer care store to reset the pattern lock, they will provide fully secure and assured service and reset the pattern without data loss. All these above measures are equally valid to reset pin, pattern, or any other kind of password in Redmi mobile.

At last, I would like to conclude that always keep a note of your pattern and other passwords and keep them protected from an anonymous source. I hope that all the Xiaomi users going through this article are well known for the fact of how to conveniently reset pattern lock or rest pin in the Redmi phone.