Transfer All Data from old mobile to new Redmi Mobile – Mi Mover

Transfer All Data from old android mobile to new Redmi mobileAs phones play a very active role in our lives, everyone in today’s time keeps on changing the phones as per the evolution in time and technology as illustrated by Xiaomi. The Redmi phones are interim members of our life so whenever we feel the need to change the Redmi phone, is it important to change the data as well? Certainly not, shifting onto a new Redmi phone doesn’t imply you lose all your old data.
If you recently buy a  new Redmi Mobile then definitely you need to transfer all your data like as WhatsApp chats, contacts, photos, videos, messages, notes, and many other things from your old mobile to the new Redmi mobile. Here we share a working step by step guide to transfer complete data from your old phone to your new Redmi Mobile.

As the old data might contain important media, conversations, files, documents, etc. so to avoid this problem and lose all your data one can easily transfer the old data from the old Redmi phone to the Redmi phone, now let’s see how we can do it.

Implementation of Mi Mover app which is responsible and designed for data transfer from old Redmi phone to a new one, now let’s have a glance at the intricacy, this particular app supports all type of data transfer including music, media, files, documents, conversation, calendar, events, history, contacts, etc. to initialize the process by scanning the QR code from the new phone which will establish the successful connectivity between the devices.

Mi Mover App – Complete Data Transfer App Developed by Xiaomi Team

The following steps to transfer data are, firstly install the “Mi mover app” in both the phones old and new as well then after installation, the user needs to agree to all the terms and conditions and grant the various permissions like switching on location while usage of this app, accessing contacts, media of your phone then open the app you will see the option of “I am a sender” and “I am a receiver” chose the options accordingly in sender’s and receiver’s phone respectively, secondly scan the QR code that appears on the receiver’s screen then opt the apps and information that you need to transfer, then to confirm the over-all transaction tap on send. Then the user needs to have some patience until the data is transferred completely then after the completion of the whole procedure you have to tab on the finish indicating the successful transaction that took place from your old Xiaomi phone to the new Xiaomi phone.

Data Transfer Process in Mi Mover App

This app is one of the most reliable and beneficial applications which acts as a convenient tool for transferring data from an old phone to a new phone. A lot of people also might face the issue of transferring large files and data and might not be equipped with a high-speed wifi connection, so the user’s need not worry in that case as this application does not require wifi connection, one doesn’t need to get involved into the cable and wire fasad as this is a wireless transaction and additionally it is a completely secure app with a verified customer base and rating of 4.9 stars out of 5.

This Mi Mover app is designed to satisfy the user’s demand in every aspect. one should also take care of certain things like the receiver’s phone and sender’s phone should be in a close range loop, the app must be installed in both the phones respectively, the application shall be used at the consecutive time for successful connection to take place, once the whole transaction takes place the user should verify and confirm the required data and in case of mismatch, one can try again after checking the availability of network and range, before the complete transfer of data and confirmation the user shall not delete the data from the old Xiaomi phone.

If anyhow the users face any issue in data transfer after checking the authenticity and appropriate range loop one should contact the customer care service or write in the feedback of the app to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.
Here you learn how to transfer your important data in very easy steps. Now enjoy your data in the new Redmi mobile.

At last, I desire that all the Xiaomi users are able to perceive the information and implement it whenever required and all the steps add up to their information that results in resolving the issue.