How to Find Lost Android Mobile – Easy Steps

In today’s aeon, people are so much handy with their phones as they have equally been a part of our lives now beat any delightful occasion, exultation, covid-stricken pandemic, any sort of celebration and official promotions. All these sweet and sour experiences are captured on our phones in form of videos, photos, recordings, etc.  Also, the most common occurrence taking place now a day’s is about mislaying of our android devices and this can be a matter of concern as our phone holds the bulk of sensitive information, valuable documents, precious contacts, etc.

So does this means that mislaying your phone costs all your important work and memories?  Which acts as prominent evidence of your life of various incidents, certainly not, so here I am to guide you about the lost android phone tracking so that you can keep everything intact with you.

Now diving into the intricacy, one major fact has to keep in mind that the location and the internet server of your device must be switched on further widening the concepts, Firstly go to the settings secondly to the google option there you will find the option of Find my device and make sure you have signed with the same account. Then you will see a screen displaying three options through which you can trace your android device.

Find My Device – Features and Working Process:

“steps to access the feature of Find my device”

Now broadening about the three options, the first one is via installing the “Google Play” application from the Play store. This application uses your device information and cellular data to locate your phone. This application is enrolled with three sub-features “Play sound” this makes your phone ring at full volume for a short period of time of about five mins despite your phone has been set on silent mode.

Android Find My Device Function and Tracking Process for Lost Android Mobile

“The Google Application to locate your phone”

The second subfeature enrolled is “Secure Device” enabling this feature increases security by automatically locking your device with a PIN, pattern, or password, in case you don’t have a lock enabled in your phone you can drop a message or a customized lock  on your screen

The third sub-feature included “Erase Device” this feature perpetually erases all the data from your device but while operating this feature some factorial figures are to be noted that is on enrollment of this feature the SD card data might not be deleted. As Find my device locates your phone by using device information so this faculty will not be functional anymore. To avail of this setting, you need to log in with the same Google account and password.

“The three enrolled features in the application”

These were some relevant points valid for android phone tracing that might help to reduce your fear if your phone is mislaid, as phones require a considerable amount of investment in terms of money one should be precautious while using their phones at public places as factor pf stealing increases.

Here are some recommendations one should go through while traveling, avoid long conversations as it will keep you distracted from the surroundings, prefer simplified textual conversations more so that you can be attentive at the same time, usage of headsets or other speaker modes over direct phone usage as it makes you more aware and alert, never lend your phone to an anonymous person as then the probability of misfortune increases, at public places a responsible person should tackle the phone than under-aged children as mishandling may lead to the prospect of act like stealing. Aged citizens who are not equipped with such awareness and advanced technology can adopt the practice of using landlines over smartphones to avoid the possibility of misplacing their phones.

By striking towards the end I hope this article would help to add on to your bottom-line. At rearmost I desire that this information assists you in unerring direction.