How to Remove YouTube Shorts Videos from YouTube

Social media has an enormous impact in today’s timespan and when it comes to social interaction and activity the first and foremost idea that strikes our mind is “YouTube” one of the large scale online platform, the customer base of YouTube has been constantly incrementing, as YouTube and social media go hand in hand.
If you are looking for a way to rid of YouTube Shorts then we share a step by step working guide to Remove YouTube shorts from youtube. You can easily remove YouTube Shorts from your YouTube and enjoy YouTube with any Shorts videos.

At present YouTube is functioned by most of the people as it serves the purpose of entertainment in various virtual forms from movies, series, DIY’s, lyrical video, inspiring choreography and hauls, etc. It keeps you upgraded with all the trendy and latest streaming content. It also provides us a golden opportunity to portray our creativity in so many different areas like dance, cooking, art, singing, and any kind of vlog. It also acts as a canvas if you want your own small-scale start-up business and reflects your entrepreneurship skills online it also gives you the freedom of expressing your opinion in the comment section box.

With no confinement, the consumer base has accelerated immensely with the enrollment of the new feature of “shorts”. As we all are aware of the recent prohibition of “Tik-Tok” application which was very prominent and famed amongst the youth as it offered a wide variety of entertaining pursuit of mimicry of famous dialogues, singing, attractive soundtracks, latest recreation of movie scenes, etc. and now YouTube has introduced its new version with such feature. Due to which the pre-settled audience has become more inclined towards YouTube.

With the increase of the new people, the graph of previous subscribers has depleted a little bit as they have been facing a constant issue regarding the pop-up shorts display on the screen.

These minuscule shorts tend to interrupt the viewer’s concentration and attentiveness. It leads to a lag of interest for some people. So if you dislike this new feature and want to get rid of it then here I am with a solution to your problem.

The new feature of YouTube shorts

Steps to Remove YouTube Shorts:

Subscribers with a different opinion regarding this feature need not shift to any other application, by extending the topic I would like to tell an alternate method that you can follow for eliminating this muddled issue. You can browse YouTube via surfing “” in the browser address bar. This will provide you a filtered experience and a different version of YouTube that will not charge your focus while binge-watch by forbidding the shorts clips. For your convenient approach with quick response and fast action, you can create the shortcut of this link on your screen.

Access YouTube in mobile chrome browser without any shorts section

I hope by practicing this method, the tastes of both types of the audience will be fulfilled simultaneously and the graph will be retained. As YouTube is explored by almost every person unconfined of ages this new feature might be a bit problematic for some people as these pop-out clips can be considered annoying or a little aggravating. So to abolish this issue I have tried to make this article informative, to serve the purpose of every type of person.

Save YouTube shortcut icon to the mobile home screen

With the proscription of the “Tik-Tok” application, a huge amount of people were affected as it was also considered an income source on small scale and the biggest advantage was that it was reachable to every person and every area. This app was also famed due to its easy access. But YouTube got it all covered the reason behind introducing this new feature is positive as it acts like a canvas that can be built and painted in numerous ways according to you, it is also very convenient to use and easily approachable to all kind of people.

Here we learn how to Remove YouTube Shorts easily. Now enjoy YouTube videos without any disturbance because now you successfully removed shorts videos from YouTube. Enjoy YouTube.

At last, I yearn that this article helps you to resolve the issue and help you binge-watch without any disturbance and issues.