How to Solve Bootloop and softbrick, hardbrick in Redmi 3s Prime Xiaomi MIUI 8/7

bootloop-softbrick-hardbrick-solution-in-redmi-3s-prime-easy-wayHello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we talk about Various issues which you face in Redmi 3s Prime during MIUI update. Everyone want new features, So users can’t wait for reviews they just update their devices which they receive via OTA. Updates already tested by MIUI beta team so don’t worry about updates these are surely beneficiary for you. But during the update may be you face bootloop, Softbrick / Hardbrick situation in your favorite Xiaomi’s Redmi 3s Prime. So here we talk about why these problems occurred during MIUI updates.

What is Bootloop / Softbrick / Hardbrick:

These problems normally occurred while ROM flashing. Maybe you flash wrong ROM in your device. During MIUI update if you restart your device or you remove the power source then chances are high to face a brick situation. Wrong ROM selection also a reason of above problems. So alway flash a right ROM with correct version in your Redmi 3s Prime. If you don’t which ROM is good like developer or Stable. Global or Chinese. Don’t worry Just click on below link and understand MIUI ROM versions with the detailed guide.
Click here to know more about MIUI ROMs

Bootloop is a situation where your Redmi 3s Prime  device always shows Mi logo during start. and after some time it again goes off, and automatically on with same Mi logo.This process goes continually. In short your device won’t goes on home screen. It always stuck at Mi logo. This probem normally happens when you flash a wrong ROM in your device. Like your device is Redmi 3s Prime and you flash another ROM which is made for Mi5. In this case your device surely goes in bootloop.

Softbrick is a situation where your Redmi 3s Prime phone won’t turn ON. Even phone don’t show any Mi logo when you start your mobile. But your showing charging symbols if you charge your device. Fastboot mode also working in softbrick case.

Hardbrick is a situation where your phone won’t react on any action means totally dead.  The phone does not show any charging symbol while charging. don’t goes in fastboot mode. Phone not detect in Mi flash.

Solution for Bootloop / Softbrick  / Hardbrick in Redmi 3s Prime:

After reading above paragraph now you can understand why these problems happen on your Xiaomi device.  Bootloop and softbrick are easily handled by Mi flash tool. Through the help of Mi flash tool you can install new MIUI ROM in your device.

Follow below steps to solve bootloop / Softbrick in Redmi 3s Prime-

  1. Download Mi flash tool and install.
  2. Download Correct version ROM.
  3. Turn on Fastboot mode & connect your phone with Computer and Launch Mi flash tool.
  4. Choose your device. Set MIUI ROM path.
  5. Choose options like Format all / save data / lock bootloader etc.
  6. Click on flash button.
  7. After some time your device reboot.
  8. All set. done.

For detailed guide on ROM flashing with step by step instructions please follow below link
How to Flash MIUI ROM in Redmi 3s Prime via Mi Flash tool

There is no need to unlock bootloader if you flash MIUI versions in your Xiaomi devices. No matter your upgrade your MIUI version or Downgrade. You just need your Mi account password when phone boot first time then system ask for Mi password.

How to Solve hardbrick situation in Redmi 3s Prime:

If your device hardbrick then chances are less to recover from this situation. Its now easy task to handle a hardbrick situation. You can overcome from this situation through the help of test point method soon we come with a detailed guide. Where we explain how to solve hardbrick device through test point method.

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