The Faceoff : iCloud vs Mi Cloud

mi-cloud-vs-icloud-advantageHello MiUIers, in this post, we will be talking about Storage and Data Security . As the number of apps and games in the market are increasing, our storage needs are also increasing. Nowadays, even 1 TB Hard Disks are not able to fulfill our storage needs. Cloud Storage is probably the most promising aspect in this regard. They provide you around-the-globe accessibility and lifelong data security. Also, you don’t need to worry about carrying it around. Since there are too many cloud services in the market. we decided to compare the most popular cloud storage service – the iCloud, to our beloved – Mi Cloud. So, here is the detailed comparison of these two giants in Cloud Industry –



  1. iCloud can store photos , videos, docs, apps, music and it keeps them updated all across the Apple Devices(up to 10 devices)
  2. iCloud automatically uploads every photo from your Apple Devices .
  3. iCloud Drives – Stores all important files.
  4. iCloud allows sharing of data with up to six other people(friends, family)
  5. iCloud gives you 5GB Free Storage and up to 2TB on payment of Rs. 1300 per month.
  6. iCloud can store notes and backups also
  7. iCloud Can help to track phones with its Activation Lock Technology
  8. iCloud Stores Mail, Calendars, Reminders etc.
  9. iCloud Supports Encryption and Two Factor Authentication of data.
  10. iCloud has Multi-platform support- it is available on Windows, Android as well as iOS.


  1. Not all Content can be shared in the Family Sharing Option, even after subscribing to the paid Family Plan.
  2. The Data Cost after free 5 GB is quite high
  3. Many of the functions like Find my Phone, Music Backup and Encryption are not available worldwide
  4. The Application has too many bugs
  5. It Lacks Support for older versions of iOS
  6. It requires Regular Synchronization for ensuring Data Sagely
  7. Two Way Authentication will be made available to limited users only initially.
  8. Phone Tracking requires a regular internet connection

Mi Cloud


  1. Mi Cloud lets you store photos, contacts, messages, call logs etc.
  2. Mi Cloud gives you 5 GB Free Storage
  3. Mi Cloud syncs Data to all Mi Devices that the user possesses by itself.
  4. Mi Cloud lets you connect to Mi Cloud from anywhere and any device like TV etc.
  5. Mi Cloud has Multi-platform and Multi Device Support.’
  6. Mi Cloud allows syncing Bookmarks, Music and songs from the point you left of.
  7. Mi Cloud has a inbuilt PDF and File Reader application
  8. Mi Cloud supports encryption and Two Step Authentication for all users.


  1. Lack of Cross Platform Support, although app is available on Apple Store
  2. Lack of Notes Synchronization
  3. Allegation of Data Leaking on Mi; although nothing was proved in court.

That’s it guys, for this time. Now you can easily compare which one is good for you Mi cloud or iCloud.   Stay tuned to us and keep enjoying Mi Services, because we –

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

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