Redmi 3s Prime : Battery Drain Not Charge Heating Issue Solution

Redmi 3S Prime Battery issue heating issue solutionRedmi 3s Prime, A budget phone with full of specifications. Your all needs fulfil by this Phone. Redmi 3s Prime have Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 MSM8937 Octa-Core processor ,Fingerprint Sensor,WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, A-GPS. You can read Redmi 3S specifications from here.

Redmi 3S come in two variants first is Redmi 3S which has 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal and 13MP Camera. The second one is Redmi 3S Prime, Its have 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal and Fingerprint sensor. This is the another device in Redmi series which have a fingerprint sensor. Redmi Pro also a fingerprint sensor. You can control your TV & AC via Redmi 3S because its has IR blaster (infrared).

Some users face Battey not charge problem in Redmi 3s Prime. Some complaint about Battery drain issue in Redmi 3S.  Maybe you also face heating issue in Redmi 3S Prime. These are all small problems you don’t worry about it. It all solved by following some easy steps.

Battery Not Charging Problem Solution in Redmi 3S Prime :


This problem normally you face when you just unbox your Redmi 3S, and try to charge but you surprise your phone is not charging. and the first thing which cone in your mind is you got a faulty piece. and thinking to return it.  Wait this is not faulty you can solve this problem easily. Follow below trick to solve not charge problem :

  • Use Another Xiaomi charger then try. If your phone charging then its ok. Charge your phone 3-4 time with another charger  then try with your original Redmi 3S charger.
  • If still not working then don’t charge your phone till your phone goes 2-3 % battery power. Then switch off it. and try with your original charger.

If you don’t charge your phone 30-45 days then you also face this Battery not charge problem.

Fast Battery Drain Problem solution in Redmi 3S Prime :

Redmi 3s have a powerful4100mAh battery. If you still facing fast battery drain problem then follow below trick to get maximum battery life.

  • Turn off your phone GPS when you don’t need.
  • Turn off WIFI when you don’t need.
  • Check background Apps which apps are running, Which are not useful off them.
  • Always  monitor battery stats through Security App.
  • Don’t use Vibration for Screen touch as well as the capacitive buttons.
  • Set preferred network 2G When you don’t need the internet.
  • Always Update latest MIUI version.

After following above tricks, i am sure you solved your battery drain issue. If you are facing heating in Redmi 3S then you can try below tips :

  • Don’t use your phone during charging.
  • Always use the internet through WiFi. If you using through Mobile data then might be you face small heating issue but it is normal.
  • Make sure your GPS is off.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.


    1. Hi Shankar,
      Thanks for writing here. Nowadays mobiles are too smart. there is no need to worry. They stop the receiving power when they don’t need. make sure you are using original Xiaomi charger.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Nidheesh A S,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please clear the cache data through security app. and restart your phone and try again.
      Hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

  1. Bought a Redmi 3 in South africa. Had it for 8 days (just past the guarantee period) and now it fails to charge or switch on. To me it feels like a total bust buying this phone. What do I need to do?

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for the response.

        For some reason unknown to me, I pushed the power button on the side for about 20 seconds and the phone switced on. Showing that it was charging while in the off state. Don’t know why I had to hold the button for so long for it to switch on.

    1. Hi Prince,
      If your phone slow charging, then please use another charger. use your phone till 2-3 % then switch off your phone. and try with original charger.
      Kind Regards

  2. My capacative bttns are not working why i have buyed mobile just before 2 days and the capacative buttons vibrate but dnt works on screen in redimi 3s why plzzz contact me

    1. Hi Ayush,
      This is an inbuilt function which is helpful when you play games in your phone. because many times during gameplay capacitive button touched by you and game stopped.
      You can disable this function easily follow below steps:
      Swipe down the screen. In the toggle options, you see a “Buttons” option. disable this.
      Kind Regards

  3. Hi purchased redmi 3s prime. But its neither charge or switch on. Tried it from other charger as well but charger lifght blinking with in 2-3 minute after that its not charged. What to do pls help me

  4. I bought red me 3s two days ago. M facing heating problem during use and charging. Get very warm during charging. Moderate heating in using it. How to solve it.?

    1. Hi Vijay Prajapati,
      Thanks for writing here. Make sure your mobile data and GPS is off during phone charging. Please don’t use your phone during charging.
      Clear the cache data.
      Kind Regards

  5. I am facing a problem in my new redmi 3s prime mobile..
    When I open gallery to open images and videos. it’s take too much time and shows loading… Why so?
    Plz tell me

    1. Hi Amarnath jha,
      If you are on MIUI 7, then please clear the cache data and try.
      And if you recently updated MIUI 8 then please enable Mi cloud Sync.
      Kind Regards

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  7. I bougjg redmi 3s prime 4,5 days ago but the is not charge when i connect to charger.
    When i connect to charger connection sound is hear but the phone is not chargey battery is at 8% please tell me how i fix it.i try another redmi charger but the battery remains same i connect with original charger upto 4 hour the battery is not charge up with 1%

  8. I charged my new Redmi 3S prime using a power bank from 27% to 87%…will it effect my phone…I am somewhat feeling that the battery is draining fast…

  9. I bought Redmi 3S Prime just 9 days back, worked absolutely fine until yesterday when suddenly phone gone complete dead even though it had 85% charge available just minutes before. It was not even charging or no charging light were on. No function at all. Took SIM out & refitted etc but nothing. Suddenly after 30 minutes it automatically switched ON & again working fine. What problem is this? Is it a faulty battery issue?

  10. After unboxing my phone is working fine for 5 to 10 days that time I’m charging the battery when it’s 10 % and charge it till 100% but nowadays I’m charging the battery when it’s shows less than 20% and charge it till not more than 80 % and after using few moments of time my phone become very hot feel like it’s burning should I change my recent charging method ?

  11. My redmi 3s prime started rebooting some times. It is been 2months and faced the below problems. May be you may not believe, i faced all the problems.
    1) Phone got rebooted abruptly (around ten times as of now)
    2) Phone is getting heated up like any thing.
    3) Battery is getting drained very fast(full 100% in 8hrs). When i use 3G it is much worse.
    4) Two times i got hung.
    I tried all the tricks which are told to save the battery life time. Still did not see results much.
    Note: My friend is using same model and he did not face all these problems. I think twice his mobile also go rebooted abruptly. I do not know why i am very unlucky to buy this mobile.

  12. I have bought it 24 hours ago and at night , the battery percentage was 48% after late night I.e. about 2 or 3 a.m , it was 10% then in the morning it was switched off , even I didn’t use it and the data was off and also the brightness level was zero . but its battery goes on decreasing rapidly .
    Is anything wrong with this phone or some other problem .Please Answer Me

  13. Hi
    I bought a redmi 3s prime recently.last day its got some problems .its cant charging
    i went to service centre .people says like mother board has gone so i have t replace that without warranty
    actually while putting charge plug phone is working nicely. the issue is whenever remove plug phone is going to dead.
    so what i need to do..?is it worth to changing mother board with 5500..??

  14. Hi,
    I have use this phone around 1 year but it is not charge when i connect to charger.
    When i connect to charger connection sound is hear but the phone is not chargey battery is at 8% please tell me how i fix it.i try another redmi charger but the battery remains same i connect with original charger upto 4 hour the battery is not charge up with 1%
    1. I have format phone
    2. I have Use Another Xiaomi charger . Charge My phone 3-4 time with another charger
    3. and also try with original Redmi 3S charger.
    Now still not working and phone goes 2-3 % battery power and switch off it. and try with your original charger but still same issue

    Mahendra Sharma

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