MIUI 8 Problems & Solutions After Update

MIUI 8 Problems and solutions after updateHello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. At this time you all have MIUI 8 in your Mi mobiles and enjoying MIUI 8 services. In MIUI 8, you receive various cool features like Second Space, Dual app, new calculator, new notification style (toggle bar), new notes, new gallery, new calling interface, new screenshot features, Quick ball, new settings arrangement with the search option and much more.

In overall MIUI 8 far batters then MIUI 7. You definitely love second space feature. Dual app also impressive, if you want to use the same app with different mobile number in your Xiaomi. Calculator, have full converter system where you convert all things length to speed. Newly designed toggle bar where you receive your notifications on the same page where your toggle icons exist, In short, you can control all things from the same page when you swipe the screen. Now you can also set themes on your notes, Hide notes feature is new in notes section where you hide your notes. Hiding notes procedure is same as file hide process. In the MIUI 8 you can capture screenshot in 4 different ways. Quick ball is already introduced in MIUI 7.5 but you get in MIUI 8 with bug fixes. Now there is no need to follow articles procedure like first go to setting then this then this etc etc, Now you can simply go to setting and search what you want that’s it.  Now you feel more reliable to find the particular option in settings. You also face design changes in MIUI 8 on various places like phonebook, calling interface, Gallery interface, Mi account interface, Security app interface and much more.

MIUI 8 is so good but if you do mistakes during update then maybe you face problems in MIUI 8. Many users flash wrong ROMs in their mobiles then they face many issues in MIUI 8. You also face an issue if during update your phone shutdown. So there are many reasons for MIUI 8 Problems. lets discuss

Problems & Solutions After Update MIUI 8 from MIUI 7:

Please clear the cache data after updating MIUI 8. then restart your mobile and enjoy MIUI 8.

Q. I don’t like new toggle bar style. Can I get the previous one ?
Ans. Yes, you can easily switch old toggle bar Style. follow How to Get old toggle bar on MIUI 8

Q. I don’t like MIUI 8. Want to go for MIUI 7. Tell Me the Procedure ?
Ans. Sorry to hear that. But if you don’t like MIUI 8 then you can easily go for MIUI 7. Please follow  Downgrade process for MIUI 8 to MIUI 7

Q. After MIUI 8 Update, I not able to receive new calls. All calls automatically disconnect and the system says User busy. But I don’t receive any notifications on my mobile. what to do?
Ans. First, check you don’t block all numbers in the block list. Maybe you block all numbers in the blocklist. Also, check DND service, Maybe you enabled DND service. If all looks good then you have an issue in newly updated OS MIUI 8. You can download new recovery ROM (MIUI 8 Stable) and flash via updater App.
Click here to Download MIUI 8 Stable

Q. After MIUI 8 update, I am not able to make new calls. Mobile display “mobile network not available” error on screen.
Ans. Please do a manual search for network. and set this network to 2G. then try. If you still receive the same error then might be some issue in newly updated MIUI 8 ROM. You can flash MIUI 8 again in your Xiaomi Mobile. You can also go for MIUI 7.

Q. I updated MIUI 8 in my mobile But second space feature not available on my phone. Why ?
Ans. Second space and dual app not comfortable for all Xiaomi devices. For more details follow this Second Space Features & Comfort-ability

Q. After MIUI 8 update, mobile ask for Mi account password. I forgot the password. how to recover ?
And. Mi account password recovery is too easy. follow this Reset Mi Account Password

Q. Are my hidden photos delete when I update to MIUI 8 ?
Ans. If you update using update app then your data is safe. however we suggest you, please take a backup before MIUI 8 update.

Q. My Phone stuck at Mi logo after update MIUI 8. What the Solution ?
Ans. Go to recovery mode via pressing Volume up + power button. and wipe reset cache data. and try. if your phone still stuck at Mi logo. then install MIUI 8 again. for further guide please use the comment section.

Above all problems occurs in any Xiaomi device. no matter which is Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3S / Prime, Redmi note 3, Redmi note 4G, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5 etc.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.


  1. on miui7 and now on miui8
    after backup ,
    I lose all my [ from playstore apps] widgets and
    some apps that i have to startup do not start up automatically,
    and some functions as keyboard etc turn into deafult [ chinese etc]

    what’s wrong with my settings?

    1. Hi Stelios,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Its look like, you flashed MIUI 8 China ROM. Please revert us with your current MIUI version.
      Kind Regards

  2. After update of MIUI 8 stable in my Redmi note 3, Volte network of Reliance Jio is not working where as LTE network (4G) data is working fine. But neither can make calls nor receive in Reliance Jio Sim.

  3. when i am Downgrade MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 suddenly device closed now having some problems many of the apps closed suddenly also cant connect sim pls help me…

  4. After updating MIUI 7 to 8 on my Mi3, I have experienced the following problems:
    1. The Home, Back and Menu buttons do not work anymore. I have to use Quick Ball to get to access them.
    2. None of the Keyboards: Swift, Google, can be used in my Line Chat. The keyboard can not be called up when I try to type.

    Please advice.

    1. Hi Jy,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Please clear the cache data then try below tricks
      1. Swipe down the toggle bar. here you find ‘buttons’ option make sure this option is disabled.
      2. For keyboard please set default keyboard from settings then try.

      Kind Regards


    1. Hi Dr Khan,
      It’s look like system crash during the update. Follow below steps:
      First power off your phone. Power on your phone via pressing Volume up button + Power button.
      now you are in Mi Recovery. choose language. and clear wipe cache data and try if not success then try with wipe reset. if still not boot successfully. then fastboot is the last option.
      Kind Regards

      1. In recovery mode, there is no option to clear wipe cache data. Only following three options appear: 1. Reboot to system, which simply reboots the phone. 2. Clear data, which further asks ‘Clear All Data?’ (scary !). 3. Open RedMe Assistant, which opens a screen where nothing happens whatever you do.
        Now, please explain how to clear wipe cache data in Mi Max.

  6. Hi, can you help me, after update miui 8 stable, my gallery is error and my sd card cant detected
    Sometime my phone got soft reboot
    Please give me solution

  7. Dear:
    I have purchased my Xiaomi REDMI Note 3 pro phone just 2 month ago. I am using my phone without any problem. Its fingerprint scanner is also working well. But from the beginning i was not able to take selfy by using the fingerprint scanner. I have updated my MIUI to 8. But I am still facing the same problem. Let me know to solve.

    With Regards,

    1. Hi Joy,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. The Feature which you are talking about is based on ROM. As of now this feature not available in Stable ROM. soon you receive in next updates.
      Kind Regards

  8. Hi
    i updated my phone into MIUI 8 from MIUI 7
    and now my google account cannot connect to WLAN, even though all my social media apps still working well, I can open my google play store only via packet data.
    and my 4G packet data also not working well,, the signal status on the display is LTE but it cannot download even a single facebook page. first i think that it is my provider’s problem, i tried to call their it but they say my plan profile is still working well..
    how can i fix this problem ?
    thanks before

  9. I am using developer Rom miui 8 .

    it got update my phone almost every week..

    when I update my phone…
    my hidden file are gone???
    how do I get them back..
    each time of update its happened..
    I am using for update…in mobile setting update option.

    please tell me how will I get them back they are really important for me…and in backup there is no option for back-up to hidden file or image

    1. Hi Abhay,
      Thanks for writing here. You are on Developer ROM.
      You can update your phone when you receive updates. there is no data loss. your files are always safe. But you know, This is developer ROM and bug chances are high. So maybe you lose your data. So always backup your data before any update.
      You can go for stable ROM.
      As of now, there is no option to take hidden data backup through backup option.
      Kind Regards

  10. i m facing prob in my Redmi note 4g day before yesterday it was working fine with Reliance Jio after that network is vanish and top right no service is coming or emergency calls, i followed my videos on Youtube but still not find a way. when i search network manually it find Jio network but it always show fail to register. Help me

  11. After the MIUI 8 update, the incoming call banner is not working. The whole screen displays the incoming call. Anything wrong with the settings?
    Please help.

  12. I have redmi2 with new update miui8 v8.0.1 stable. Now i am facing a problem is music stop automatically when i open any other app. Please help me and solved out this issue.

  13. hi i am a new user of mi note 3
    and i don’t know why notification was not coming of all apps except whatsapp
    I already done factory reset and check in setting> notification and status bar that every notification was open for all the apps.
    Please give the solution.

    1. Hi Deepak,
      Please check may be you hide all app notifications. Just swipe down the screen and check there. Might be you enable a hide button. If you don’t found then please revert back via contact us page with screenshots.
      Kind Regards

  14. After update to miui 8 in my Redmi 1s music stops after screen is locked when I press power key or volume key its playing but again stops. Its happening in both music players. What should I do mail me please

    1. Hi Satya Prakash,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. Please clear the cache data. and check cleaner settings.
      hope it helps. If still have problem revert back here.
      Kind Regards

  15. I am posting again. Because i did not get reply.I have redmi2 with new update miui8 v8.0.1 stable. Now i am facing a problem is music stop automatically when i open any other app. Please help me and solved out this issue. Please reply atleast.

  16. Hi. This is sushil here.. i am using redmi note 3 .. recently i updated miui 8 when i got notification on my phone. Bit after updating i got few major problems in it ..
    1. I am unabling to call any one from my phone. Call doesn’t goes.. it isnt problem of my phone network or any balance issue. It is problem of phone os
    2. I am unabling to install apps or update any app. It just complets download to 100% but doesn’t install.

    This two are the majore problems.
    Please help me.
    And please don’t tell me to formate my phone. Because i don’t want to loss any of my data mostly the whatsapp data.
    Or just help me to reach MI devlopers to let them know my problem so that they fix this update.
    Do reply me asap.


  17. I am using HM1s, after upgrade to stable. My phone looks strange! Experience that the phone running slow. Found something strange! The space availability is 1.3GB (Total 6.14GB). But the space automatic consumed until run out of space. However the space go back to 1.3 GB again afterwards.
    Not sure whether is the phone OS auto reboot or other schedule job?
    It looks that it is not a malware infection because virus scanner (Xiaomi) not found anything.
    I download kaspersky anti virus to do the scan. It looks that no malware or virus found.
    Any idea in this regard?

      1. Hi Grprajapat,

        Thanks. Read the instruction of wipe cache and data. It is useful. Final solution need execute wipe data then everything turn to normal. I am appreciate for your help.
        Thank you.

      1. same issue with my miui 8 china version. how to solve this issue?
        1. google authentication problem in google play store
        2. google mail does not connect. need to restart frequently to solve the issue

  18. Hi guys, I just bought REDMI note3 this week, I don’t know what the problem is with the music player when I play music via hands-free, Music stops after every few seconds & It takes me to Google app where It says ‘Say Google’ three times or tip on the Google mic, I have tried doing both but neither works.Can somebody help me fix it . I’m using MiUI8 currently if that information makes any difference.

  19. After updating in miui 8 my all photos that’s hided in gallery as well as explorer is not show there. Is that photos deleted or I get them back pls. Help

    1. Hi S s chandwara,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. Its totally depend on how you update MIUI 8. If you flash via Mi Flash and on that time you choose Clear all data. Then there are fewer chances.
      If you upgrade via updater app then might be a chance. Clear wipe cache data and see your files. If still not there. Then please recover via Recovery software.
      Kind Regards

      1. I update through updater. After that I download some files and also deleted some files. Can I still recover my photos via recovery software if yes pls tell me recovery software name and process thanks pls help me

  20. Hi
    After updating to MIUI 8 I am facing following problems
    1) Scanner app not working always get crash when I open it.
    2) When some App asks for permissions ALLOW button doesn’t work
    3) OK or CANCEL not visible whenever I update any pic or status on whatsapp

  21. hola
    tengo el siguiente problema con mi Redmi note 3 pro, por las noches cuando me voy a dormir la batería tiene un porcentaje y a la mañana siguiente veo que a bajado casi un 30 % por que pasa esto? tengo miui estable.
    espero tu respuesta gracias!

  22. Hello.
    I upgraded my phone to miui 8. But after upgrading, the smileys option on the keypad has disappered. I cannot use smileys for any of my social media apps. Please help.

    1. Hi Mohit,
      I’m so sorry to hear that.
      How many comments you read here ?
      100,200 highest 300.
      but millions of mi devices are on MIUI 8. They enjoying MIUI 8 services. If you see practically then only 0.0002% devices are getting a problem during the update or after the update.
      MIUI 8 Introduced many new features you can read all new features from below link.
      We are always here for you if you face any problem.
      If you still want to use MIUI 7. then it’s your choice.
      Kind Regards

  23. Hello…m the new user of MIUI… when I bought Mi Max…that time MIUI version was 7. My hidden file stay as it is for couple of days..bt after some days it goes deleted.. automatically. After updating MIUI 8 same problem m facing. Hidden files are stay as it is…bt after couple of days…it goes deleted automatically….plz give me solutions.

    1. Hi Om,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. These things which you are said are not done automatically.
      Are you using any antivirus software or any other RAM / Memory Cleaner ?

      Kind Regards

      1. Hi,

        I am facing the same issue in my Redmi Note 3 32gb after the update the usage by the android system is around 52% and the battery does not last even a day.
        Battery drop from 55% to 14% after watching a 2 hours movie with even low brightness.

        Atul Malhotra

  24. I have Xiomi mi Max, two days ago it got updated to MIUI 8 and after that images are not showing up in the gallery stored in external Sd Card. I tried formatting the sd card but it didn’t help and if i move them to internal storage all of them still don’t show up after that, on moving around 200 pics only one of them appears in the gallery. Please help it’s very annoying, this phone raise a new problem every time it gets updated.. Even images are not showing up when stored in internal storage. Please help, I have tried every thing but nothing helped

  25. Hi,
    After updating my Mi4i to MIUI 8 my phone stuck into MIUI 8 frist page ,then touch screen not working, only power key, volume up and down key working.
    Please guide me with solution.

  26. Hello sir,
    I have redmi 2 with new update miui8 v6.9.8. After update miui8, I was getting problem of music player automatically stops while open any other app then I cleared wipe data but now m facing one more problem that is some apps force automatically like I download movie on uc Brower but when I come back to home page or open any other app then download stops automatically after some times. I don’t know why.!? Please help me how to solve this problem.

  27. My hided photos deleted after updating miui 8 I update it through mi updater app After updating I download and deleted some files. Can I still recover my photos via recovery software if yes pls tell me recovery software name and process thanks pls help me

    1. Hi S s Chandwara,
      Sorry for the delay in the response. There is less chance if those files are hidden by Xiaomi hidden function. because these files encrypted by algorithms. So if we success to recover these files via recovery software but can’t decrypt those files.
      Kind Regards

  28. Hi.
    I’ve some problems to search in the Contacts App of my Mi5. After updating to MIUI 8 I could search in this App without problem typing in the search box, but some days later this box seems to be disabled because when I tap on it, the keyboard doesn’t appear

      1. Hi grprajapt,

        Thanks for your help, but I’m not sure how to do it with the bootloader loocked. I’ve tried with the cleaning tool of MIUI Security App (it says that cleans cache), but it doesn’t work yet. Any other idea?

        Thanks again

  29. The camcorder of my Mi Max is not working after updating to MIUI 8. Am able to take pics but video recording is not possible. there some bugs and please help me over come it.

    1. Hi Vikram,
      Play your desired song in default music player. tap on … option and choose set as ringtone.
      Else go to setting and search for “phone ringtone” and add your desired song and set default .
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Yesvanth,
      Sorry to say that but as of now guest mode removed because Xiaomi introduced Second space feature.
      However, if you still want to use guest mode then please follow below steps :
      1. Download QuickShortcut Maker in playstore.
      2. Open Quickshorcut maker, and choose settings.
      3. search Setting User
      4.Rename Label Shortcut to ‘user’ and create
      5. Now ‘user’ shortcut in your launcher.
      Ready to use Guest mode in MIUI 8.

      Hope it helps.
      Kind Regards



  31. hy. i use a redmi 1s and i had upgraded my device to miui 8. a day after that, my phone is bootlooping but it always restarted even i had entered the recovery mode. then it fixed itself but 5 days later it started booting again. i can’t enter the recovery mode or fastboot. what should i do?? thanks before

  32. Hi , please help , gallery aftee MIUI 8 Update show blurry photos , any solutions ?? Ive tried what u have told before , turning on cloud sync , still photos r blurry

    1. Hi Martin Sanabam,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Make sure you connected with high speed WiFi.
      After enabling Sync. Go to settings ->System Apps ->Gallery.
      Make sure here you enable all the first three options.

      The system takes time to sync with your photos. Its depend on your internet speed.

      Kind Regards

  33. after upadating to miui 8 my phone mi4i start heating and battery drain so fast ..can you please tell me the solution for this . camera quality seems to be better than before

  34. Hii.. I have redmi 3s prime. I’ve updated my phone to MIUI 8. Earlier on opening camera, on swiping up on screen it changed the camera from front to back or back to front. But now its not happening. Ln sliding right and left i used to get the options and themes. But not now. I also don’t like the colours of notification bar and dial pad and other icons. Please help me out.

  35. There is no way to set a different tone for the alarm clock and calendar. When I set the tone for the alarm clock, the same melody is automatically set for calendar reminders. Conversely, if I change the calendar tone, the same melody is automatically set for the alarm clock.

  36. Hi. i use a redmi 3s and i had upgraded my device to miui (MALMIDI).
    After that there is no way to set a different tone for the alarm clock and calendar. When I set the tone for the alarm clock, the same melody is set for calendar reminders. Conversely, if I change the calendar tone, the same melody is automatically set for the alarm clock.

    1. Hello, Sergiy . Try going to Settings<Sound and Vibration. Then, search for the "Call Ringtone and Vibrate" Bar. In that bar you should find seperate bars to select the Alarm Tone and the Calendar Sound.

  37. after the miui 8 update i cant use network in redmi 3s prime. google play services and in built applications are not working. i can use whatsapp and other browsers like uc browser. but cant even use play store, chrome etc. i tried to restore my phone. but when i enter mi account password because the network is not working it does not work. i can use internet for whatsapp etc. but when i try to check for update they ask to connect to wifi. but the updater, play services and inbuilt applications are not even working on wifi

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