How to Update MIUI 8 Marshmallow in Redmi 2 / Prime

Redmi 2, A budget phone released by Xiaomi. You already know about its features like1 GB RAM, 8 GB Storage, snapdragon 8 Megapixel camera etc etc. Redmi 2 Prime have double capacity in RAM & Storage section. No Matter what they have. We are here for MIUI 8 Update Process in Redmi 2 / Prime phones. One thing which is good in Xiaomi that he don’t forget his old devices. MIUI developers work for its all devices no matter they are too old. For example, Redmi 1S still receive MIUI updates that’s why Xiaomi fans love Mi so much. Ok back to the topic, Here we are discussing Upgrading MIUI 8 in Redmi 2 / Prime phones.

Things Before Updating MIUI 8 in Redmi 2 / Prime :

There is some important task before going to MIUI 8, First thing is, Make sure you take backup of all your data. This is the necessary thing because during update if something bad happened then don’t worry about data because we have a backup. Second thing is that, Make sure your Redmi 2 battery is 70% charged. Yes, here only two thing which is necessary for MIUI 8 update.

Steps to Update MIUI 8 in Redmi 2 / Prime :

As you know there are two ROM versions are available for MIUI ROM. Stable ROM and Developer ROM. If you not much friendly about rooting, flashing and only want stability in your Redmi 2 Then you must go for MIUI 8 Stable ROM. If you hungry for new updates want to test all new features before other people test, then you can choose MIUI 8 Developer ROM.
Follow bellow steps to update MIUI 8 in your Redmi 2 / Prime:

  1. Download Redmi 2 MIUI 8 ROM From here.
  2. Save Downloaded ROM in your device.
  3. Rename this File like
  4. Open Updater App. Tap on three dots which is exists on Right side top.
  5. Select Choose update package option.
  6. MIUI 8 update process is started.
  7. After installing MIUI 8 Clear cache memory. and Clear  Wipe Cache also.

Congrats!! You update your Redmi 2 with MIUI 8. Enjoy MIUI 8 Service. You get many new features in MIUI 8. Like Notification shade, Dual Apps, Dual Space in phone, Hindi T9 Search,Better RAM management, new Notes features, Calculator extended, Mi message with Mobikwik recharge offer, New Screenshot experience, File encryption also changed etc etc. In Short, there are many features you can feel like a royal user where you have all flexibility in your tasks.

Gallery MIUI 8 in Redmi 2 / Prime :


MIUI 8 notes and notification in Redmi 2 Prime
Video Edit in MIUI 8 Redmi 2 Prime
Battery stauts in Redmi 2 MIUI 8
Setting option in Redmi 2 Prime MIUI 8

Enjoy MIUI 8. And always expect more because

Something wonderful is about to happen.


    1. Hi Vaibhav,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Maybe you download the old ROM. Please download New ROM. you can download from below link.
      Redmi 2 Prime Global ROM
      Version: 6.7.21 (MIUI8) Size: 784M

      Redmi 2 4G Global ROM
      Version: 6.7.5 (MIUI8) Size: 741M

      hope it help.

      Kind Regards

      1. Sir i want the rom version which is absolutly correct without any error because in past i have tried to download the version for lolipop from unknown source so my device became dead .. then i taken it to service center they took 10 days nearby to correct the phone. So i dont want any intereption such that. Please

        1. Hi Harshit Gupta,
          I understand your concern. We share link from MIUI officials. Hope you download the correct version. else you can download from MIUI official site.

    1. Hi Sidhant,
      Please tell me the procedure how you update MIUI 8 in your phone ?
      and what the current status your phone stuck at Mi logo or don’t start ?

    1. Hi Tejas,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. Make sure you download the full version of ROM.
      Else please wait you will receive MIUI 8 OTA update in next couple of days.
      Kind Regards

  1. Just wanted to know if features of MIUI 8 like daul apps and second space work on the REDMI 2 Prime(Currently it has android KitKat). And also as far as I know these features work on REDMI 2 prime but if the phone runs on android lollipop. So please also tell if and how I can update my phone to lollipop?

    1. Hi Rhugaved,
      Dual App & Second space feature not work in Redmi 2 Prime as of now. Current MIUI 8 version is based on KitKat. Soon you receive MIUI 8 Marshmallow based for your Redmi 2 Prime.
      If you want to use Lollipop then you need to flash Stock Android ROM in your Redmi 2 Prime.
      Kind Regards

  2. I’m currently using V7.5.3.0.LHJMIDE (MIUI7) (Lollipop) (Stable) in my Redmi 2 Prime. I tried upgrading it into MIUI 8 but didn’t succeeded. And error prompted every time when i tried to upgrade it. The error message was “the update file is corrupted” which is not. Because i upgraded 2 phones with the same ROM file having Android Kitkat (Redmi 2 Prime with MIUI 7 Ver. Version: V7.1.3.0.KHJMICK). Please guide me how i can update my phone to MIUI 8.

    1. Hi Probin Pathak,
      Please check the ROM file which you download. there is a chance, maybe your ROM file is corrupt. Please wait for some time If you are on Stable ROM then you receive MIUI 8 OTA soon in your mobile.
      Kind Regards

  3. Bina pc se mobile connect karein main kaise redmi 2 prime choose package se apna mobile update karoon step by step
    wt88047_pro_global_images_6.7.5_20160523.0000.23_5.1_global_53ff97d6ba.tgz iske dwara
    aur iske dwara

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