How to Downgrade MIUI 8 to MIUI 7

Downgrdae MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 Step by Step techsarjanNowadays MIUI 8 craze going on. Everyone talking about MIUI 8, Users more interested in MIUI 8 Design, Services. Many changes are done by MIUI team in MIUI 8. Currently China developer ROM available of MIUI8. Soon Global developer ROM released by Hugo on June 30 at Delhi in Mi Max Launch Event. Many users who don’t know much about flashing and rooting, Update their phones to MIUI 8. Now they are facing various issues like Playstore, Google services problem in MIUI 8.  Also, they face some minor bugs in MIUI. This is common because its developer preview, So finally they frustrated and want to downgrade MIUI 7.

All problems have solutions. If your google services not working in China developer ROM then you can use Google installer, to install playstore and other google service frameworks. This is not too hard.  But if you decide to go back for MIUI 7 then please follow steps.

Downgrade Procedure MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 :

Follow below steps to downgrade MIUI8 to MIUI7

  1. Download the MIUI 7 ROM (Fastboot) in your mobile From here
  2. Rename the ROM like
  3. Transfer the ROM to your phone’s root directory
  4. Reboot into recovery mode
  5. You are done. Clear Wipe cache memory also.

After following above steps. Your Xiaomi phone reverts back to MIUI 7. Enjoy MIUI service till the Stable version not released by Xiaomi. However you can again go with MIUI 8., When Global developer ROM released. In the Global Developer ROM google play service and playstore work  smoothly.

If the above steps won’t work then Follow below steps :

  1. Download the MIUI 7 ROM (Stable) in your mobile From here
  2. Rename the ROM like
  3. Transfer the ROM to your phone’s root directory
  4. Open update App. Tap on three dots Which exists on right side top.
  5. tap on Choose update package
  6. Give path to your newly downloaded ROM.
  7. After installation. Wipe the All cache memory.

Enjoy MIUI service till the Stable version not released by Xiaomi. However you can again go with MIUI 8., When Global developer ROM released. In the Global Developer ROM google play service and playstore work  smoothly.

Edit 1 – Verify Error Solution:

If you face couldn’t verify your update pack error then please follow below instructions.
Downgrade MIUI version Using Mi Flash tool


    1. Hii Hrithik Dokania
      Sorry to hear that, Make sure you download Right version of MIUI 7 (Fastboot ROM). Clear the Wipe data then try. OR you can go with Flash via PC Suite.

    2. same here .After installing MIUI 8, in my New MI 4 facing network issue (showing emergency calls ony), when i put the sim on the other handset its working but in MI 4 its not working, similarly when i put any other sim on my MI 4 its showing emergency calls onyl. please help

  1. Hi im using mi3 on miui 8. Want to revert back to miui 7. Problem is in miui 8 partition are merged and in miui 7 the are 2 partitions. There is chance of bricking the phone even if use fastboot method. If know exact procedure to revert back to miui 7 please tell me.

  2. hello, i’m using redmi note 2, i have recently installed miui8 china rom on my phone.
    now i am facing problem with it, like i cannot install any app from playstore and also my phone is not taking twrp recovery mode. i want to downgrade my phone to miui7..

    pls help…

  3. Hello,
    what do you mean by the internal root directory i have just bought a redmi note 3 and cannot download apps such as pokemon go
    pls help

  4. I was able to use my pc’s internet connection via usb cable with the help of mi suit but since i have upgraded to developer rom miui8 , i am unable to do so . Any suggestions /??

    1. Hi Siddhant,
      Thanks for Writing here. Please take back of all your data before processing any kind of rooting/flashing action in your Xiaomi mobile.
      If you go back MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 then you lost your data definitely . So please take backup first.
      Kind Regards

  5. Hi,
    I am red mi 2 prime user. when i try to downgrade or upgrade from miui 8 global 6.7.5 beta . but it doesnot worked. it stuck on the mi logo. can you please help me out. i try your method also its promblem is same.

  6. i upgraded to MIUI8 developer rom it works fine but my phone lags a lot.So i downloaded the MIUI 7.5 Stable rom and downgraded it. After my phone rooted most of my apps were missing and even though i have inserted 2 sim card it showed no sim card inserted ,and when i open any app it get closed automatically ,even i dont have a keyboard app in it ,No google service either..even all the browser apps are gone…what should i do now. Please help me.

    1. Hi Akshay Pawar,
      Thanks for writing here. Please clear the wipe cache data.
      Reboot your phone while volume down button. then clear app wipe cache data.
      Hope it helps.
      Kind Regards

  7. Sir, I downloaded miui8 China Rom how to downgrade miui7 stable rom officially… I follow ur instruction but show me error could not verify ur update package how to fix plss tell me

    1. Hi Sanjay,
      Please manually download MIUI 8 Stable in your mobile. and flash via updater App. and after install clear wipe cache data.
      Kind Regards


  9. I tried to downgrade following the steps described above, (because with Miui 8 now most of my apps crash, and most of my google apps such as gmail, googlemaps, google playtore, google agenda etc… do not sync)
    however, after about 15% update I have an error message :
    Install failed / signature verification failed
    Then I have choice to reboot / or wipe & reset / or install to system / or power off

    Should I select install to system ?
    thank you

    1. Hi Helen,
      Yes, you can go for install to system.
      Make sure you take backup of your data. file must be in phone internal storage.

      Kind Regards

  10. hi, i have updated my redmi2 prime to miui 8 (china) but when i m downgrade it to miui 7.5stable after wipe cache, the sim signs and vert useful items like sim and network, some apps gone… ?? any proper way to do so

  11. when downgrading from miui 8 to 7(stable) using the update package method the phone won’t read the sim card and i can’t access the SIM cards and mobile network settings
    i cleaned the cache using security and manuallly from storage option.
    what do i do from here???

  12. Hi Grprajapat,

    pl help, I have downloaded many ROM version of MIUI 7 & 8 but showing error (update pack not verified). kindly share the downgrade process of MIUI 8 to MIUI 7 & stable ROM link.

    Prabjot SIngh

      1. Hi Grprajapat,

        Required detail as under..Pl give me resolution for the same. I really thankful to u.


        ANDIROD VERSION 5.1.1 LMY47V

        MIUI8 GLOBAL 6.8.18 BETA.

  13. I have install MIUI 8
    developer rom on my redmi 2 but it’s hanging too much also heating issue is there,when I tried to downgrade it to MIUI 6/7…IT showed me error… Can we get the same very first rom of my phone that came with my phone from company

  14. i downgrade my phone from miui8 to miui7,
    in miui version there is no sim card detection and i cant open contacts and call application as well,
    please give suggestion what to do,

  15. hi
    I an using redmi 2 prime.
    I updated to miui 8 and with that several problems occured. It sometimes got the set’s microphone and speaker blocked and showed ’emergency calls only’ and sometimes it read sim cards . also the phone started to hang. So i downgraded it to miui7 from the link you have provided and followed the exact same procedure that is mentioned . microphone and speakers are working fine but it says ,’no sim card, while i have inserted two sim cards in it . What am i supposed to do ? FYI i have wiped the cache .

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