How to share File/Folder in Linux (Kali Linux)

We all know the power of Linux. Linux gives many services but user’s don’t know that how to use. Today we talk about File sharing in Linux. There are several ways to share your content in network. Like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server,Webdev etc.
Now we use easy way. we share our files via web server(Apache server). In most famous Linux distro Apache server already installed.

Note: In Kali Linux Apache Server Already installed.
To know that your system Apache server installed or not. run following command:

service apache2 start

If command run successfully then your system already have Apache server, Else your system don’t have Apache server.

How to install Apache web server:

If your system don’t have Apache server then install via following instruction on this link.
After install Apache  server. start the apache2 service via terminal.

How to share Files/Folders :

After starting the Apache service your web server is on. Now go to terminal.
and go to /var/www/ and create a directory in ‘www’ directory. the  new directory name which exists in ‘www’ directory defined by you. you can decide any name.
We create a ‘myshare’ directory. image look like this:
Now put your data in this directory which you want to share other peoples. image look like this:
Your work Almost done. Now you get your IP address & distribute to other users. To know your IP address, open your terminal and type this command:

After type this command you see your IP address in terminal. Image look like this:

How to Access Shared File/Folders via Client System:

We can access shared content on both OS (Linux & Windows). to access content first open browser window (any browser like Chrome,Firefox,IE etc) and type IP Address in Address bar.
Image look like this:

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