How to install Virtual Machine (VM Ware) in Linux (Kali Linux)

Virtual Machine: it means the user run an operating system on other operating system. to more about virtual machine click here.
Many peoples use virtual machine to run Linux OS on Windows environment. But you know we are different from others. We use virtual machine for Windows on Linux environment. to make a virtual machine on Linux, there are two ways available first VM Ware & second Virtual Box.
Today we talk about VM Ware Player.

What is VM Ware Player:

VM Ware player ia a product of VM Ware Company.  it’s gives following services:
  • Streamlined PC Virtualization for Business
  • Easy PC Virtualization for Windows and Linux
  • Unmatched OS Support for Ultimate Compatibility
  • Virtual Machine Portability
  • Run Restricted Virtual Machines
  • Consolidate and Recycle Old PC Hardware

How to install VM Ware Player:

Step 1 : First you download the VM Ware player from here
Download VM Ware Player from above link which suitable for your device.
Step 2: After download the VM Ware, save this file on desktop. run following commands in terminal:
cd Desktop
sh VMware-Player-6.0.3-1895310.i386.bundle
Image look like this:
Step 3: After this A VMware player installer window appear which ask for accept licence agrement.
Click on next button. Image look like this:
Step 4: After this A product update on start up option appear select No, And click on Next Button. image look like this:
Step 5: After this a option appear which ask sending anonymous system data. Select No option and Click on Next Button. Image look like this:
Step 6: After this installation process is start. and after some time “installation was successful.” Message appear on screen. Click on Close  Button. Image look like this:

How to start VMware:

After successful installation of VMware. you can run VMware via go to Applications then System Tools Then Click on  VMware player Icon.
Now your Virtual Machine is ready to run any os. 
Note:  In Some System a error occurred  “C header filesmatching your  running kernel were  not found. Refer to your distribution’s documentation for installation instructions.” image look like this:
When you click ok then you see a Kernel Module updater window.
To solve this error open your terminal and type following command:
apt-get install linux-headers-'uname -r'
Image look like this:
Now you fully ready to install windows on your Linux machine.

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