How to save webpage (html page) in PDF Format in Linux

Now a days everyone surfing internet.During net surfing many users want to save webpages on their systems for future access purpose when they go offline.Many peoples use ctrl+s option , this way is not comfortable because via this method all images,css,java scripts & whole html pages are saved on system.and whenever you want to access particular page you should be saved all dependent data like css files,images etc.

But we know you are the most advanced user because you are using Linux..The source of possibilities.

How to save html page in PDF Format:

Step 1: If you using Firefox or Iceweasel Browser then first open your webpage which you want to save in PDF Format. After opening the web page Click on File Menu and select Print option.
image look like this:

Step 2: After click on Print option you see a Print window appear on your screen. 
Note: You can directly open print window via ctrl+p 
Image look like this:

Step 3:Click on Print to File option. When you click on Print to File option, then you see many options appear on your  screen like as Name,Save Location,PDF or Postscript,Range copies etc. image look like this:

Step 4: You can customize your PDF properties via this step. you can change your name via Name option, you can customize storage location, you can also select your desired page for your PDF. Image look like this:

Step 5: If you don’t change your storage location then your PDF file save in your root directory. image  look like this:

 How to open PDF File via terminal:

After saving your file. You can easily open in any PDF viewer or Document viewer. But if you want open PDF file via help of terminal then type following commands in terminal
evince digitendency.pdf

Image look like this:

Note: In above command digitendency.pdf is my pdf File name. Please use your desired file name.
If you using Google chrome browser then you can directly save PDF via ctrl+p and select save as PDF.

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