Photoshop Alternative in Linux

When Peoples use Windows OS. then they worry about many software. Like as Adobe Products, Microsoft office suit, Antivirus etc.In Windows almost all software all paid. But in Linux you can feel the freedom. Because everything is open source & freeware. Must Read: Top 10 Reasons to Choose Linux over Windows Today we talk about Photoshop. in windows environment many peoples use Adobe Photoshop which developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated . And you know what the charges of this product. If you windows user than no more options for you. But if you use Linux, Then all world free for[…]

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How to install Opera in Linux (Kali Linux)

Now a days Opera browser is the most famous browser. Now a days Opera browser is the most famous browser. The Opera Web browser has off-Road mode speeds up slow net connection and reduces bandwidth. The Opera has helpful start page. Opera Web browser has good compatibility and fast performance. It remains a well-designed and a decent performer. It has Gestures for easy navigation. Opera gives following features More than bookmarks Get around faster Make it yours Search and navigate easily Speed up on slow networks Stay safe on the web VIP access for your favorite sites Some times opera browser become[…]

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How to change folder color in Linux (Ubuntu)

Many peoples are happy with services which provided by system. But some peoples have creative mind. they want to change according to own rules So this post for creative peoples.In windows, many tools available for color change of folder. Don’t sad Linux gives more opportunity than windows. Today we learn how to change folder color in Linux. Folder Color is a tool. it’s provide the folder color service in Linux. You can change folder color for below file browsers:  Nautilus file browser Nemo or Caja file browser How to install Folder Color in Ubuntu: Here we install Folder Color in Ubuntu. You can use[…]

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