Pegasus – Myths and Truths

Hello Users, Hope you are doing well. As we all know many people talking about Pegasus Spyware. You already know why. Here I want to share facts about Pegasus Spyware which definitely a strong point against rumors which spread across the world. Here we discuss all Myths related to Pegasus Software that can be installed on any Android smartphone.

What is Pegasus Software?

This is a spyware software that can be tracked all activities of the targetted smartphones. After the successful installation, the software owner can easily check all SMSs, emails, keyboard logs, app usage time, browser history, call logs, call recordings, WhatsApp chats, Instagram chats, etc.

Pegasus Spyware working:

As you saw many Android apps auto-start in the background. You won’t notice but they are running like your email client which constantly checks new emails after every 5 minutes. Your WhatsApp which always running and constantly check new messages once a message is received the app informs you via notification.  Same way Pegasus Spyware works. This Pegasus spyware software automatically runs in the background and does all its works. Even the Pegasus app doesn’t display its name in all apps section. It will use system names like WiFi, Bluetooth, Google, Android Manager, etc. So if the user checks all apps lists he thinks this might be a system app. So he doesn’t force stop that app. Pegasus Spyware is so smart, He has automatically hidden from the app launcher. You can’t see the app shortcut in the app launcher. Pegasus has admin rights on the victim’s phone so Pegasus can do everything related to the phone like call recording, SMS read, Gallery access, phonebook access, and WhatsApp chat access, etc.

How to check, Is my phone affected via Pegasus Spyware?

Yes, you can easily check your phone is affected via Pegasus or not. Google play protect provides a good service where you can easily detect any spyware in your phone.

Follow below steps to check Pegasus on your Android mobile:

  1. Open Google Play Store Apps.
  2. Tap on the right-side top profile photo.
  3. Now tap on the Google Play Protect option.
  4. Now tap on the Scan button.
  5. All Set, Done.

Once you follow all the above steps to check Pegasus spyware in your smartphone. If any spyware is detected in your smartphone then Google Play protect shows a warning that this app is not good for your system. So you want to uninstall this app. Just tap on uninstall button. Now Spyware is removed from your smartphone.

Pegasus Myths and Truths:

Here we discuss all famous myths which rumor over the internet about Pegasus spyware. So you can easily check what is the fact about Pegasus software and what is false information about Pegasus software.

Myth: Pegasus can be installed via a WhatsApp call
Truth:  Do you believe in this? If you are a technical person then you know this is not possible until the user/victim installs the spyware software on his phone. No package can be self-install in the Android operating system until the user allows and install it.  So this rumor is totally fake.

Myth: Pegasus can be installed via just a WhatsApp message
Truth: As previously said, this is not possible. Here rumors directly attack on  Google’s Android Security and you already know, Google takes security seriously. No app/package can be installed in the system without user permission.

Myth: Pegasus can be installed via text message
Truth: This is not possible until the user clicks on that link and installs the app on his smartphone.

Myth: Pegasus can be detected via desktop antivirus
Truth: This is not possible. Android spyware can be detected via Android antivirus software.

If the user has not installed the Pegasus then how it comes in the smartphone?

There are several ways, First way is might be NSO Group inject his malicious code into an npm package. As a user, you always trust the app developer and install the app but on the other side developer don’t write the code from scratch. he always depends on open-source packages. these packages can be easily installed through the npm package manager. Might be NSO group inject any npm package code or self-developed an npm package which used by many developers. So help of that npm package they reach all over the world. This is just a possibility. Else there is no way until the user installs the pegasus spyware app on his smartphone.

Today we learn about Pegasus software. Here we learn how to download Pegasus Software. How to use this spyware software and what are possible ways to install this Pegasus software on the victim’s smartphone. After installing the spyware you can easily check the victim’s call logs, call recordings, WhatsApp messages, Instagram messages, etc.

No Apps can be installed on Android mobile until the user install.