Solved – Jio Music Offline Music Download Error Solution

Hello users, Today we talk about Jio Music app problems which you faced during app usage. As you know Jio Music offers various songs almost all categories with all new and old songs. In Recent app update, Jio Music app also offers to set a song as a ringtone on your Jio number and also you can download particular songs for offline listing. Means you can download any song and listen to that song offline without the internet connection. So if you have limited data most of the users only get 1 GB data per day. and you know all are busy on Youtube and Facebook. So chances are high to consume all the data which is given by Reliance Jio 4G. Here we also listen songs on Jio music which also affects Jio data. So here we can control Jio data usages via using Offline Download feature in Jio Music app. This download feature is only available in latest Jio music app which is available for Android and iOS.

Sometimes you face an error problem during song download in Jio music which says “Unable to Download Please try after some time“.  Don’t worry about it you can easily solve this problem. Here we share a working solution for this download error in Jio music app. The Same solution you can try on Jio Cinema app if you face Download issue in Jio Cinema App during offline downloads.

Solution for Jio Music Offline Download Error:

If you are facing this problem for the first time then don’t need to worry. Just try after some time may be you are facing this issue because of the server which is automatically solved after some time. But if you face this download error message every time then you need to do something in order to download offline music in your Jio Music App.

Follow below steps to solve your Download error in Jio Music app:

  1. Open Security app.
  2. Go to cleaner and clear all cache data and try.
  3. If still not resolved then go to settings and installed apps and choose Jio Music app. Now delete all data which is related to Jio Music app.
  4. if above won’t work then simply uninstall the App and reinstall Jio Music app from Google Playstore.
  5. All Set, Done.

After following above steps your Jio music download error easily solved. Now you can easily download offline music in Jio Music App and enjoy your favorite music offline when you don’t have the internet connection.

Some other queries regarding Jio Music App:

Q. Where do JioMusic downloaded files get saved in Android?
Ans. These file saved in encrypted format. So you can’t play these downloaded songs in any other player. The location of Jio music in Android file manager is
Go to File Manger/ Android/Data/

Q. How to Play Jio Music songs in another Music Player or Stock Music Player in Android?
Ans. As we previously said this is not possible. These files are encrypted with special algorithms. So you can’t play on any other player.

Q. How to transfer Jio Music songs via Bluetooth or Xender/shareit from one mobile to another?
Ans. There is no meaning if another phone doesn’t have Jio Music app. However, Jio Won’t allow these files for transfer from one device to another. But as you know the location of Jio songs so you can move these songs n another device. But you know these are encrypted files which is only run ij Ji music app. So you must need to transfer these files to the same location from where you copy on phone 1. Then open Jio Music app and go to download section may be you see that songs which you transfer in this phone over Bluetooth or any other channel. however, we are not sure this trick works or not because we still don’t test this trick. But probably chances are high to work.


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