MIUI ROM FAQ: Recovery/Fastboot/ Global/Developer ROMs explained

Xiaomi All ROMs Explained Developer Stable Fastboot China Global ROMsHello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we talk about MIUI ROMs which come in different versions as well as different modes. Users always confuse which ROM flash in their devices. So here we talk about all MIUI versions which are available for flashing in our Xiaomi devices.
You already know MIUI is developed on stock android. MIUI ROMs are too famous because it gives more customization options for users. In short, MIUI Pick features from Android and IOS. Analysis them and add in MIUI. MIUI gives ultimate power to your device. You can read all functions provided by MIUI. Here you can also check new MIUI 8 functions which are more famous at present. Ok, come back to the point, Here we are talking about MIUI ROMs. Xiaomi Inc. releases MIUI ROMs. Many Mi fans work for testing these ROMs in beta phase. In developer ROMs you receive weekly updates in your Xiaomi Devices.

Xiaomi MIUI ROM versions :

As you know Xiaomi Inc. founded in China. In the past Xiaomi devices only available for China. But now Xiaomi devices also available globally. Xiaomi ROMs mainly categorized in two versions.

  • China ROMs (For China Only)
  • Global ROMs (For all other countries)

As the name define, China ROMs specially developed for China country and Global ROMs for all other countries. A major difference in both ROMs is Google services. Google services not available in China. So in the Chinese ROM version, you don’t get Google Playstore App, and many another google service won’t available by default in China version. So if you flash Chinese version in your Xiaomi device then definitely you face google services error in your Xiaomi mobile. However, you can solve these issues via following some steps. You also face Chinese language many times during daily usages.
In the Global ROM, All things designed for you. Because they know outside the China, no one can survive without Google and its services. like Play store, Google play services, Google Drive, Gmail, google Cloud Sync, Google Calander etc etc . this list never end. Because Google plays a very important role in users daily life.

After choosing the region, you get two more options in MIUI ROMs. In the MIUI community, many users addicted to new updates. some users want stability in their phones.  For all the users Xiaomi offers MIUI ROM in two variants.

  1. Developer ROM
  2. Stable ROM

Both ROMs are available for every Xiaomi Mobile. You can easily switch any ROM anytime.  There are no complicated steps to go Developer ROM to Stable ROM or Stable ROM to Developer ROM.

What is MIUI Developer ROM :

If you are friendly with ROM flashing, addicted to new features, want to test all new features first before others. Then Developer ROM perfectly suitable for you. In the developer ROM, you receive weekly updates. I am sure you definitely love them. But you know every good thing have own disadvantage.  If you use developer ROM then ready to face any misbehave of your phone. Because you receive weekly updates there are chances for bugs. You find the bugs in MIUI and report them on MIUI forum bug center. So the developers solve that particular bug in next updates. If you are using Developer ROM then you must know about Mi flash, Mi Recovery, Wipe cache, Wipe reset, Updates and much more function you need to know for handle any awkward situation in your phone.
You can also register yourself for beta tester for MIUI ROMs.

What is MIUI Stable ROM :

This ROM suitable for those who wants stability in their phones. A stable release of MIUI gets slow updates. Because Xiaomi test all features on Developer ROMs. When they fully satisfied with the result then they roll out these updates in Stable ROM. If you are using stable ROM then there are fewer chances to get any problem because all functions already tested on Developer ROMs. That’s why the delay occurred in MIUI Stable updates.

After reading above details, Now you understand what is the difference between Developer ROM and Stable ROM. But Picture abhi baki hai mere dost (The movie is not over yet,there is a lot more my friend). here an another siyapaa by MIUI Team

  • Recovery ROM
  • Fastboot ROM

What is MIUI Recovery ROM :

If you want to normally update your phone then you should choose Recovery ROM. There is no question why you choose Recovery ROM. Because through the help of recovery ROM you can easily update MIUI. Just download the recovery ROM and open updater app and give the ROM path for manual update. Your work is done. after some process, you are on new updated MIUI version. For MIUI 8 update you can use recovery ROMs. Here you can find All MIUI 8 Download links . Recovery ROMs always come in .zip file format.

What is MIUI Fastboot ROM :

These ROMs only helpful when your Xiaomi device is soft brick or hard brick. Your Xiaomi device sometimes stuck at Mi logo. because of wrong ROM installation. you face bootloop in your device. in all these cases Fastboot ROM helpful for us. You need a Computer/Laptop to flash Fastboot ROMs in your device. Mi Flash is officially provided by Xiaomi for ROM flashing in your Devices.
So if you are a normal user, want to upgrade MIUI version like MIUI 8 then please go through the Recovery ROM. Fastboot ROMs always come in .tz or .tgz format.

After reading above details now you can easily understand which ROM is useful for you. Now you can easily identify which ROM is Recovery and which is Fastboot because of file format.

How to know an android version of MIUI ROM ?

When you download MIUI ROM then you can easily identify this ROM based on KitKat or lollipop or marshmallow or nougat or any other. MIUI ROM name looks like this
In the MIUI ROM name last two digits based on Android version like
4.0 Kitkat
5.0 Lollipop
6.0 Marshmallow
7.0 Nougat

now you can easily find out your MIUI ROM Android version. Here 8.0 shows your MIUI version.

Which ROM I Flash in My Xiaomi Mobile for MIUI 8 ?

If you are Global user (Outside china) then please install MIUI 8 Global Stable Recovery ROM.

I am a Global user. Can I install/use Fastboot ROM in my Xiaomi Mobile for MIUI 8 ?

Please always update MIUI version through Recovery ROMs. if you still want to MIUI 8 via fastboot ROM then you need a computer/laptop for this. Through the help of Mi Flash, you can install MIUI 8 Fastboot ROM. If you are not the advanced user then we highly recommend to you please use Recovery ROMs for an update.
These ROMs working on all Xiaomi devices no matter which you are using like Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3S / Prime, Redmi note 3, Redmi note 4G, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5 etc.

Enjoy Xiaomi services because:

Something wonderful is about to happen.


  1. Hello,
    i’ve Redmi Note 3 Pro Snapdragon varian, using Global stable MIUI 8 & i would like to flash into Dev Beta in order to unlock bootloader, but i’m facing a big issue whenever i try to upgrade through Updater app on the phone. the error says: couldn’t verify….etc any help plz!?

    1. Hi Dominic Kibet Too,
      Thanks for writing here. As you know Xiaomi rollout global updates country wise. So may be a delay happen in updates. You can manually flash MIUI 8 global ROM on your device OR wait for some time you will surely get an update.
      Kind Regards

  2. i don’t know how to thank you. but after reading your article finally all of my question and problems are solved. too much thanks. and also very useful article….
    thanks a lot once again 🙂

    1. Hi Peter Kostov,
      Thanks for writing here. Both Stable & Developer ROMs come with default MIUI Recovery. You can say both ROMs are Recovery ROMs. If you want to another Recovery in your Xiaomi device then you need to flash it manually via fastboot or edl commands. Mainly 2 custom recovery used in smartphones TWRP & CWM Recovery. Choose which suitable for you.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Popong,
      Thanks for writing here.
      Just download the MIUI 8 Developer (Recovery ROM in .zip format) ROM and update via updater app and enjoy beta ROM features.
      Kind Regards

  3. i have unlocked bootloader in china developer rom……will flashing from china developer rom to global stable or global developer rom re lock my bootloader via fastboot rom….if yes how can i avoid getting it relocked and switch to global stable/developer

    1. Hi Nitin Kumar,
      Thanks for writing here. Please use latest Mi flash tool for fastboot flashing. In this tool you have a option for Relock bootloader and flash OR simple ROM flash.
      Choose Simple ROM flash with wipe data option.
      Kind Regards

  4. i bought my xiaomi redmi 3s in china but now am in africa. my phone is stuck on mi logo i tried to flashboot but it says error first time now it says i caanot flash critical partial data please help

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