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Xiaomi Jio 4G Support questions miui 7-8Hello MIUIers hope you are doing well. Nowadays many users enjoy jio 4G services in their Xiaomi mobiles. few users still struggle to get jio 4G SIM. Some users received their SIM but they unable to get 4G speed in their Xiaomi Mobiles. So here we some FAQ which is helpful for you in order to handle Jio services in your Xiaomi Mobiles.

Below questions related to all Xiaomi devices no matter which you are using like Redmi 1S, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3S / Prime, Redmi note 3, Redmi note 4G, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 5 etc.

Xiaomi jio 4G Issue & Solutions :

1- How can I get a JIO SIM?
A- You can get a JIO sim either by buying a LYF device or by generating code from the mentioned devices on JIO website.
2- Can I use my JIO SIM on a 3G only device?
A- No, you can’t as it will not show any signals below 4G.
3- Can I use my JIO SIM in a Xiaomi device?
A- You can use your JIO SIM in any 4G enabled devices, after getting unlimited data & services activated.
4- My JIO App is still showing 2GB data, what to do?
A- Make sure you consume your 2GB data on your device on which you have generated bar code & keep it inside your phone till your My Jio app says ‘UNLIMITED’. Later on you can use it it any 4G enabled devices.
5- I am not able to get my JIO SIM working on a different 4G device even after unlimited internet, what to do?
A- There could be various reason behind this, you can follow few YouTube videos & settle with one which make your SIM work on your phone. Just make sure to install all Jio apps on that device & login with your device, later insert SIM card. (it should work this way)
6- Store guy is not providing me SIM on my generated code, what to do?
A- Store guy is nowhere liable to give you SIM, however if you have mentioned phone/generated code, you can ask for a SIM at your nearest Reliance Digital store. Make sure you have made my JIO account with the same name as your phone’s invoice & bring him the same document matching name on your invoice. This will assure the Jio guy that you are the legit person.
7- Can we use JIO SIM came with LYF phones in other phones?
A- Unfortunately NO, as their SIM are locked to it’s IMEI, it will be useless to put that SIM in other devices. However it will work perfectly on a LYF phone anytime for that preview offer.
a- I am keeping comment section opened for suggestions, errors or omission in this post. I won’t be replying repeated queries. Also, If someone would like to add some point related with Jio then he/she can add his/her point in comment section, I will add it if find suitable.
b- Some guys are posting about rude behavior of store guys. I’d suggest you to get into their place for a day, instead of posting about it. You’ll get to know how frustrated job it is to handle this much customer in a day & then later at night fill the forms of those applicants.

Source : Xiaomi Mi India Group facebook
Special thanks to Anubhav Bhatnagar


    1. Hi Prt,
      Please confirm with customer care that your sim is active or not. after that insert Jio sim in your Mobile and choose network manually.
      Kind Regards

  1. I purchased Jio 4 G sim from reliance digital and I got bar code from redmi 2 and sim is verified by customer care too but in my mobile signal is not shown why plz help me ….I am deep trouble

      1. hi,
        i am facing same problem with my redmi 2 prime… i did all these settings.. * automatic network mode, * prefer LTE,
        * ‘ jionet ” access point..
        when i insert it in Mi 5 i get network..

  2. I have redmi 3s prime . I already trying to get jio sim from many days but whenever I download my jio app and open it doesn’t show the option of generate barcode. What can I do and get reliance jio sim

    1. Hi Nilesh singh,
      there is no need to generate barcode. Jio sim openly available for all 4G phones. Please visit your nearest jio support center.
      Kind Regards


  4. Sir I got jio sim by through biometric verification process. I only got msg that one order place yesterday but till now I am not getting any confirmation about activation. I have a mi4i set.

    1. Hi Smruti Ranjan Pattanaik,
      There is no need to tele-verification if you get your sim via eKYC process. Your sim already activated. Please insert your phone and open My Jio App. and use.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hi Swaroop Nayak,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. please insert sim in First Slot and network preference set to LTE mode.
      Make sure your Jio sim active.
      Kind Regards

  5. sir ji..
    over jio store want barcode for sim card and they again and again say me..
    “without barcode we can’t give you sim card.” and at same time other person buy jio sim card in 250rs. and i’ll install jio app nd all app related to jio package bt nt see my code… plz help me know what can i doo….

    1. Hi Bhuvnesh,
      You know “Money is work everywhere”.
      Please uninstall all the apps. and restart your phone. then try with the beginning.
      After getting code visit nearest jio center.
      Kind Regards

  6. Jio related misconceptions… are many and many are the floating rumours.. Jio also rctified some of the compulsions. One must know.. I have confirmed with the JioHelpLine executive

    Now what is the fact is Listed below
    1.The Jio SIM will not hack your SIM slot this is a technical thing all may not understand so this rumour went viral on social media.
    2.The sim can be activated in any compatible phone even other than the bar code is generated from one.
    3. But i is recommended to activate in the phone in which the bar code was generated later after the unlimited pack is credited it can be used in other phone also.
    4. I activated a sim in different device and got the unlimited offer also credited to that SIM
    5. You can use the SIM in any Phone and any slot if both the slots are 4g compatible . This also I experimented in my Redmi Note3 at 1st I used it in Slot 1 later transferred it to SIM slot 2 as both the slots are VoLTE there is no issue and I am using it.
    6. You cannot change the SIM of your JioFi router to any other phone as the customer care executive told me
    7.You can connect only 1 phone with your JioFi device using Jio4GVoice app at a time to make a call.. 8. The Jio4GVoice can be installed in a 3g phone also you will have to configure it with JioFI device SIM after connecting the 3g phone through wifi of the router. that too is experimented.
    9. for 4g phones which is non VolTE phone you need Jio4GVoice app to make call .. you will have to keep the mobile data on to make a call through Jio4GVoice.
    10. You can activate 9 SIM cards on 1 aadhaar card. (TRAI Guideline)
    11. I is not needed to switch on mobile data in VoLTE phones to make a call but you need to switch on data to make a call using Jio4GVoice in a LTE phone.
    12. You will not lose the Unlimited welcome offer validity once credited to your account even if you change the SIM to other phone.
    13. Customer Care executve confirmed that you cannot use 2 Jio SIMS in one Phone. Only one SIM for one Device

    All the above has been confirmed by the JioHelpLine executive..
    so please don’t run after the rumours…
    There are repeated points but has some relavance

  7. I have xiomi redmi note 4g,sim is active n i can use the data but i am not able to call as jio 4g voice is not installing and dats the only way to call as my mobile supports LTE mode not VOLTE.
    Plz tell me how to use the call mode fr jio sim.

  8. Guys I am using
    XioMi redmi note 4g mobile.my jio aim is televerified but I do not get 4g speeds..moreover there is a notification can’t activate aim card..what do I do to achieve 4g speeds?

  9. Hi

    I bought a Jio wireless from the reliance store. It gt registered and was working on all other devisev like samsung , vivo, gionee but in my MI4I it showed me Authentication failure. It was a new launched model.

    My uncle also a this but his model is the 1st launch one and it works fine in my device.

    The store team tells me that it is a problem with my phone but i doubt as the other device of Jio work.

    Will the wireless adapter work on Mi4i?

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