How to Send Free Message via Mi Message Xiaomi

how to Active Mi and Send Mi Message XiaomiHello, MIUIers . hope you  doing well  in your life and enjoy Xiaomi services in your daily life. Today we talk about Xiaomi Mi message service which is very important for all of us. Why ? because why we pay to network operator if our friend also has Mi Mobile. In short through the Mi Message service, you can send free messages to other Mi user without any charges. Mi message sends messages in real time like whatsApp. Whereas comfortability issue there is no need to worry, Mi message support by all Xiaomi mobiles. No matter you have old Xiaomi phone OR latest phone.Mi Message comfortable with All Redmi phones including Redmi 1s, Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3 / Pro, Redmi note 2/ 3 / 4G and Mi Phones including Mi 2, Mi 3 , Mi 4 ,  Mi 5 etc. So there is no issue all Xiaomi Mobiles have Mi Message service.

How to activate Mi Message in Xiaomi ( Redmi & Mi Phones) :

If you want to use Mi message service then you must have Mi Account. For more details about Mi Account and creation process Read from here.  There are no complicated steps to activate Mi Message. Follow below steps to Activate Mi Message in Xiaomi Mobiles :

  1. Go to Settings -> System Apps
  2. Tap on Messaging option.
  3. Turn ON  Mi Message option.
  4. Congrats . Mi Message Service is Started.
Mi Message Activation Process in Xiaomi Mobiles

After following above simple steps, Your Xiaomi device is ready to send Free messages to other MIUI users. Yes, I know you are missing customization option. This is Xiaomi dude. They don’t talk without customization here you can find various customization option like

  • You can set Mi Message service is Worked only on WIFI or Mobile Data.
  • You can also send MMS through Mi message.
  • You can block All unknown numbers in Mi Message.

How to Check Mi Message is Active or Not in Xiaomi Mobile :

Many Mi fans confuse when they send a message to other Mi user because they don’t know whether the SMS chargeable or not.  This is too easy to recognise that our message is going via Mi Message service OR network operator. When you compose a new message, then see in the text area section here a placeholder appear which is “Text Message”  if you connected to WIFI or Mobile data and the next user also has Xiaomi and have an internet connection then this text convert into “Mi Message“.

Mi Message vs text Message Xiaomi


How to Check SMS Send by Operator OR Mi Message :

In the Mi message, everything is well customized and user-friendly. You can easily check which message is sent by Mi Message and which is send by normal SMS. Here are two recognition option available First in the normal Message, our message appears with Green background whereas Mi Message appears with a blue background. The second one, every new conversion show a separate tab appear with a heading of Mi Message OR SMS/MMS. So you can easily identify your messages which is sent by Mi Message service and which is normal SMS service.

Xiaomi Mi Message All details

How to Send Message through Mi Message Service to another MIUI users :

If you already activated Mi Message service then you can use Mi Message service. There is not any additional task to use Mi Message. You just send your message normally as you send. If the next user enabled Mi Message and have working internet connection then your message deleiverd through the Mi Message. Make sure in the Compose text area System display “Mi Message” not “Text Message“.

Is Mi Message Comfortable with MIUI 7 / MIUI 8 :

Yes, no matter which MIUI version you use, All MIUI versions like MIUI 6, MIUI 7, MIUI 8 all comfartable with MI Message service. You can use Mi Message without any disturbance no matter you are on Developer ROM or Stable ROM.

Is Mi Messsage Secure :

This is topic where Xiaomi comes in headlines many times. Many aganies claim that Xiaomi save users data on Chinese servers. i am not say this false or true. But if you enabled cloud Sync with Mi Cloud then abously your data save on the server.but if you don’t use Mi Cloud service then Xiaomi not take your personal data. you can read Xiaomi Privacy policy from here.
You can also read Xiaomi Global VP Hugo Barra’s Google Plus Post Regarding Mi Message Secutiy and Xiaomi Privacy Policy from here.


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