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Now a days all Mi smartphones comes with locked bootloader. Why ? Because of several reasons like Xiaomi want to stop sell of fake Mi phones from the world market, it’s also help when users Mi phone has stolen by them. So both of the cases Xiaomi want to secure their users so no one can use their data if they lost their phone. Xiaomi also changes Find device functionality at Mi Cloud.
Mi5 recently launched by Xiaomi in global market. Mi5 a flagship device which gives a awesome feel when user use this device.

Bootloader unlock procedure Mi5 Xiaomi :

Here we are unlocking  Mi5 device but you can unlock any device like Mi note 3 , Mi pad,  note pro etc. Bootloader unlocking process are same for Mi devices. in future all Mi products comes with pre Locked bootloader. Follow below steps to unlock Mi 5 Bootloader
  1. First Download Mi Flash Tool form here .
  2. Then Go to MIUI unlock device page. Raise a request for unlock your device.
  3. You get a notification of your request status after 20-30 days.
  4. Open your PC and Lauch Mi Flash tool. and log in with Mi account.
  5. Shut down your phone manually, and hold Volume down key and Power button to enter Fastboot mode.
  6. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable and click “Unlock”.
Its quite simple procedure to unlocking bootloader in Xiaomi devices. Make sure you use same account in mobile and PC. As a normal user this thing is good for his data security. But you know MIUI fans are mostly tech lovers so they flash their mobile ROM  daily basic. A user posted on his fb wall “No Matter how many ROMs we flash in a day, But in the last we switch back to MIUI“. So this thing (bootloader) disappointed many fans of Mi. Even one fan says his view :
more restrictions = fewer users
i totally agreed with him. Restriction is disappoint the user then user search for alternative. We hope MIUI team see this thing also in future.

Queries on unlocking bootloader of Mi5 Xiaomi:

  • Bootloader can’t lock after a new update. Means once you unlock your device then device not locked automatically after update.
  • You can again lock your device bootloader you just need Fastboot-ROM includes a flash_all_lock script.
  • After unlocking your phone you can not unlock another phone in 30 days. Means one account can only unlock one phone in 30 days.
  • Your phone working as it is. No major effects occur after Unlocking the bootloader.
  • You can flash custom ROMs after unlocking your phone Bootloader.
You unlocked your Mi 5 with in Few minutes. Really !!! Yeah i know you wait for 30 days not in minutes . But finally you did it. Enjoy Life with MIUI because

Something wonderful is about to happen.

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