How to Buy Mi TV in India

Mi TV2 Launch in India - Buy Mi TV in INDIA from outside

Mi TV a splendid product launched by Xiaomi in Chinese market. Recently Xiaomi launched Mi TV upgraded version Mi TV 2.  This latest release comes with more features. Mi TV gives you a unforgettable visual experience where you can watch HD videos in 1920*1080 pixels. It comes with LG and Samsung displays which provide clarity and a captivating visual experience from any angle. Mi TV viewing range is 178 degree , Which is not provide by any other companies in this price segment. Mi TV is 3D ready and have Qualcomm 28nm quad-core 1.7GHz processor which gives a dragon power to handle all HD videos and games. Mi TV comes with 2G DDR3 dual channel memory which help Mi TV for run 1080p HD Videos and heavy games. Mi TV have 8GB eMMC high speed flash memory which help to control apps functionality  & storage management. Mi TV have 2×2 dual aerial 2.4GHz/5GHz dual Wi-Fi Channel So feel free to browse your favorite content on web with high speed. There is no need to go with Mi TV features comparison with brands, Mi always give a flagship features in pocket friendly budget.
Well the product have enough specification, But the question is When Mi TV launch in India ? Indian peoples hungry to get Mi TV on their homes but Xiaomi company become rude day by day. They don’t launch their new products in global market might be some issue they face in the launch process. Hopefully they launch Mi5 approx same time in global market. But again we are frustrated with flash sale process. Again again and again but not get Note 3 & Mi 5. But i don’t know why i love Mi. May be they are rock in every segment like Mobiles, Mini router, Air Purifier, Mi Ninebot etc etc.

Buy Mi TV in India:

Yes !! your guess is right Xiaomi not plan to launch Mi TV in India in coming future. But we need this awesome product in our homes. So there is only way to get this device is Import Mi TV in India from any other country. Various site gives Mi products on same price. But here you have a risk of duplicate products. You know Xiaomi is a well known brand and everybody want to make profit of this name. So beware of that fake products. But as a Mi lover users can’t wait for Mi devices official launch, So they buy from third party sources. Various site are available on internet which gives word wide shipping. Mi TV price in India are based on currency conversion. They deal in dollars so it would be INR 50000/- .

Third Party sites for Xiaomi Mi TV :

Before purchase any Mi product from any third party site please ensure you might be cheated by them. Hope you receive original product from them. After receiving product you can easily check your Mi product is original or not.
We gives some sites link where you can buy Mi Products including Mi TV
All above site gives Mi product with word wide shipping.
we are not responsible if these sites give you fake products.  Read More
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