How to start a Computer (PC) via LAN Through Wake-on-LAN

Wake-on-LAN service in Linux and Windows(

Many users are connected each other via LAN (Local Area Network). They use all services like File Sharing, Printer Sharing etc. A small problem is occurred when a user want to give some print commands to another computer, which are connected to Printer. or he want to access a file which is located on another computer, And the particular system shutdown on that duration. Then what option available for the user. A old way, User go to the target computer and start the system manually. This way is so old fashionable.Now a days Wake-on-LAN  service available, through this service  we can start a computer via LAN. to know more about Wake-on-LAN Click here.

Primary Settings for Wake-on-LAN Service:

some changes are required for using Wake-on-LAN service.
  1. First change in BIOS settings. go to your system BIOS settings and check there Power option menu. In the Power option menu you see a Wake-on-LAN service sub menu. set this service on OR Primary. then save your settings via F10. and start your system. image are given:
Automatic power on option
set  to wake on LAN on 

For Windows OS:

If you are using windows os Then right click on my computer and goes to Computer Management Window. image look like this:
Computer Management Window

Select device manager after that a sub menu appear in right panel. in the right panel click on network adapter. here your network card details appear. right click on this. and select properties. image look like this:

Realtek Family Controller Properties

Choose Advanced tab, Scroll down the options and choose Wake on Magic Packet. and set it’s value ‘Enabled’ .

All is Set, Your system is ready to Wake on via LAN.

For Linux OS:

Open the file with any editor and set to WakeOnLan= magic.
All is Set, Your system is ready to Wake on via LAN.

How to Start a Computer via Wake-on-LAN:

For Linux:

if you are using Linux. Then type following commands:

For two computers connected to each other


For computers connected to a non-firewalled router


For Windows:

For windows users many software are available. download Wake-On-Lan software from here.
if the above link is not work then click here
image are look like this.
Wake on LAN view for windows users

through this software you can manage all systems easily.

Note: All systems have Administrator account with same password.

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