How to create WI FI Hotspot in Linux (kali Linux)

Today every one crazy with Linux. Everyone knows the power of Linux. We always provide tutorials on Linux Basic Problems & services. In this chain today we learn  How to Create WI FI hotspot in Linux. Because many user want to share his network connection on his other devices.

         So the above requirement Linux gives many ways to create WI FI Hotspot on our system. But here we see the simplest method to create WIFI Hotspot  in Linux.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. GNOME 3
  2. A WIFI Enabled Laptop OR A PC Which have wifi card.
  3. A Mobile (to check your WIFI Hotspot Connection)

Here we use kali Linux Distro. and you can choose any Linux Distro to Perform these operations to create WIFI Hotspot.

Step 1:

First you go to your system setting. For the system setting Click on root Icon which is appear on right side top in the desktop. Like this image

Step 2:

In the system setting dialog box. you see many categories there. in these categories Find out the Hardware Category. In this category you see a Network option. Click on the Network Icon.
Like this Image

Step 3:

In the network setting (which appear after you click on Network Option). you see a sub menu which have Wired network,wireless network and proxy network. Click On wireless option.
Here you see your WIFI Port is off or on  Condition. If the button in off condition then swat the button to WIFI turn on.
Look like this image

Step 4:

After the WIFI turn on.  A button is highlight  which hide before you trun on WIFI. this button name is “Use a Hot Spot.. 
Click on Use a Hot Spot button. and after this you see your hot spot connection is on. and the window is show the Network name and Security key.
Note: the Security key is your password on other device (where you use internet)
the dialog box looks like this image
You can change your password and Network name via option Button,

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