How to Remove Virus from Xiaomi Phones (Redmi & Mi) – MIUI 8/9

Virus Remove Process in Xiaomi Mobiles Redmi Mi with user guide MIUI 7-8-9Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we talk about Virus issues in Xiaomi mobiles. How they affect our mi mobile and how we can protect our Xiaomi mobile from virus attack. Here we also share how to check whether our mi mobile is infected by the virus or not. A virus can affect any mobile no matter which is Xiaomi or any other brand. Here we also talk about virus removing process with the help of antivirus in our Xiaomi Redmi & Mi mobile series. Also, talk about comfortability with MIUI latest version MIUI 8 or MIUI 9.

What is Virus:

A virus is a combination of program codes which may affect your phone performance or they help the developer to get access your personal data. So if your Xiaomi phone infected the virus then may be your phone being slow and lagging so much OR you won’t see any changes in system performance but your all data like your chat history, typed text history, call recordings all go to the developer’s server silently which is more dangerous than phone lagging.

How to detect Virus in Xiaomi Phones:

As we earlier said, if you face any changes in system performance than may be your Xiaomi phone infected with the virus. We also share how to recover from this situation if you are infected with the virus. You Xiaomi Android phone is enough capable to handle these type of problems.

Before we go to Virus removing process, here we also want to talk about Virus myth. Normally users visit various sites on their browsers (Google Chrome, Mi Browser, UC Browser) and suddenly a warning comes that your Xiaomi phone infected with the virus and if you want to remove this virus then please download this app.

Sometimes they say like

Your system is heavily damaged by From Virus! We detect that your Xiaomi Redmi 2/ Redmi 3s/ Prime/ Redmi Note 3/ Redmi Note 4/ Redmi 4/ 4A/Mi 3/ Mi 4/ Mi 5/ Mi 6/ Mi Max/ Mi Max 2 damaged because of four harmful viruses from recent adult site. Soon it will damage Phone’s SIM card and will corrupt your contacts, photos, data, applications etc

If you do not remove the virus now, it will cause severe damage to your phone. Here what you need to do (step by step):

Step 1: Tap the button and install App for free on Google Play!
Step 2: Open the App to speed up and fix your browser now.

If you see this type of message on your screen then don’t worry about it and don’t install any app which recommended by that page. Simply close that window that’s it.
Why this Virus Message comes on browser Screen? 
Many sites like adults sites (18+), Online Movies sites(pirated Movie online), Free paid games sites and much more sites use these type of cheap ads Because a good Ad distributor agency doesn’t provide ads to them so they use these type of ads. They just want to install some apps on your mobile and they get a commission amount.
So the solution is, doesn’t react to these warnings simply close the browser tab. That’s it.

Here we also talk about another myth, Some users notice that certain files not deleted from physical memory even if the user deletes them they come automatically after some time. So the user thinks that his Xiaomi Andriod mobile is infected with the Virus.
Sorry, But not all time this is virus. Probably these are system file which you want to delete. So if you delete them then system recreate them.

How to Remove Virus from Xiaomi Mobile (Redmi & Mi):

If you are sure then you can go with antivirus scan functionality which is provided by MIUI team in MIUI 7/8/9. Means here we don’t need to install any third party app for Virus scan. Xiaomi already gives this feature on your phone no matter which is Redmi 1s, Redmi 2/Prime, Redmi 3s/Prime, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 4G, Redmi 4A, Redmi 4, Mi4i, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 5, Mi 6 etc. So you can enjoy all antivirus feature in inbuilt mode.

Follow below steps to scan your Xiaomi mobile via inbuilt Anti-Virus:

  1. Open Security App.
  2. Tap on Virus Scan Icon.
  3. Now Scanning start, Soon you get the result on mobile screen.

After following above steps you can easily check whether your mobile is infected with the Virus or not. If you Xiaomi Android mobile infected with virus then system display infected app name. Just uninstall that app and reinstall from Google Play Store.
Here you can also change Virus definition, Just tap on setting icon from right side top and change your required definition like Avast, Tencent, AVL etc.

You can also clear your cache data time to time and also use deep clean facility which is provided by Xiaomi in your Redmi & Mi mobile.

Are Andriod System updates help to recover from Virus??

Surely yes, if any bug in Android code which may help to hackers to take your data and Android release their patch so in that case Android system update surely helps to protect your data from hackers.

Can Hard Format solve my Virus problem in Xiaomi Mobile?

Yes, a hard format or Wipe reset is surely helpful to handle Virus attack. You can also reflash your ROM if you think ROM flash required.

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  1. Hi, there i has installed the recommended apps, when the ads pop up said my phone has virus and damage. Now, every time i surf internet, even with different browser, it still pop up the same page and some others page said i will xxx price. When i scan with inbuilt security no virus detected. What should i do now to solve this problem?

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