Fraud | Good | Bad | Scam, All you want to know website fraud details with picturesHello users, hope you are doing well. Today we talk about website. Here we talk about their services which they offer to their lucky customers. They claim that they deliver assured gift to their selected users when users buy some items from their website . According to their sales team users shopping amount must be greater than Rs. 3500/-. Once you crossed your cart with the amount of 3500/- then check out and then they deliver your product with the assured gift. You know what assured gift Apple iPhone 6s, Samsung LED, Samsung washing machine, Air conditioner etc.

So how was the story, looking cool na. you just need to shop 3500/- and you get assured (Not random, Assured) gift from website. If you are thinking fraud or not. Then definitely you are going on the right way. This website surely a fraud. If you become a part of this scam then your hard earned money gone. You can’t do anything, now you only can report in cyber cell. and you already know how our police will work. But if you still not buy stuffs from this website then please don’t buy. Just ignore any call or messages from their sales team or simply says you don’t need such type of offers.

If you are looking for website fraud proofs then we provide all proofs which you want to need in order to decide is scam or not.

How they start:

They get data from e-commerce portal (Maybe e-commerce portal employee involved in data leak OR may be seller leak the data). They already know recently which item you buy online. No matter which is Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal OR Paytm. Their sales team claim that when you are buying item at Amazon/ Flipkart/ Snapdeal/ Paytm on the same time their company running a promotional offer for their customers. So now they selected your number. Now you just need to buy some stuff from their official website and do your payment. Then we send assured gift for you. This is the scam.

Proofs of Scam

Here we talk about proofs which will help to understand fraud.

About Company:

They said they are a big e-commerce company. They don’t invest in the advertisement so SRK/Salman don’t take their money, That’s why distributing to their customers. When you ask to their team what about the company, how many times its running ?
Their executive only says they are working in this field from last 6 months, But one thing is amazing, you know what Their domain name buy on Jun 27, 2017. Now you think how they are working from last 6 months without a website even they are in the E-commerce business. think twice how Amazon/Flipkart works if they don’t have website. So here we say is totally fraud. This is not a genuine company.

Company Website:

Every company wants a good website. If the company consider only online sales then definitely they put their all efforts on the website to provide a good experience to the buyer.
But in the case of they don’t take seriously. because they are here for the fraud. They have an incomplete website. like their about us page which is still empty. They only have a contact us page which shows they are in Noida, Who knows where in Noida.

Even they don’t have developers they just install OpenCart (A free shopping cart system) and upload a theme and fetch some products and voila! website ready. Even they don’t think to remove Theme developer FB page on the site. How irresponsible they are. So in short, no one prompt other company social media channel, A reputed company surely not. But you know is not a reputed company.

Payment Gateway:

They don’t integrate any payment gateway on their website. Why?? Because payment gateway company want documents like Company Registration number, Service number, PAN number. and our beloved company don’t have these details because they are not available in this world. So this site is being India’s top E-Commerce scam.

We think these are enough data to think about your self. don’t buy anything from them else your money permanently gone. In Hindi We say

Lalach buri bala
Translation: Greed misfortune


So in short this is total fraud. Now they call you then please don’t talk with them.

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